Concept of MOTOR EXPO 2017 Revealed New Age Vehicles A Distant Dream Come True

Automotive Press Releases Thursday January 26, 2017 12:16
Bangkok--26 Jan--PMB
Inter-Media announces its concept of Motor Expo 2017 to inspire manufacturers to display vehicles with perfect features all round which have now become a reality.

Kwanchai Paphatphong, President of Inter-Media Consultant Co., Ltd. and Organizing Chairman of "The 34th Thailand International Motor Expo 2016" reveals the background to the concept this year, "In times past many dreams of manufacturers and consumers might not have been realized due to limitations in technology that had not advanced far enough. For example we could not produce a high-performance engine with good fuel economy, or build a suspension system that provided excellent road holding as well as riding comfort, solve the problem of pollution from exhaust emissions or prevent accidents caused by error and negligence on the part of the driver".

"However, due to the relentless efforts of engineers combined with production technology that had progressed in leaps and bounds, the new age vehicles have all the features to fulfil the dream, that is to say they are all at once powerful, fuel-saving, comfortable, safe and environmentally friendly".

"The dream of a motor vehicle possessing a variety of features rolled into one has led to several amazing developments, for example the use of materials as strong and durable as steel but lighter such as aluminium and high-performance plastics for structure and body, production of smaller engines with power outputs equivalent to larger engines, the use of an electric motor in conjunction with the engine to propel the vehicle in the so-called hybrid system, or propelling the vehicle solely by electric power whether with battery or hydrogen fuel cell as source of power which makes the vehicle completely emission free".

"At the same time, the suspension system and safety system both preventive and corrective have become more efficient than ever with the use of sensors and automatic control systems, giving comfortable ride and reducing accidents effectively at any speed and on any road condition".

"In addition, with the cabin full of modern amenities the driver can interface with various systems of the car to keep himself informed and give orders through voice command or by touch as well as connect and communicate with the outside world, which is the run-up to the age of autonomous motor vehicles or driverless motor vehicles in the future just around the corner".

"All of the above features used to be just a distant or even an impossible dream in the minds of the older generations. But this dream has become a reality in present-day vehicles which will continue to become even more progressive in the eras to come".

"For this reason, we coin the slogan which is the underlying concept of "The 34th Thailand International Motor Expo 2017" as "New Age Vehicles … A Distant Dream Come True", to let consumers see motor vehicles equipped with the features they used to dream about and to confirm that all dreams can come true in the automotive world".

See the 34th Motor Expo 2017 at IMPACT Challenger, Muang Thong Thani, during 30 November – 11 December, 2017, and follow further developments at .

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