Crystal Drinking Water to win over Thai consumers as the brand for me Crystal Everywhere campaign

Automotive Press Releases Thursday August 18, 2016 16:54
Bangkok--18 Aug--Aziam Burson-Marsteller

Sermsuk Public Company Limited announced that Crystal drinking water achieved impressive sales growth in the first half of 2016 as targeted, pushing its market share to 17.4% of Thailand's 34-billion-baht drinking water market. Building on this exceptional performance, Sermsuk is kicking off the "Crystal Everywhere" campaign with two strategies to become Thailand's #1 drinking water brand by expanding production to meet market demand for Crystal nationwide, in parallel with building on the "brand for me" concept to connect more tightly with trendy Thai consumer's lifestyles.

According to Mr. Vivek Chhabra, President of Sermsuk Public Company Limited and President of Thai Drink Company Limited, "The Thai drinking water market became increasingly competitive during the first half of 2016 as house brands entered the market. At the same time, the pace of market growth slowed to 12%, with a total market value of 34 billion baht. However, Crystal achieved its targeted sales, outperforming the market with 18% growth and boosting its market share to 17.4%.

"This exceptional performance is the result of a combination of several key success factors including the quality of Crystal drinking water, which has gained broad consumer acceptance nationwide; Sermsuk's second-to-none, extensive distribution network that delivers products to consumers throughout Thailand faster and more efficiently; and the previous communications campaign under the concept 'Same Things Could Be Different' that sharpened Crystal's brand identity as the quality drinking water brand offering freshness," explained Mr. Chhabra.

"With our mission to strengthen Crystal as a spearhead brand to sustainably grow Thai Bev's non-alcoholic beverage portfolio to 70% by 2021, and make Crystal Thailand's No. 1 drinking water brand, we are expanding production to meet rising market demand for Crystal, especially in locations that have high growth potential. We recently opened a new production line in northeastern Thailand, and have set aside a 135-million-baht budget for our next new production line in southern Thailand. In addition to ensuring sufficient product supplies nationwide, we are implementing the 'Crystal Everywhere' campaign to connect more tightly with the trendy lifestyles of today's diverse consumers. We are confident that these two strategies will enhance Crystal's brand leadership as the quality drinking water available to consumers anytime and everywhere in Thailand," he said.

New "Crystal Everywhere" campaign features "Nai – Naphat" to engage young consumers to make Crystal their "brand for me"

The "Crystal Everywhere" marketing campaign was created to reinforce Crystal's position as the quality, most-admired drinking water brand that is available everywhere and anytime. Crystal is Thailand's first drinking water brand to receive certification from NSF International, a leading public health standards and certification organization based in the United States, for its high-quality standards. Crystal has also won a Quality Award from Thailand's Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for three consecutive years. This recognition guarantees Crystal is truly the premier-quality drinking water that Thai consumers deserve everywhere and anytime.

A new TV commercial under the "Crystal Everywhere" campaign features "Nai - Naphat Siangsomboon" as an affable, trendy brand ambassador who shares an impressive "Fountain of Luck" story. The TV commercial, which starts airing on August 8, portrays the trendy lifestyles of young consumers who love freedom and love to share their traveling experiences and happy moments through social media. Nai doesn't risk drinking any other brand of water as he only has full trust in Crystal's quality, which ensures safety and hygiene. The company has also introduced a new point-of-sales media revolution to generate a happy "Crystal Everywhere" dining experience in key eateries, in which consumers will feel they are enjoying eating and drinking Crystal water with Nai at their table. To ensure Crystal Everywhere, the campaign will be backed by out-of-home media in key provinces nationwide as well as in 50 office buildings in Bangkok.

"We are confident that this campaign will gain a very positive response from consumers and help increase Crystal's sales to make it Thailand's number one quality drinking water brand in the near future," concluded Mr. Chhabra.

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