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ECSTASY LACQUER celebrates 15 years of Giorgio Armani Beauty by uniting the best of its beauty technology with the unparalleled know-how of Linda Cantello, International Make-Up Artist Giorgio Armani.
ECSTASY LACQUER is an exceptional lip make-up backed by cutting-edge technology for a surprising experience.
ECSTASY LACQUER has it all: the shine of a lacquer, the moisture of a balm, the hold of ink and the intensity of colours.
A real innovation to enhance the lips all day or all night long.
A perfect balance between comfort, hold, colour and shine.

Canadian actress Sarah Gadon, whose clear complexion and classic features face is an example of contemporary beauty, is the face of ECSTASY LACQUER. She will embody the new make-up products in the second half of 2015.

More than a simple gloss, ECSTASY LACQUER is a technological masterpiece. Water, colouring agents, glycerine, vivid pigments and pearlisers come together to form this "colour lacquer".

As soon as it touches the lips, ECSTASY LACQUER feels fresh, soft and incredibly light. As water evaporates, glossy oil comes to the surface and forms a shiny film that doesn't feel greasy or sticky. It doesn't run or smudge and features long lasting, fade-resistant colour.

Exceptional Comfort, Eight-hour Hydration
The soft, delectable texture also promises immediate comfort. Once dry, the formula creates a resilient and protective "chainmail" structure on the lips with ethylcellulose, enveloping them in a satiny caress.
The core formula also features the "light feel system" technology, reworked and enriched with glycerine to intensely nourish lips with eight-hour moisture.
Extreme Hold in All Conditions
Ethylcellulose, an ultra-resilient polymer, helps lock in colour by forming a flexible, shiny and comfortable coating. Lacquer stays shiny and impeccable for six hours.
Vibrant custom-made colours
Ethylcellulose joins forces with a shiny oil and an emollient oil for a lacquer finish, pigments for an opaque effect and colouring agents for intensity.
As a result, ECSTASY LACQUER offers electric colours with a surprising and intense finish and a formula that stays fresh all day long.
Each of the eighteen colours in the ECSTASY LACQUER range is a custom-made lacquer with two possible finishes: intense and lacquered or metallic and pearly.

Eighteen vibrant shades, eighteen different emotions. Colours closely linked to the Giorgio Armani universe, between East and West, Hollywood and fashion… Bestsellers include the famous N°400, four hundred, an invitation to the red carpet, as well as N°402, red-to-go.

• Eight intense lacquered shades:
  • N°201 leather
  • N°300 tangerine
  • N°400 four hundred
  • N°401 red chrome
  • N°402 red-to-go
  • N°501 uptown
  • N°505 crescendo
  • N°601 plum vinyl
• Four metallic shades with pearl finishes and surprising shimmers:
  • N°500 vintage
  • N°502 boudoir
  • N°504 pink-out
  • N°506 maharajah
The sophisticated design of the lacquered black tube reveals perfect curves with a shaded gradation of intense colour.

Its slightly curved applicator sweeps gently over the lips, adapting perfectly to their shape. Easy to use, it offers flawless results and a precise lip contour. The applicator tip can even be used for light touch-ups.

1/ Why did you develop a custom formula for ECSTASY LACQUER? What ingredients are used?
To combine colour, shine and comfort, while giving special emphasis to colour effects.
The formula of every shade is adjusted so that the colour can be fully expressed, especially for metallic shades, where the balance of the formula was redesigned to create space between pearlisers.

The colour includes colouring agents, pigments and pearlisers for a wide range of potential colour effects, by playing with their intensity, coverage, translucency and shimmer. It is protected by a flexible, transparent and glossy coating made from plasticised ethylcellulose (plant-based film-forming material) with a light oil, which acts like a second skin and is used so that shades can be layered for buildable intensity and shine.

2/ How does ECSTASY LACQUER mark new territory?
ECSTASY LACQUER is different from traditional anhydrous formulas with its new liquid architecture based on an emulsion of shiny oil in water used to achieve:
  • Bright/intense colour with a transparent shine effect
  • Strong hold throughout the day with optimal comfort and eight-hour moisture

The water in the formula made it possible to use water-soluble colorants that fuse with the lips to bring vivid but translucent colour and a lip stain effect for hold. The water-based formula meant that glycerine, a highly effective moisturizing agent, could also be introduced.

3/ What does it bring today's women?

It's a sensation of freshness and lightness on application. ECSTASY LACQUER gives women long-wear lip colour of buildable intensity and shine for a gloss or metallic effect (depending on the shade), while offering comfort and a sensation of moisture that last all day long.

1/ What makes ECSTASY LACQUER unique?

It is a completely new formula, which offers two different finishes: ECSTASY LACQUER can provide the finish of a lip stain or a gloss, depending on how much you apply. Moreover, contrary to a gloss, the new formula is neither sticky nor tacky, and it penetrates deep into the lip. Therefore, ECSTASY LACQUER is not dehydrating like a stain could be, and is extremely comfortable, besides providing a rich colour finish.

2/ Why does ECSTASY LACQUER feature eighteen shades with two different finishes?

When I saw the formula, I immediately thought of the colour of the car lacquer. So we did ten intense lacquered shades. It is incredible to get such a density of rich vibrant colour, and yet choose your own finish. On the first time you try the product, you can choose to apply only one shade, with an extremely shiny finish if you like.

3/ How did Sarah Gadon inspire you for this beauty look?

She has really beautiful lips, and a strong mouth is something which particularly suits her. With her classic beauty and porcelain skin, wearing Ecstasy Lacquer in iconic shade 400 was an obvious choice. I think it is perfect for her.

1/ What does Giorgio Armani Beauty represent to you?

Giorgio Armani Beauty is luxurious and feminine, but there is also an element of strength to Armani Beauty that I feel sets it apart from other brands. It is this element of strength that links it is timeless elegance to the contemporary woman.

2/ What is your favorite healthy glow effect? Cheeks or lips?
Lips, I've always had a naturally strong pigment in my lips, therefore a vibrant lip color compliments my natural complexion. I can't do without a colored lipstick.
3/ Lips = game of seduction. What colour goes with what occasion?
My favorite colour is the ECSTASY LACQUER in 400. I wear it for any special occasion from a red carpet to a cocktail or dinner. It is stunning.
Price: THB1,230.00
Ecstasy Lacquer (12 shades) are available on King Power counters in October 2015

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