Mercedes-Benz reveals The New S-Class and #The Mercedes-Maybach S-Class Two Exemplary Hallmarks of Leadership and Elegance Built to Perfect Driving Experiences 27 November 2017

Automotive Press Releases Monday December 4, 2017 11:31
Bangkok--4 Dec--Verve

Mercedes-Benz (Thailand) Limited reiterated its flagship premium position once again with the Thailand launch of two exceptional premium saloons. The new S-Class is highlighted as the predominance of elegance as it fulfils driving experiences of those who always lead with its flawless impressions through sense of luxury, class-leading design, fathomless comfort for every journey, and groundbreaking safety technologies. The Mercedes-Maybach S-Class, in addition, is a crown jewel of premium saloon as it offers uncompromised performance and class-leading innovations to incisive owners who seek the best in everything. The S 350 d AMG Premium is priced at 7.64 million baht while the Mercedes-Maybach S-Class is priced at 17.44 million baht. These ultimate flagship saloons presently await interested customers at 32 authorized distributors of Mercedes-Benz across Thailand.

Mr. Michael Grewe, President and CEO of Mercedes-Benz (Thailand) Limited, began: "In the previous years, the Mercedes-Benz S-Class has been recognized as one of the best-selling passenger vehicle models in various markets around the world. So far, around 4,000,000 units had been delivered to our customers since the inception of the S-Class and 300,000 of these were delivered from the year 2013 to present day. It is our flagship luxury passenger car family enhanced with our finest design language, impressive level of comfort, and forward-thinking vehicle engineering. Additionally, it stands through time as our benchmark for all future passenger cars. In short, the S-Class is a symbol we sculptured for men and women who never follow others—especially talented executives and ones who are enlivened with their own stories of success."

"To reaffirm our core axiom to offer only 'THE BEST' to customers today and tomorrow, we take pleasure on the road to a new level with the new S-Class. It retains 'The Best Saloon' label with a fine-tuned driving comfort, state-of-the-art innovations—including the advanced Driving Assistance package, and fuel economy. Furthermore, we would like to demonstrate our core brand values in Fascination and Perfection through the unveiling of the Mercedes-Maybach S-Class. This remarkable premium saloon is an ideal choice for top executives, the most distinctive fleet vehicle operators, as well as leading hotels with a wish of hospitality to outstandingly escort their respected guests to or from their grounds," Mr.Grewe added.

Mr. Frank Steinacher, Vice-President of Sales and Marketing of Mercedes-Benz (Thailand) Limited, continued: "In terms of specifications, the S 350 d AMG Premium is our superb and luxury saloon with an all-new six-cylinder, bi-turbo diesel engine tailored to maximize performance and responsiveness while significantly reduce emitted exhaust. The Mercedes-Maybach S 560 Premium, on the other hand, offers an exclusive experience in an outstanding, cutting-edge saloon body. It boasters comfort in every journey with first-class cabin amenities and assistance systems. In addition, the M 176 engine, with the inner-V turbochargers, is recognized as a 4.0 liter, V8 bi-turbo engine that can achieve peak torque at 700 Nm with low engine noise.

The inclusion of trailblazing innovations in these two flagship vehicles of Mercedes-Benz and Mercedes-Maybach—such as the Parking Pilot including Active Parking Assist for maneuvering into and out of both parallel and perpendicular parking space, Active Distance Assist DISTRONIC, and Evasive Steering Assist—can be counted as our major step towards autonomous driving," Mr.Steinacher concluded.

The new S-Class

Exterior look of the S 350 d AMG Premium is magnificently furnished with an all-new three-spoke radiator grille and matching MULTIBEAM LED headlamps with three strips of LED daytime running lights. The AMG 20 inches multi-spoke alloy wheels are standard as well as AMG-made sport front bumper, rear bumper, and side skirts. It further attract attention on the rear with the use of fiber optic LED tail lamps.

The first-rated, high-resolution MULTIBEAM LED headlamps technology automatically illuminates the road with exceptionally bright light at night. All 84 LEDs are automatically and independently managed by a fast-sensing set of sensors allows the light distribution of the left and right headlamps to be controlled separately and adapted to the changing situation on the road quickly and dynamically. The ILS (Intelligent Light System) ensures a perfect beam as the system will adjust it based on current driving pattern, road surface, and environment ahead. The ALS (Active Light System), in addition, helps adjust headlamps according to the saloon's turning direction and the system is assisted with the Cornering Light function. The Adaptive Highbeam Assist Plus also automatically adjusted the highbeam so it does not interrupt other road users' vision.

The MULTIBEAM LED for the new S-Class is equipped with the ULTRA RANGE highbeam technology for precision in detecting curves and blind spots on the road in a longer distance than ever. Combining these two technologies, brightness of the main beam headlamps can automatically go as far as 650 meters if oncoming vehicles are not detected.

