Mazda achieves highest growth in Thai auto market

Automotive Press Releases Monday January 16, 2017 12:25
Bangkok--16 Jan--Mazda Sales
Aims for 18 per cent growth in 2017
6 new models to be launched this year

Mazda Sales (Thailand) Co. Ltd. has enjoyed a highly successful year in 2016, being the Japanese brand with the highest market growth of 8 per cent while the Thai auto market finished the year with a 4-per cent decline. The company plans to introduce 6 new models in Thailand this year, all featuring new SKYACTIV-Vehicle Dynamics to maintain its technological leadership. Mazda will also be expanding its sales and service network around the country under the new MCI (Mazda Corporate Identity) concept. Mazda plans to sell 50,000 vehicles in Thailand in 2017, representing a growth of 18 per cent.

During 2016, Mazda was a brand that maintained continuous marketing activities including customer events as well as launching 5 new models. With tremendous customer acceptance for the SKYACTIV technology that dramatically improves performance, road holding and fuel economy, sales of Mazda vehicles remained strong, allowing Mazda to become the Japanese brand with the highest market growth, with total sales of 43,000 units in 2016.

Mr. Chanchai Trakarnudomsuk, President of Mazda Sales (Thailand) Co. Ltd., said in 2016, the Thai automobile industry and economy experienced mild changes. "You can say that there were no significant market stimulation, and sales were mediocre throughout the year. But despite the unfavorable market condition, auto sales were close to forecasts at approximately 767,000 units, equivalent to a 4-per cent decline compared to 797,242 units sold in 2015," he said. He said that Mazda is always determined in supporting the Thai auto industry, and in 2016 launched a total of 5 new models.

"Although they were all minor change models, they were able to generate much excitement for the market and received strong customer response. Of the 767,000 vehicles sold last year, as much as 42,537 were from Mazda, which is the only brand that enjoyed an 8-per cent growth compared to the previous year. We were also able to achieve our market share target of 5.5 per cent," he added.

Mazda2 23,223 units 22 per cent increase 12.64 per cent market share
Mazda3 4,121 units 42 per cent decrease 8.13 per cent market share
Mazda CX-3 4,787 units 262 per cent increase 14.61 per cent market share
Mazda CX-5 3,323 units 13 per cent decrease 30.30 per cent market share
BT-50 PRO 7,052 units 12 per cent decrease 2.12 per cent market share
Mazda MX-5 31 units 11 per cent increase n/a

Mr. Chanchai added that Mazda's success roots from the confidence customers have in the brand, which has accumulated strong market acceptance. "With customers picking the Mazda brand first and then the model that suits them, Mazda has succeeded in brand-building. Customers now have high confidence in the quality of Mazda products, whether in terms of performance or fuel economy thanks to the SKYACTIV technology, as well as the outstanding KODO design that is always another attraction of Mazda cars," he said.

Mr. Thee Permpongpanth, Senior Marketing Director, added that Mazda has given utmost importance to brand-building throughout. "In order to strengthen the Mazda brand, we directed our efforts to activities that help brand-building. Last year we were involved in a large number of activities, including sports marketing. We first introduced Thailand's No.1 pro golfer Thongchai Jaidee as the first SKYACTIV Technology Ambassador, and we also maintained our sports promotion plan by extending our sponsorship contract with the "Swat Cat" Nakhon Ratchasima Mazda Football Club for the fourth consecutive year," he said.

In addition, Mazda also contributes to the Thai society by offering knowledgeable programs such as "Footsteps by Mazda", which is aired on Channel 5 every Sunday and presents various royal projects. Viewers get to see good examples in work and life following the late King Bhumibol's teachings, which help to develop not only individuals but also the society we live in. In terms of CRM, Mazda staged various driving events throughout the year including safety, performance as well as "Jinba-Ittai" driving by professional race drivers and celebrity appearances. Customers get to experience the full potential of Mazda's SKYACTIV technology in a racing track environment, which helps create a strong impression towards maximum customer satisfaction.

In addition, Mazda also wrote history with the staging of the Mazda SKYACTIV ASEAN Caravan that explored various cultures in this region. The caravan consisted of the Mazda2, Mazda3, CX-3 and CX-5. But the biggest event of all was achieved by the CX-3 and CX-5 in the event named "Only the Sky is the Limit", which saw Thai media driving the vehicles from Siberia to Russia under freezing conditions, covering a total of 6,500 kilometers.

Mr. Chanchai said that in 2017, Mazda expects the total automobile market to grow by 5-8 per cent to approximately 800,000 units. "Mazda is preparing to launch as much as 6 new models this year in order to cover all segments of the market, and we plan to increase sales by as much as 18 per cent to more than 50,000 units, claiming a 6-per cent market share," he said.

According to Mr. Chanchai, Mazda will also concentrate in expanding its showroom and after sales service network under the new MCI concept. This will create a premium experience for customers both before and after sales, with continuous dealership development.

Meanwhile, Mr. Atsushi Yasumoto, Executive Vice President, said Thailand plans a highly important role for Mazda. "Thailand is a very important market for Mazda in generating sales and Thailand is the 10th-largest market for Mazda in the world. Sales in Thailand grew by 8 per cent last year, and market share grew by 0.7 per cent to 5.5 per cent, making Thailand Mazda's fastest-growing market in the world, and the second after Australia in terms of market share," he stated.

"In addition, Thailand is an important production hub for Mazda, and is the first integrated production center outside Japan for Mazda with production of engines and transmissions plus vehicle assembly," he said.

The Mazda Powertrain Manufacturing (Thailand) plant is located in Chon Buri province and produces SKYACTIV transmission for the domestic market as well as for export to Mexico, China and other regions. Meanwhile, the AutoAlliance Thailand assembly plant in Rayong province is an important production and export center for four Mazda models namely the Mazda2, Mazda3, CX-3 and BT-50 PRO.

With Thailand's importance to Mazda, Mazda Motor Corporation sees the potential and capabilities of Thai personnel who have long years of work experience and fully understands the Thai automobile market. This has become a strong point of Mazda Sales Thailand, which is an organization that promotes harmony at every level, allowing for higher work efficiency. Most of all, Mazda promotes love and passion and this is spread from Mazda employees to dealers and business partners alike, forming a common basis for the growth of the Mazda brand in Thailand.

Mr. Thee added, "This year we will further strengthen our brand so that it becomes even more premium whether in terms of products and services, along with further promotion of the SKYACTIV technology and KODO design. Mazda has proven that the SKYACTIV technology is the ultimate technology for today and the future as it answers to customers both in performance as well as efficiency. We have been introducing new models to the market and all of them have enjoyed exceptional market response. This year apart the six new models to be launched, customers will also experience the attest Mazda technology called SKYACTIV-Vehicle Dynamics that will make its debut in the Mazda3 to be launched on January 24."

These are the movements of Mazda that will take place from now onwards, in order to continue the success and determination of becoming the only brand that customers believe in and give their trust.

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