Nestle Pure Life sets to expand its customer base spending over 100 million baht

Business Press Releases Tuesday February 26, 2008 01:08
Nestle Pure Life sets to expand its customer base spending over 100 million baht on its new TVC campaign targeting family group

Nestle Pure Life, PET bottled drinking water market leader announced its aggressive marketing plan for the 3rd consecutive year highlighting “Emotion Marketing” strategy.   It plans to spend over 100 million baht launching new TVC campaign under   the concept of “sharing the good things among the family members” so as to penetrate the family target audience after its success in its expansion to the new generation consumers and becoming the number 1 leader in CVS and Modern Trade segments.

As a result of its successful market expansion during 2006-2007 achieving continuous growth of 40% in 2007 with over 100 million baht marketing expenditure including its brand re-launch and marketing campaign with its distribution network as well as directing at target consumers, Nestle Pure Life could control the largest market share in CVS and Modern Trade segments.

Prayad Anuchiracheewa, Executive Director – Water Business under Nestle (Thai) Limited, the manufacturer and distributor of Nestle Pure Life bottled drinking water disclosed that in 2008, Nestle Pure Life would continue with its integrated marketing campaign for the third consecutive year setting aside over 100 million baht budget focusing on widening its customer base to reach the family target group.

"Nestle Pure Life’s marketing plan this year focuses on the expansion of its customer base utilizing "Emotional Marketing" to reach out to the family groups after its successful branding and penetrating the new young and working generation consumers. This year marketing plan will include Above the Line strategy introducing 3 new TV commercials as well as Below the Line strategy focusing on sales promotion campaign and marketing activities with business alliance and Nestle Pure Life retail outlets to strengthen its distribution network and effectively reach the target consumers”, said Prayad.

He also added “In addition, Nestle Pure Life this year will promote and encourage the consumers to drink lots of water for the essence of healthy life with additional “8 on the glass” symbol on its packaging label as well as other communication tools to remind the consumers of sufficient daily hydration.   It will also emphasizes on “sharing good things among the family members” concept to encourage the family members to embrace the caring and sharing attitude which is the foundation of loving and warm families.

Nestle Pure Life will today launch three new 30-second TVC commercials under the concept “sharing good things among family members” highlighting on sharing Nestle Pure Life together with a short message of concern and sentiment as well as the benefit of drinking water to the beloved ones under the slogan “Share your lively life, Share with Nestle Pure Life” The story line highlights the Emotion concept by featuring “love and care” within the family unit to enhance brand awareness and to widen its reach to cover the family members through various kinds of relationship. The first version “Garden” features a love story of a young couple just starting their married life together. The young man shows his love and care for his wife who is busy working in the garden by placing Nestle Pure Life drinking water with a note saying "You can live without me but not without water." so as to remind his young wife to drink water before being thirsty that would mean the body starts to dehydrate.

The second TV commercial entitled "Doctor" features a lovely relationship story between daughter an father who after a weary day of work coming home to play with his daughter. She played act as a caring doctor examining her father and prescribing Nestle Pure Life with a note "Drink water to reduce your tiredness - Doctor”.   "Camp", the third TV commercial, shows an adventurous brother who is about to embark on a camping with his friend.   An elder brother shows his love for his young brother by hiding a bottle of Nestle Pure Life Water with the note "Drink water and hang in there, Brother!" in his brother’s backpack before leaving the house to cheer up the tiring younger brother and remind him to refresh himself.

Prayad said that the three new TVC commercial will reinforce its marketing and business direction aiming toward the family target group. We are confident the new TVC campaign will enhance the awareness as well as recognition of the necessity of drinking lots of water. At the same time, it would encourage the consumers who still don’t drink lots of water or drink other beverages that is not useful to the health, to start drinking Nestle Pure Life water as well as sharing the good things with your beloved ones especially your family members who are closest to you.

Bottled drinking water market continues to enjoy steady growth.   The market last year posted about 4% growth accounted for the total market value of more than Bt15 billion. As a consequence, the competition would tend to intensify as the major players come up with competitive marketing and branding strategies to gain acceptance and recognition from the consumers.

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