Interior, particularly the cabin, of the new S-Class sets new standards when it comes to comfort and well-being. Making its world debut is the ENERGIZING comfort control for a harmonious cabin set-up. It integrates six different comfort functions—such as the Premium Ambient Light cabin hue control, the sound system, and all six selectable massage packages for all occupants—into one, easy to operate system to ensure a pleasing journey. To match with the new S-Class's flagship status, cabin apparatuses and decorative elements are crafted from finest materials. Both front and rear seats are equipped with an electronic adjustor, a memory function, a seat warmer, and a dedicated ventilation system. When look closer, the Exclusive nappa upholstery with a diamond design topstitching pattern simultaneously give an impression of quality. The nappa leather is also used at the main console, central door panels, and the armrest at central console for all occupants. Furthermore, the soft-top roof and front visors are covered with DINAMICA microfibre. To emphasize an ultimate comfort for rear occupants, adjustable foot rests are preinstalled while one who sit on the left rear seat will be additionally provided with a personal footstool-like stand. Total space on the rear can be swiftly widened since both front seats can be pushed forward by up to 4 cm. and 3.7 cm. in terms of height.

The S 350 d AMG Premium is packed with a number of class-leading technologies and multimedia systems including the DYNAMIC SELECT driving preset controller, a Head-up display, a 4-ZONE THERMOTRONIC cabin climate control, the AIR BALANCE Package, the COMAND Online with remote control as well as a Blu-ray player for occupants on the rear, a preinstalled navigation system, and the LINGUATRONIC voice command system (currently support only English). On smart connectivity, The S 350 d AMG Premium is compatible with Apple CarPlay(TM), Android Auto, as well as Bluetooth. A wireless charging pad is standard for driver and passenger on the front while a touchpad is available for precision in inputting an address or selecting an item on the central screen. A superb cinematic experience for rear passengers is achieved through the use of the Burmester(R) surround sound system and the inclusion of two personal screens.

The Mercedes-Maybach S-Class

Exterior design that completely manifests modern luxury of the new S-Class in the front end: a striking radiator grille with three twin louvres in chrome that sports a Mercedes-Benz logo; a long bonnet; a chrome trim strip on lower section of the front bumper; heat-insulating green-tinted glass all around, including rear window safety glass; and MULTIBEAM LED headlamps with Active Lighting System. Other features include LED tail lamps with fibre optics, 20-inch forged alloy wheels fitted with run-flat tyres, panoramic power-sliding sunroof with MAGIC SKY CONTROL, MAGIC BODY CONTROL suspension system, and Maybach logo on the boot lid. With a length of 5,462 mm (S-Class is 5,271 mm), this Mercedes-Maybach provides increased cabin space and comfort.

The interior design combines luxury and comfort with spaciness. The seats are upholstered in designo Exclusive semi-aniline leather, upper section of dashboard and door centre panels in nappa leather, and roof lining and sun visors in DINAMICA microfibre. The dashboard features an analogue clock with an IWC design. Its 3-spoke multifunction steering wheel in leather and wood trim bears a Maybach logo and has Touch Control buttons. Moreover, the vehicle's smartphone integration supports Apple CarPlay(TM) and Android Auto. Wireless charging is also enabled with charging pads integrated at the front of the centre console and in the centre console in the rear. The vehicle is equipped with Burmester(R) High-End 3D surround sound system.

In the cabin, the front and window-side rear seats are climatised seats with heating/ventilation functions. They are also electrically adjustable and offer memory function. The front passenger seat can be moved forward electrically 4 cm more than normal and can be heightened 3.7 cm more. Multi-contour rear seats with First Class Rear system come with folding tables. ENERGIZING comfort control links various onboard comfort systems together and provides six selectable programmes, in addition to availability of retractable leg rest for window-side passengers at the rear, a refrigerator in the rear centre console, air balance function, four-zone THERMOTRONIC automatic climate control system, and 64-colour ambience lighting for a wealth of individual settings.

Cutting-edge innovations of the S 350 d AMG Premium and the Mercedes-Maybach S 560 Premium offer care for driver, occupants, and other road users. Examples of cutting-edge systems actualized by Mercedes-Benz are as follow:

· PRE-SAFE(R) PLUS pre-accident active precaution system uses a radar on the tail end to detect vehicles coming from behind that may cause a collision. Right when a risk is detected, the system will apply force from braking system into all four wheels to keep the car still and simultaneously flash emergency tail lamps to warn drivers of the vehicle dangerously coming from behind. Occupants on board will feel their safety belts are being tightened and head restraints will also automatically adjusted to minimize neck injuries in worst case scenarios.

