Korean Trend still hot!! Scotch Puree continues endorsement contract with 4Minute Huge budget set for sales blast-off!!!

Business Press Releases Monday March 12, 2012 12:20
Bangkok--12 Mar--Poly Plus PR

Healthy Drink Scotch Puree, concentrated prune extract juice mixed with vitamins, has spent a 7-digit budget to extend the contract with Korea’s hot girls band 4Minute, led by Kim Hyun-a, Kwon So-hyun, Nam Ji-hyun, Jeon Ji Yoon and Heo Ga-yoon, as the presenter for the second year and launch a new television commercial advertisement titled Interview, featuring the band members’ bright and stunning slim look. The strength of the new television advertisement and sales-supporting marketing activities are expected to win support from the target female audience and help increase its market share to 30 per cent.

Mr. Sompoch Chawanvejakul, Marketing Director of Scotch Industrial (Thailand) Co., Ltd, said, “Following the success of introducing Scotch Puree to the market in late 2010 by working with the presenter “4Minute”, a five-member girl band from Korea, Scotch Puree has become a brand recognized by target consumers who are health-conscious and has been well received by the market to hit a 22 per cent market share which is the growth rate of the Functional Drink. The brand has enjoyed a continued growth trend against the economic conditions. This year Scotch Puree’s survey on female teens from 18-21 years old finds that the girl band group is among the most favorite bands with solid popularity, making the company to decide to extend its contract with the band as the presenter to enhance the strength of its marketing activities.

Mr. Sompoch added, “To better approach our target group this year, we have set a 50 million Baht budget to conduct more integrated communications with introducing a new TV commercial advertisement “Interview” featuring Asia’s hot girl band from Korea, 4Minute. They continue to become the presenter for the second year because they are pretty and lively and connected well to Scotch Puree’s brand’s image.

The band 4Minute stands out for their singing and dancing as shown in the television advertisement “Interview”, a lifestyle presentation as expected by the target group. The band’s five members are cheerful and ready to present their slim look, thanks to their secret: Scotch Puree, concentrated prune extract juice mixed with vitamins and its delicious taste that the girls are fond of. This advertisement will feature their beauty and their liveliness that the audience will love to keep watching the ad over and over again,” he said.

Scotch Puree, concentrated prune extract juice mixed with vitamins extracted from pure prune and 18 vitamins that are essential to the body in addition to L-Carnitine that helps burn excessive body fat and dietary fiber in the digestive system in accordance with the demand of the target female consumers who wish to stay in good shape with healthy skin. Scotch Puree’s 45 ml.-size bottle is priced at 35 Baht, available at leading department stores and convenience stores. The new television advertisement, Interview, will start airing on Mach 6, 2012 via Channels 3, 5, 7, 9.

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