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Automotive Press Release : 13 Aug 2015

BASF constructing expanded mobile emissions catalysts manufacturing facility in Rayong, Thailand Automotive—13 Aug 15

- New site to produce light duty and motorcycle emissions catalysts to meet growing demand in Thailand and ASEAN market - Expanded production slated to start up in Q2 2017 BASF Chemcat (Thailand) Ltd. is investing to expand its regional production

Milestones of Innovation: In 1949, the Hansa 1500#s Pontoon Body Put BORGWARD Way Ahead of its Competitors Automotive—13 Aug 15

STUTTGART, Germany--13 Aug--PRNewswire/InfoQuest

In 1949 BORGWARD pulled ahead of its competitors when the Hansa 1500 set completely new standards for body design. The saloon was the Bremen-based automaker's first new development after World War II. It helped to promote the rapid spread of a body design that had previously been unknown in Germany and the rest of Europe: the pontoon shape. Whereas all of the competitors' post-war vehicles resembled pre-war products, BORGWARD had dared to make a clean break with the past. From that moment on, things like flared wheel arches and separate lamps were history. All of the company's competitors were instantly relegated to the sidelines, and they feverishly tried to catch up. With the new design, the BORGWARD plants clearly forced the European automotive industry to take action. The Fiat 1500 (1950), the Ford 12 M (1952), the Opel Olympia (1953) and the Mercedes-Benz 180 (1953) were all latecomers produced by automakers that had been downright blind to this pioneering new trend in body design.

It's no longer possible to determine how Carl F. W. Borgward came up with the new design. In an interview he stated that he had been inspired by the integrated wings of the Hanomag "Kommissbrot", a small car from 1927 with a rear-mounted engine. Other sources suspect that he had seen initial photos of the new Ka

Photo Release: BITEC welcomes to BIG Motor Sale 2015 Automotive—13 Aug 15

Bangkok International Trade & Exhibition Centre (BITEC) led by Dr.Prasarn Bhiraj Buri (5th from left), CEO together with Ms. Panittha Buri (7th from left), Managing Director recently welcomed Mr. Jaruey Kunmanee (6th from left), President of Yanyont