H SEM MOTOR Add Up Business Unit Unveils 3 New Electrically Driven Motorcycle

Automotive Press Releases Monday June 1, 2020 17:13
Bangkok--1 Jun--Professional Media Business

H SEM MOTOR introduce three electrically driven motorcycle models after an improvement of the Covid-19 pandemic. All models are registrable license and onsite after sales services are available upon request. The annual sale is expected to be around 600 vehicles.

Mr. Wanchai Leenawatthana, Managing Director of H SEM Motor Co., Ltd., revealed “Our main objective is to prioritize the conservation and well-being of the environment. This enables us to unveil our three latest electrically driven motorcycle models which will be on the market in June 2020. All three models are legally registration with the sales expected to be around 600 units this year.”

The three electric motorcycle models consist of H SEM CIAO is a motor driven vehicle DC 60V 2000W known as Brushless Hub-Motors with top speed at 60 km/hr. other additional features includes Remote Control Key, Push-Start Button, Anti-Theft Alarm System, and Cruise Control. Four body colors are available for selection: Red, Yellow, Blue, & White with the official price 49,700 Baht.

H SEM MOBILA comes with TWO grade ranges (G & S). The MOBILA (G): Gear Motor driven vehicle DC72V 3000W shifting from Low to High. H SEM MOBILA (S): Brushless Hub-Motors DC72V 3000W.with top speed at 60 km/hr. There is two speed levels available with reversing mode, two battery compartment, and a spacious luggage storage area. A multi-purpose container could be installed at the rear. Suitable for delivering goods. There are four body colors available for selection: Red, Blue, Grey, & Black. The official price for H SEM MOBILA (G) is 89,000 Baht & H SEM MOBILA (S) is 92,200 Baht.

The last one, H SEM WINGS is a Brushless Hub-Motors Vehicle DC 72V 3000W. Top speed is 60 km/hr. three speed levels available with reversing mode. A premium motorcycle with its chrome designs throughout combining the U Box underneath the seat creating the perfect balance between quality and efficiency. Four body colors are available: Red, White, Grey, & Black. The official price is 95,700 Baht

For all models, the motor’s warranty is up to 3 years or 30,000 kilometers, battery for 2 years (WINGS & MOBILIA S/G MODELS ONLY), 1 year battery warranty for CIAO model, electrical equipment and vehicle’s warranty is 1 year or 10,000 kilometers with an additional maintenance and checking service up to 3 times.

Customers could visit our dealers nearby for checkups or scheduling an appointment for Onsite Service. There should be no concerns regarding the availability of our supplies or spare parts because we refresh our stocks repeatedly so that our customers receives the best treatment possible.

“The research and analysis about electric motorcycle began about two years ago (2017-2018). Finding solutions where vehicles could be one with the environment, conserve more energy, reducing PM 2.5 pollution, and yet, enable customers to register their respective vehicle. H SEM MOTOR introduction to the electric motorcycle market is not about competition, but rather pushing ourselves to be more accomplished, making the market complete, and reducing business risks. Due to our widespread of products, we can support our customer’s every needs ranging from daily to organizational purposes such as delivery businesses and efficient transportation of goods”, said Wanchai Leenawatthana.

Regarding the business strategy of electric motorcycle, Wanchai Leenawatthana continued. “First year, the emphasis is to import the vehicles to Thailand. Second year and beyond the entire manufacturing and development process will be completed in Thailand. To enhance our economy, the majority of supplies are domestic products with only a small few being imported. Due to our strong resources in the production line, we can initiate the production process with the machines and equipment that are here beforehand thus creating good value towards our investment. The annual sales target is to be around 600 vehicles.”

H SEM MOTOR electric motorcycles was designed under the concept “Unique on Your Way”. We passed all regulations required enabling our products to be licensed with the Department of Transportation in Thailand. All vehicles are two seaters supporting the weight of 150 kilograms with pure steel infrastructure. Driving pleasure with the attractively designed acceleration handlebar, the modern digital speedometer, all round LED lights, front and rear disc brakes, aluminum alloy wheels, and lithium battery. The battery could be removed for charging and only requires 4 hours for maximum charge with an approximate electricity cost of 7 Baht per charge.

For more information, visit our fan page www.facebook.com/hsemmotor.sev and www.facebook.com/hsemmotor.stc or contact Customer Service dial 099-001-1888
Monday – Saturday (08:30 – 17:30)
About H SEM Motor Co., Ltd.

H SEM Motor Co., Ltd., a business subsidiary within the Hua Heng Lee Group, manufactures and distributes electric golf carts and electric tricycles under the brand “H SEM” respectively. Our primary objective focuses on agriculture, industrial, and small and medium enterprises that appeals to a profitable yet efficient, energy saving, and environment friendly electronic transportation vehicle.

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