Mazda maintains sales momentum with 24,000 units sales during first 6 months new technologies hit the spot, over 51,000 units expected for 2017

Automotive Press Releases Tuesday July 25, 2017 12:41
Bangkok--25 Jul--Mazda Sales

Mazda Sales (Thailand) Co. Ltd. has announced business results for the first half of 2017. With 4 new models launched since the start of the year, Mazda sold a total of 24,000 vehicles during the first 6 months, registering a 13% growth. With extremely high customer confidence in the new SKYACTIV-Vehicle Dynamics technology, Mazda is moving ahead in upgrading its showroom and service center countrywide with the new Mazda Corporate Identity (MCI) and MAZDA ACTIV SERVICE (MAS) in order to prepare for expected growth. The company will launch two more new models during the end of the year, and raised its sales projection to 51,000 units, equivalent to 20% growth compared to 2016.

Mr. Chanchai Trakarnudomsuk, President of Mazda Sales (Thailand) Co. Ltd., said the automobile market rebounded during the first half of 2017, with many auto makers introducing new models and offering special sales promotions to stimulate demand. "It is easier to own a vehicle thanks to low down payment and interest rates, as well as free insurance and maintenance. Customers have more choices, and the competition in the market is extreme. The market has been high active since the end of last year to the second quarter of 2017, and we can see and trend of gradual growth. The automobile market has been growing since January and it is expected that the total market would reach 820,000 units this year. Mazda has raised its annual sales target from the original 50,000 units to 51,000 Units, with growth increasing from 18% to20%," he said.

According to Mr. Chanchai, Mazda enjoyed increased market popularity after launching 4 new models during the first half of the year, and achieved sales of 23,893 units, equivalent to a growth of 13% compared to the corresponding period last year. The Mazda2 was the top-selling model with 14,284 units, followed by the BT-50 PRO pickup with 3,099 units, Mazda3 with 2,677 units, Mazda CX-3 with 2,219 units, Mazda CX-5 with 1,604 units, and 10 units of the Mazda MX-5 roadster. "Mazda has firmly secured the No.3 position in the passenger car market, and we believe that the Thai economy has passed its most difficult point. All engines are running now and we are moving ahead. We expect that the total automobile market will reach 820,000 units this year.

Mr. Chanchai added that Thailand's economic recovery stems from several factors. "They include the growth in rice exports and other agricultural products. The tourism and services sector is also growing continuously. And while agricultural products are fetching higher prices, other contributing factors include government economic stimulus measures for those with low income, such as promoting innovative processing to increase product value, support for SMEs, government investment in mega infrastructure projects, increased foreign investment and domestic demand for consumer products. Automobiles have become a necessity and during the first 6 months of this year, total auto sales grew as expected, with 410,000 units posing 11% increase."

Mazda sales went according to plan, with 23,893 units and 13% growth during the first 6 months of 2017, while market share was 6%.
Mazda2 14,284 units 26% growth No.3 in small passenger car market
Mazda3 2,677 units 24% growth No.3 in compact passenger car market
Mazda CX-3 2,219 units 23% decrease but sales growing after facelift model launched
Mazda CX-5 1,604 units similar sales performance as previous
Mazda BT-50 PRO 3,099 units similar sales performance as last year
Mazda MX-5 10 units
Sales Mazda Jan – Jun 2017/2016
Sales             2017       2016
Model             Jan - Jun   Jan - Jun   %Change
Mazda2           14,284     11,329     + 26
Mazda3           2,677       2,152       + 24
Mazda CX-3       2,219       2,895       - 23
Mazda CX-5       1,604       1,617       - 0.8
Mazda BT-50 PRO   3,099       3,148       - 1.5
Mazda MX-5       10         19         - 47
Grand Total       23,893     21,160     +13

Apart from growing sales, Mazda is also determined in adjusting its image and expanding its sales and service network all across the country under the new Mazda Corporate Identity (MCI) concept, in order to prepare for expected growth. It will also create a good experience for customers when they experience the new Mazda. A total of 147 Mazda outlets will go through MCI improvement within 2019 while the network will be increased to 20 showrooms.

