Acnessential Topical Niacinamide Cream is now on Amazon

Business Press Releases Monday November 5, 2012 11:08
Bangkok--5 Nov--Acnessential

Ironpower is pleased to announce that Acnessential Topical Niacinamide Cream ( is now available from Amazon. Acnessential is one of the most trusted and effective 4% Niacinamide Cream’s available in the market today. 4% Niacinamide is a university proven acne treatment. The University of New York College of Medicine conducted a study and demonstrated that 4% topical Niacinamide is more effective than even prescription strength acne treatments. When 4% Topical Niacinamide was compared to 1% topical clindamycin in a controlled randomized test, 82% of users of the Niacinamide showed an improvement in their skin and acne, versus only 68% of those who used the clindamycin gel.

"I was never a user of creams on my face because I have sensitive skin and I don't feel comfortable, but when I started having pimples things started to change, I can't grow my hair because it keeps on irritating my skin causing more pimples to grow. A friend of mine sent me this gift Acnessential and I was stunned by its effects. Not only did my pimples stop growing, pimple marks started to fade as well, now I can grow my hair longer because I won't worry about future breakouts..." Argel Nikko - college student

"The product is amazing, its like putting a liquid foundation, the only difference is that using it overtime you will realize that you'll never have to wear a lot of make up anymore... A little of red lipstick, blush-on, eyeliner and you'll look fab but natural..." April, Philippines

Although mainly sold as an acne treatment cream, Acnessential 4% niacinamide cream is very effective as an anti-aging cream and skin moisturizer. It reduces wrinkles and fine lines, whitens and lightens skin tone, and fades dark spots and pigmentation. Acnessential is also particularly effective at treating rosacea, and as well as getting rid of blemishes and pimples, and it also fades acne scars. This is one way to get many good effects from just one skincare product. One ingredient, niacinamide, can make a great deal of difference in your beauty regimen.

To summarize, the beauty of having a niacinamide based product like Acnessential is its versatility, and safety. Using this 4% niacinamide cream skincare product by Ironpowerwill give you the confidence that not only is it derived from a natural vitamin (B3) and is very safe, it is a skin food that helps the skin fight acne, ageing, and excessive melanin production (hyperpigmentation). Having it available on Amazon, will ensure that this very effective cream will be easily available for all to benefit as 4% niacinamide based creams are still relatively rare in the market today. Enjoy the many benefits of Acnessential, make it a part of your daily routine and have the acne and blemish free skin you have always dreamed about. Visit this link to read more.

About Acnessential

Acnessential is a niacinamide cream, a true gift of nature and science to your skin. It is a natural non-irritating cream that eliminates causes of acne and lightens dark spots. Visit the site and learn more about Acnessential's benefits to your skin.

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