Mazda introduces NEW MAZDA CX-3, the 2.0-liter engine Providing best performance and excellent fuel economy Price starts from 700,000 Baht

Automotive Press Releases Wednesday July 1, 2020 11:47
Bangkok--1 Jul--Mazda Sales (Thailand)

The best choice that comes with 2.0-liter SKYACTIV-G, providing 156 maximum horsepower and excellent fuel economy at 16.4 km/literQuality beyond its price and fully featured Skyactiv TechnologyFeatures with i-ACTIVSENSE, the world-class safety technology, for the first time in Subcompact Crossover SUVAppeases new generation of customers with Mazda Connect. Stay connect to social media when in transitTargets large group of customers who would like to purchase first SUV and aims at B-Car Upper customers with high purchasing powerSurprises SUV market with starting price from 700,000 Baht0% interest rate, free Mazda premium insurance, 5-year Extended Warranty/150,000 Km. and 5-year Free Maintenance Labor 10 times or 100,000 Km.

Mazda penetrates subcompact SUV market to emphasize its position as automotive technology leader by unveiling the crossover SUV “NEW MAZDA CX-3”, reflecting its image and unique personality that meets outstanding lifestyle. The remarkable and sporty appearance of interior and exterior design comes with superior driving performance with 2.0-liter Skyactiv-G providing excellent driving while offering superb fuel economy to leap you forward in your own style. The NEW MAZDA CX-3 comes with the new concept “Leap Forward” and aims at B-Car Upper and B-SUV customers who want to purchase first SUV with starting price from 700,000 Baht with 0% interest rate1, free 1-year Mazda premium insurance2, 5-year Extended Warranty/150,000 Km.3 and 5-year Free Maintenance Labor 10 times or 10,000 Km. from 10,000 – 100,000 Km.4

The introduction of the NEW MAZDA CX-3, the freestyle crossover emphasizes Mazda’s determination to become a leader in the SUV market in this year after it has once achieved its objective to become the leader in Japanese SUV segment in the last April. Mazda has strategically planned to launch new crossover SUV models to the market continuously and it has now become one of the top of purchase consideration among customers. Mazda has 4 crossover models in the market, which comprise of CX-8, CX-5, CX-30 and NEW MAZDA CX-3, the latest model unveiling today. Mazda sets an average sales target of 600 units per month and it is confident that total sales of the 4 crossover models will reach 20,000-unit target within this fiscal year. This will make Mazda to proudly step up as a leader of the SUV market.

Mr. Chanchai Trakarnudomsuk, President of Mazda Sales (Thailand) Co., Ltd said, “Mazda believes that Thai automotive market is going to recover soon though we cannot clearly estimate the situation. The cooperation of every sector makes us confident that the situation will be recovered quickly.   An important part is that every automotive brand has to collaborate to stimulate the market, especially by launching new models. Generally, MAZDA CX-3 has been successful in both global and Thai market in term of sales, with an accumulative sales in Thailand of over 16,000 units, and honorable award winnings that it has received from all over the world.

“The NEW MAZDA CX-3 features with the powerful engine, providing the best performance in subcompact crossover SUV market. Thanks to the 2.0-liter Skyactiv-G engine that offers excellent fuel economy at 16.4 km/liter. The performance, meticulous detail of a car and standard equipment that was featured in this vehicle resulting in great value for money with starting price from 768,000 Baht. This will recover the situation and transform customer behavior to purchase more of crossover SUV and Mazda expects to succeed quickly.” Chanchai said

Mr. Thee Permpongpanth, Vice President of Marketing and Government Affairs said about the marketing strategy for this important new product launch, “the marketing communication for NEW MAZDA CX-3 is “Leap Forward”, underpinning the character, personality and attitude of CX-3 target customers since there are many times that we have asked ourselves “Why”. Why do we must follow the principles in the textbook when we have choices to lead us to the faster way. Why do we have to do best for just one thing instead of doing best for many things. Why don’t we take another step to find our true identity and way forward. We know what our ultimate goal is. We know that the better things are always waiting for us ahead if we keep moving forward and take on the challenges. Therefore, let the goal and determination be the reason for living, let our emotion drives us to the future in our own style “Leap Forward”.”

Thus, developing the strategy with the deep understanding of the target customer is the most important. Mazda adjusts the strategy to communicate directly to customers by concentrating on the people who would like to purchase the first Crossover SUV in their family. The NEW MAZDA CX-3 is considered as the best choice of all subcompact Crossover SUV or B-SUVs. Also the NEW CX-3 will provide superior benefits as an alternative to traditional B cars by providing more of utility and functionality. The NEW CX-3 is featured with the best-in-class 2.0-liter engine, SKYACTIV-G that has the best performance with 156 horsepower, also featured with i-ACTIVSENSE the world class safety technology, and completed functions, making the passengers more comfortable.   The NEW CX-3 offers the best value for money package with the starting retail price from 700,000 Baht. The NEW MAZDA CX-3 model lineup consists of 4 grades.

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