Nestle Pure Life sets to penetrate bottled water market in the second half of this year.

Business Press Releases Wednesday July 4, 2007 07:19
Nestle Pure Life sets to penetrate bottled water market in the second half of this year adding trendy messages on the packaging labels encouraging the customers to share the essence of lively life
  • Planning to continuously utilize emotional marketing strategy to reach the new generation

Nestle Pure Life is ready to capture the leadership position in the PET bottled water segment, following strong market feedbacks of its three latest TV commercials, which have been on air since the beginning of this year. The company is launching ‘Care Delivery’ campaign in a crucial move to reinforce its proactive ‘Emotional Marketing’ approach. The campaign will run together with the roll out new packaging labels with additional nice and caring messages that is sure to reach the target consumers.

Prayad Anuchiracheewa, executive director – water business under Nestle (Thai) Limited, the manufacturer and distributor of Nestle Pure Life, discloses that the company is stepping forward towards the penetration of the PET bottled water market in the second half of this year. The new ‘Emotional Marketing’ strategy has been launched to boost awareness of Nestle Pure Life. The key marketing message will be communicated to target customers through the company’s new emotional marketing concept entitled “Sharing is giving good things to each other”. The company will also launch its newest “Care Delivery” campaign to follow the great success of Nestle Pure Life’s latest TV commercials, which have been launched since the beginning of this year and received very good feedbacks from the consumers both in brand perception and awareness.

“From our post advertisement survey, we found that the three latest TV commercials could reach new generation consumers effectively and in massive scale,” says Prayad. He adds that the first TV commercial titled ‘Chat’ is able to reach the group of office workers as the story was in line with the lifestyle of the people working in the office environment, while the second commercial titled ‘Basketball’ can be fully accessed by teenagers, who are school and university students under peer influence and loved to show their concerns. The third TV commercial titled ‘Traffic’, which is most remarkable and widely mentioned by local viewers of its lively storyline, can also reach general people on streets. All TV commercials were trying to convey the benefits of drinking fresh water through the messages that reflected concern and sentiment communicated between main characters in the TV commercials, which will not only enhanced brand awareness, but also good feeling and emotion among target customers. The campaign is a great connection between emotional value of consumers and the Nestle Pure Life brand, which finally will lead to consumers’ buying decision about the product.

Prayad says that the additional nice and caring messages added to the packaging labels stemmed from the success of Nestle Pure Life’s latest TV commercials. The packaging labels will carry the 3 sentiment and concern messages written on the ‘Post It’ materials appeared in the TV commercials. Several nice and caring messages will be added to the packaging labels to facilitate the consumers in expressing their concerns as well as advising their love ones on benefit of drinking water. The campaign will encourage customers to share good feeling and lively lives together through the goodwill messages. “Sharing Nestle Pure Life together with caring messages showing concern and reminding our love ones to drink lots of water for good health” is an effective mean to share the essence of healthy life with the people you care as naturally, people need to drink a lot of water and pure drinking water is the most advantageous drink for the human body.

“The TV commercials will encourage individual consumers to be more concerned of their health as well as realize the benefit of drinking lots of pure drinking water, and deliver their concern and sentiment to the love ones, with key valuable messages expressing concerns and ask them to drink water for refreshment, for creativity and reducing stress. It fits the product’s slogan of “Share your lively life …Share with Nestle Pure Life”, adds Prayad.

The roll out of new ‘Care Delivery’ will go beyond the adding of caring messages to the packaging labels. Below-the-line activities, however, will be conducted with the ‘Care Delivery Troop, a troop of motorcycles and delivery girls to promote the caring and sharing good things as well as sharing the lively life among the consumers. The troop will encourage passer-by to share lively lives with each other through various messages on Nestle Pure Life labels. The new PR activities will be handled in cooperation with leading magazines and tie-in activity with “Za Zaab Sanjorn” and ‘Fah Mee Ta’ program on Channel 7 to encourage the consumers to share Nestle Pure Life with their love ones as well as inviting the restaurants to join Nestle Pure Life decoration program to reflect cleanliness, modern, outstanding and hygienic look. The company will also strengthen its trade network with the allocation of marketing supports to retail shops and restaurants, together with attractive decoration of Point of Purchase (POP) materials as well as pop-up bottles on the fridges, which are Nestle’s unique innovation to remind the consumers to convey their good feeling to their love ones via Nestle Pure Life. The company has also a plan to increase its product distribution and availability covering all provincial areas throughout the country. The company has set aside total marketing budget of more than 100 million baht this year on Nestle Pure Life product.

Prayad estimates total market for PET bottled drinking water to grow by 7-8 per cent this year, up from the posted value at over 13 billion baht last year. The market competition will focus on enhancing key branding strategy set to encourage good perception from the consumers. It is in line with the growing trend of people, who become more health-conscious. Nestle Pure Life is now No. 2 leader in the PET bottled water segment with market share of 24 per cent. The company is confident that the new emotional campaign will enable us to the number one position in the near future.

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