Dentiste launches "Morning Love with Dentiste' 3.0" campaign To say "I love you" in the morning for divorce reduction 4 celebrity lovers invited to show sweetness since the first breathe of the day

Business Press Releases Thursday May 9, 2013 16:00
Bangkok--9 May--Polyplus PR

Dentiste' by Siam Health Group Co., Ltd. launches new marketing concept for sustainable business development with social and environmental responsibility, emphasize its super premium toothpaste brand under "Morning Love with Dentiste' 3.0" campaign to share the long-lasting love experience, urge couple to say more "I love you " in the morning for divorce reduction.

Sangsuk Pittayanukul, Pharm. D., Managing Director of Siam Health Group Co., Ltd. revealed that "Today, total picture of oral care products and toothpaste, both domestic and worldwide, had a clear-cut market segmentation, i.e. Super premium 6%, premium 21%, prestige 36%, and mass 37%, of which Dentiste' was categorized in Super premium segment by its quality of using A Grade or food grade and pharmaceutical grade material and ingredient in manufacturing, which has high purity, least contaminated, and more hygiene as well as brand personality of reliable drug and dentist, endorsed brand acceptance from customers and rapidly grew so that the product line could be expanded into oral rinse, dental floss, and toothbrush, caused sales skyrocket. Last year, Dentiste' grew 12%, mainly caused by consumer behavior, especially new generation who pay more attention to character and self-image as well as more loving and caring toward the one they love, has change their taste to premium toothpaste, and chose Dentist' as a super-premium one that can effectively kill bacteria at night time to prevent mouth odor in the morning, and protect oral health.

The "Morning Love with Dentiste' 3.0" campaign derived from the era of Marketing 3.0: Values Driven Marketing which drew us the clear picture of the main targets who are new generation that pay special attention to opinion sharing. We then created Two-Way Communication marketing concept for the customer to share their opinions, and to participate, with helping mind, in product or service development to serve their need better. The main concept of this campaign is creating the long-lasting love, urging lovers to say love more in the morning to help divorce reduction.

From the statistic since 2008 to-date, the divorcing trend shows no sign of slowing, while marriage rate continues to drop. In 2010, the number of marriage was 285,944, and the number of divorce was 108,842. Divorcing in Thailand tends to be increased. In 2005, the divorcing rate was 26.27 per cent, and continued to be 37.94 per cent in 2010. The mentioned statistic made company realized the problem; we then conduct a survey on the way of showing love to your spouse. The survey was conduct on 51 spouses as respondents, ask them to show love between each other every day by cheek kissing, hugging and saying sweet words. Only 2 means gave 100% yield: hugging and cheek kissing followed by sweet words saying 98%, and hand in hand 2%. The relationship result after showing love 15 consecutive days: Good Love Relationship increased: by male 82% and female 72%. Female found to be increased in commitment and closeness more than male, i.e. 82% and 73%, respectively. After 15 days, change was in the air such as love more, more feeling of closeness and commitment, talk more, understand more, and care more: male 80%, female 88%. The most important is that 98% will continue to show love to their spouse.

From the said survey result, Dentiste' decided to utilize marketing 3.0 concept under "Morning Love with Dentiste' 3.0" campaign to urge more morning love showing between spouse as we believe that showing love will help increase love and commitment, as well as help reduce various marriage problem, especially, divorce. This campaign is set to be continued 5-10 years, help divorce reduction at least 0.5% as another way to give back to society. We will use widespread coverage of marketing communication both above and below the line media through the commercial ad of "Morning Love" under the concept that Dentiste' promote morning love showing. The campaign will be kicked off by releasing of 45 seconds commercial ad, to emphasize and create recognition by emphasizing on various ways of showing love in the morning to start the meaningful day. By "receive" or "give" the good feeling from one's beloved, it helps one smoothly pass the day. The primary target is new generation, while spouse or couple is secondary one. The total marketing budget is 100 million baht.

Love is in the air at Morning Love with Dentiste' 3.0 campaign launch day, joined by 4 celebs couples: Tim-Pita Tai-Chutima Limcharoenrat, Dr. Pokpong Amornvit Dr. Montisa Eamkrasin, Pluem-Surabot Tabtim-Mallika Leekpai, and Sak-Taninwat Pattanawerakun Por-Verinthira Nathongbojarat, to reflect their beautiful love and care, share experiences from the first breath of every single day, and induce all lovers to show love and care in order to maintain the long-lasting relationship with Dentiste' as the efficient care taker of fresh morning breath and mouth odor.

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