Valmont Introduces 'Prime Generation'

Business Press Releases Thursday August 8, 2013 13:24
Bangkok--8 Aug--Maxima Consultants

Valmont, the art of skin care specially designed for women from Switzerland introduces 'Prime Generation', an exceptional anti-ageing for skin health and anti-wrinkle efficacy. The Valmont Prime Generation range is now available at Valmont counter in Central Chidlom, Paris Spa branches at Alma Link Building, Paris Spa at Peninsula Plaza's 1st floor and Paris Spa at Peninsula Plaza's 3rd floor. For more details, please contact at Tel 02-655-2550, 02-652-2186.

The Valmont Prime Generation is enriched with skin nutrients in term of sugars, fats and proteins. Sugars in the forms of Triple DNA re-launch and intensifies the skin's essential funtion. Lipids in the form of Liposomes ensure the penetration of active ingredients in the heart of the cell ten times deeper. Proteins in the form of a Peptides & Cocktail are involved in most of the cellular metabolism process and in the communication between cells. Three nutrients enhance the effects of the treatment and preserve the youthful skin. The Valmont Prime Generation consists of

  • Valmont Prime B-Cellular - revitalizing concentrate serum that helps to decrease wrinkles and preserve her skin's elasticity. The 30 ml Valmont Prime B-Cellular is priced at 8,200 Baht
  • Valmont Prime 24 Hour - anti-age treatment for hydrating and bringing daily comfort to the skin. Light and soft texture makes it an ideal foundation for make-up. The 50 ml Valmont Prime 24 Hour is priced at 8,200 Baht.
  • Valmont Prime Regenera I - energizing and restructuring cellular cream for nourishing and toning skin. Ideal for oxygen-deprived and unhealthy looking complexion. The 50 ml Valmont Prime Regenera I is priced at 9,200 Baht.
  • Valmont Prime Regenera II - compensating and repairing cellular cream for struggling against discomfort and tautness resulting from skin dryness while smoothing down the features. The 50 ml Valmont Prime Regenera II is priced at 9,600 Baht.
  • Valmont Prime Contour - eye and lip contour corrective cellular treatment for smoothing down the crow's feet wrinkles and restoring elasticity. The 30 ml Valmont Prime Contour is priced at 8,700 Baht.
  • Valmont Prime Neck - anti-sagging cellular neck cream to stretch the neck skin and make it denser. The 50 ml Valmont Prime Neck is priced at 9,200 Baht.
For more information, please contact Maxima Consultants Tel 02-6190429-30
Suchinda, Saengnapa, Panadda

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