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Automotive Press Release : 05 Mar 2018

Bosch: Future urban mobility must be centered on people Technology to enable multi-modal, safe, and clean transport system Automotive—05 Mar 18

- In 2017, 12.8 million new vehicles were sold in Southeast Asia, further making traffic structures overstretched - Alternative mobility models for cities are becoming increasingly vital to sustain quality of life: stress-free and flexible mobility,

Center for Customer Insight: New Book Launch on #Autonomous Driving# by Professor Dr. Herrmann, Professor Dr. Brenner and Professor Stadler Automotive—05 Mar 18

ZURICH--5 Mar--PRNewswire/InfoQuest

'Autonomous Driving: How the Driverless Revolution will Change the World' , the first Comprehensive scientific book on self-driving cars is set to launch on March 26, focusing on, 'one of the future's most pressing topics'.

Self-driving cars are reality. Experts state the first models suitable for mass use will conquer the roads by 2020. 'Autonomous Driving' asks how technology affects economy, politics and society.

The book will cover the technical aspects as well as the transformation of society and the economic opportunities emerging from autonomous driving. Expert authors Prof. Dr. Andreas Herrmann, Prof. Dr. Walter Brenner and Prof. Rupert Stadler demonstrate how the architecture of cities will change and which challenges car manufacturers need to face. Prof. Dr. Herrman states that, 'Each aspect of our lives will be fundamentally altered by self-driving cars.'

Review copies will be distributed upon request, and Prof. Dr. Herrmann is available for interviews. Please contact Ms. Julia Wegner for details.
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Prof. Dr. Andreas Herrmann is Director of the Center for Customer Insight at the University of St. Gallen. He has consulted Audi, Mercedes, BMW, Volkswagen, Deutsche Bahn,