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Automotive Press Release : 25 Jul 2016

Everyday Extremes: Why Ford Tests the Small Things in Big Ways Automotive—25 Jul 16

Have you ever driven away from a petrol station with the fuel nozzle still attached to the car? Do you have kids who like to slam the doors when they get in and out of the car? Ford has you covered for every eventuality… From treacherous terrains

Mazda counters industry doldrums with new advanced technology to fuel 26% growth and surpass new Automotive—25 Jul 16

Mazda Sales (Thailand) Co., Ltd recently revealed its unprecedented market success of the company's business operations in the first half of 2016; Mazda posted new vehicle sales of 21,000 units of its entire model range, a 25.7% growth rate which

NIRA Dynamics Expand Their Cloud Solution to Create New Possibilities for Tomorrow#s Autonomous Automotive—25 Jul 16

For an autonomous car to know what distance it must keep to the car in front of it, it needs information about the current road conditions. If the vehicle is also aware of the road surface quality, risks are reduced even further. NIRA Dynamics' software