Honda Unveils Innovation The Worlds First Two-Wheeled Hybrid Powered by Li-ion Battery Made for Joyful Ride and Higher Fuel Economy with New Honda PCX Hybrid Available this August

Automotive Press Releases Wednesday July 18, 2018 15:53
Bangkok--18 Jul--A.P. Honda

Honda motorcycle has officially unveiled its innovation of pride, New PCX Hybrid, the world's first two-wheeled hybrid powered by Li-ion Battery. A test ride will be held for Thai media to have a first-hand experience on the powerful hybrid power that acts as a boost when starting and accelerating, as well as becomes more fuel economy. The launch is to strengthen the brand's leadership with world standard hybrid system. The model is available in Thai market this August.

Suchart Arunsaengroj, Vice President of A.P. Honda Co., Ltd., the distributor of Honda motorcycles in Thailand, stated "Under the What Stops You concept, Honda as the market leader who always challenges advanced technology, is determined to deliver latest technology that is environmentally friendly and meet world's standard to our customers in Thailand. We have had the challenge of leaving 2-stroke engine for 4-stroke engine and the challenge of leaving carburetor for PGM-FI technology, or the challenge to defy A.T. scooters with smart technology that combines motor and eSP engine nine years ago.

"This is the latest challenge from Honda to the world's first two-wheeled hybrid powered by Li-ion Battery. The outstanding features of the technology are 1) using the similar Li-ion battery that of a car, 2) powerful electric motor that enhances the engine, 3) PDU (Power Deliver Unit) that is full time operation, and 4) the hybrid 3D emblem – the 3D logo indicates powerful hybrid system from Honda. Moreover, Honda PCX Hybrid has Riding Mode, normal or sporty, that can be adjusted to the rider's mood.

World standard hybrid system from Honda combines three important parts: (1) 48-volt Li-ion battery that distributes electricity to the motor sustainably and efficiently. The compact battery is light and lasts up to six to eight years, (2) PDU (Power Deliver Unit) controls the hybrid system and commands the Li-ion battery to distribute electricity to the motor at each acceleration for the motor to work with the engine, to enhance the speed, and (3) Motor Assist that syndicates eSP 150cc engine. The harmonious work of the three parts will enhance the ride at all speed levels as well as improve fuel efficiency.

Hybrid system from Honda works to enhance the speed. In every acceleration, the PDU makes a command to the Li-ion battery to distribute electricity to the motor to collaborate with the engine, resulting in powerful ride that can be felt at every acceleration. This is to deliver the experience of advanced riding performance, delivered by world hybrid system.

For the concept to develop Honda PCX, Mr Suchart added "Honda PCX is a premium A.T. scooter that is well liked by customers who are proud to own the world's first two-wheeled hybrid powered by Li-ion battery. Honda PCX Hybrid will make them even more proud."

New PCX Hybrid has been created under "Power of the Pride" concept for a fun ride and better fuel economy. The Riding Mode that can be adjusted at your finger tip features Drive Mode for a normal ride; Sport Mode for a sporty ride in which more electricity will be distributed to the engine, to meet your demand; and Blank Mode which shuts down the Idling Stop system. The owner of a New PCX Hybrid will be proud of the Hybrid 3D Emblem – the 3D logo indicates the powerful hybrid system from Honda, which will be outstandingly engraved on the body. The model comes with new 14-inch alloy wheels and wide Michelin tires, console box and USB power outlet that caters to the digital lifestyle. Let's move to the next level of luxury with the all-LED lights set up, new blue liner LED headlight that is made only for hybrid scooter, smart controller, and Honda Smart Key system. Honda Smart Key features three functions; Welcome Light that helps locate the vehicle; anti-theft alarm that works once the vehicle is moved or shaken; turning on and off the remote control function to control the connection between the smart controller.

The model also comes with new full digital speedometer, displaying all functions such as Assist Level indicator showing the work of hybrid motor while accelerating, light indicating Charge Level of the hybrid motor while decreasing speed and low engine, Li-ion Battery Level indicating battery level, Li-ion Battery Indicator showing a malfunction of the battery, Riding Mode indicator, digital meter, oil change reminder, digital clock, Smart Key indicator, light indicating engine readiness, light indicating Stand By mode in Idling Stop system, and digital mileage and fuel meter that provides an accurate calculation of fuel consumption.

Moreover, the standard of a Honda A.T. scooter is well maintained in its Honda Smart Technology, eSP 150cc engine, PGM-FI echnology, Idling Stop that has been improved for PCX Hybrid will automatically stop the engine within 0.5 second once the vehicle comes to a stop after a speed of at least 6km/hour, and 3 pots Combi Break that provides a more confident ride.

Make yourself ready to meet New PCX Hybrid for the first time in the world, under the concept "Power of the Pride". The model will be available in Thailand from August onwards. For interested customers, please contact Honda Wing Center or visit or Facebook and LINE @HondaMotorcycleTH.

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