"Prepare for the new standard in pre- and after-sales servicing, as Mazda aims to crate maximum customer satisfaction in both sales and after sales, with effective follow ups on customer satisfaction results," he said. "We also keep our technicians up to date with new technology, and Mazda organizes regular skills contests for technicians and servicing, in order to raise the quality of our after sales service."

Mr. Chanchai added that Mazda is confident in the Thai economy, which has a better trend and direction than last year. "We hope that the automobile market will perform better than last year, and this year we will see total sales of more than 820,000 units, equal to a growth of 7-10%. For 2017, Mazda plans to grow by 20% to 51,000 units (compared to 42,537 units in 2016) and capture a 6% market share (up from 5.5% in 2016)," he said, adding that Mazda has raised the year-end sales targets from those announced earlier this year, for both the total market and for the company.

Mr. Thee Permpongpanth, Senior Marketing Director commented on the second-half scenario that there are many positive factors. "With growth in exports from the end of 2016 to 2017 and the recovery of investment from government and private sectors accordingly, as well as increase in agricultural prices, consumers are enjoying more spending power and the economy is expected to grow by 3.5%, the highest in 5 years. The automobile market is one of the markets that can measure the economy, and we have several strategies to ensure our success towards the end of 2017," he said.

Major strategies that will help Mazda achieve its targets during the second half of 2017.
1. Introduction of 2 new models, after 4 have been launched during the first half, in order to respond to customer demand and increase the choices for customers.

2. Another business development plan that Mazda has clearly announced is the sales and service network expansion and introduction of the new Mazda Corporate Identity (MCI) both inside and out. MCI is based on three pillars: reflecting the brand image, creating emotional value for Mazda vehicles and establishing brand-customer relationship from the first step. Apart from MCI that customers can experience, the MAZDA ACTIV SERVICE after sales system is also being laid out.

Creating maximum customer satisfaction through convenience of a one-stop paint and body repair facility, elegant customer waiting room and express service (2 hours).
Experience the express service, parts preparation, express job approval in case of accidents, speedy 24-hour parts delivery.
Ensuring standardize and efficiency in all showrooms.
Competitive after sales cost with customers being informed of all prices for parts, labor and scheduled maintenance.

3. Revamping the Mazda image and raising service quality. Mazda is moving ahead in marketing communications to create brand awareness and confidence, as well as displaying the after sales capabilities, offering the best service both in quality and efficiency.

4. Increasing the communication channels with Customer Care Menu accessible through the website, linking all information that is beneficial to the customer.

5. Another strategy to help customers own a Mazda with ease is staging sales promotions. In July, Mazda is staging a sales promotion to thank customers for their confidence in the SKYACTIV technology with more than 100,000 units sold countrywide. The "Mazda SKYACTIV Celebration 100,000+" campaign offers customers 0% interest installment for the Mazda CX-5 while Mazda2, Mazda3 and Mazda CX-3 buyers enjoy low 2.22% interest rate plus Mazda Care for 3 years. BT-50 PRO buyers will receive a Bt35,000 down payment offer and 5-year Mazda Care plus Bt3,000 fuel coupon. When placing orders for any Mazda model, customers also receive free Mazda Premium Insurance (first-class insurance) and be eligible for a lucky draw with Bt100,000 being given away daily for 20 days from July 8-27.

6. For all Mazda customers, Mazda is also offering free 20-item inspection and Mazda Modular Diagnostic system (M-MDS) check, along with discounts up to 40% on brake pads, shock absorbers and drive belts. Tire changes start at Bt2,300 per tire with free windshield blades, while batteries start at Bt1,700. Offer lasts for 3 months from today until September 30. For more information contact Mazda Speedline at tel. 0-2030-5666.

7. "Words of mouth" marketing is a reality these days and plays an important role in the modern world, where people often share their emotions and experiences through the world of communications. Mazda has prepared a special television commercial that shares the stories and true experiences of Mazda customers.

8. Another strategy that will help customers experience the Mazda brand is by staging regular roadshows around the country, which is like knocking on customers' doors. Mazda aims to penetrate the customer base in each area, which differs with various cultures and lifestyles, by staging various activities throughout the year.

Mazda is ready to move forward with a different business strategy in order to strengthen the brand and offer the best products that answer to every customer's requirement. We aim to establish a long-term relationship with our customers and be a brand that forever remains in their hearts.

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