· PRE-SAFE(R) Impulse Side is a new and intelligent pre-accident active precaution system. Similar to the abovementioned PRE-SAFE(R) PLUS, lateral radars will monitor vehicles on both sides of the S 350 d AMG Premium to assess side collision risks. Airbags hidden at lateral seat cushions will be activated to ensure that driver and front passenger will be naturally pushed into the center of the cabin if risks are eminent, preventing injuries from side impact.

· Active Emergency Stop Assist helps prevent driver of the S 350 d AMG Premium from being the cause of a road accident as the system will constantly monitor movements of steering wheel. An alarm will notify the driver to regain control of the saloon when a certain period of steering wheel inactivity is detected such as when driver is dozed off or lose consciousness. The system will gradually park the car on the current lane and flash all emergency lamps once the driver fails to response by a given time.

· Evasive Steering Assist front-end collision prevention system uses both radar and the MPC Camera to seek for pedestrians or other objects on the road that may cause an accident. The driver has to manually change lane or weave the car pass the obstacle while the system will warn the driver for obstacles or risks up ahead and help adding a right and precise engine torque to back driver's swift reaction.

· Active Distance Assist DISTRONIC tailgating aid system uses a radar hidden behind the front bumper to calculate a safety distance between the S 350 d AMG Premium and the vehicle ahead. The distance will be based on current velocity of both vehicles and system can reduce speed automatically, or even add up to 50 percent of braking force, to maintain the distance. In urban driving or congested zones, it can slow down the car until it is stopped based on the vehicle ahead and it can automatically follow that vehicle again if the vehicle ahead moves forward through the ongoing traffic flow within 30 second after it is stopped.

· Active Blind Spot Assist can be noted as another safety innovation Mercedes-Benz proudly presents to eliminate accidents caused by the vehicle's natural bind spots upon overtaking the other lane. The system, designed with an intention to reduce crashes with motorcycles or other passenger cars, will automatically activated when the speed of the vehicle reached 12 km/h onwards. A red triangle indicator sign will appear on both wing mirrors when it is activated. The indicator sign on either side will flash with an alarm when a vehicle is approaching the driver's blind spot (approximately 3 m from the rear of the vehicle or either side of the wing mirror) so the driver can move the car back to the current lane and avoid collision. As the system is centered on safety, the vehicle will stop automatically if the driver tries to violate overtaking safety and the driver will be forced to take the car back into the current lane.

· Active Lane Keeping Assist does not only keep the S 350 d AMG Premium in the right lane but it increases safety especially during critical situations or on urban roads. The intelligent radar will detect both oncoming vehicles and vehicles coming behind. If an accident is likely to happen, wheels on the opposite side of the one with increasing risk will be automatically forced to keep the saloon in the safe lane. Upon overtaking, the system helps detect motorcycles coming from behind—a perfect safety net for congested roads or busy highways.

· Active Brake Assist with Cross-Traffic Function guarantees flawless safety at intersections. Both radar and the MPC Camera behind the front bumper can detect both vehicles and pedestrians around the intersection for risk assessment. The system will sound an alarm warning the driver to apply brake and maximize brake power after that to avoid losses. If the driver does not response appropriately, the system will take control of the brake and stop vehicle according to the computerized result. In case the front-end collision cannot be avoided, the system will cut the vehicle's velocity to its lowest speed possible to reduce severity of the accident.

· Parking Pilot including Active Parking Assist, exclusively for the new S-Class, can handle both parallel parking and perpendicular parking. All obstacle around the parking space will not be missed with the use of a 360-degree camera located at the front bumper. The driver therefore can see every corner of the S 350 d AMG Premium from the central screen as well as a bird eye's view. The system gives both real-time visual and warning beams when the vehicles is being parked at the speed of 10 km/h maximum. The process, even in a tiny or enclosed parking space, goes smooth and easy with a combination of other assistance systems namely the Active Steering, the Speed Control, and the automatic gear shifting system. Upon going out, the Drive Away Assist boosts safety by warn the driver with an alarm if the driver is likely to face an accident if the saloon is accelerated or when the incorrect gear is used.

The S 350 d AMG Premium is tuned to suit every possible driving condition and maximize traction especially in both Comfort and Sport driving modes, the suspension system can be adjusted according to the saloon's currently used speed. More than that, it swiftly and precisely detects and smooths out unevenness in the road ahead. The height of the S 350 d AMG Premium, for instance, can be lifted by 30 mm when the system senses bumpy roads and it will lower the body height by 20 mm for a high-speed cruising to increase the saloon's center of gravity.

· The S 350 d AMG Premium is priced at 7,640,000 Baht.
· The Mercedes-Maybach S 560 Premium is priced at 17,440,000 Baht.

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