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Business Press Release : 24 Dec 2015

Introducing The New Jergens Hydrating Coconut Dry Skin Moisturiser. Business—24 Dec 15

Relieves Dry Skin With Moisture-Rich Hydration To Reveal Deeply Luminous, Visibly Softer Skin. The heritage of ancient wisdom, coconut, the beauty secret from generation to generation. We know that, all time women's favourite beauty ingredient - coconut

RED B.A Beauty instinct Business—24 Dec 15

Bangkok--24 Dec--KOBFAH PR

POLA is now ready to wake your beauty instinct. POLA, Japanese premium cosmetics brand which are known worldwide, has found the factor to promote perfect and flawless skin both inner and outside. That is how RED B.A is invented. Nowadays people has different roles and duty and this can cause mood swings easily. This factor can effects the skin. Outside factor also leads to dry, dull, and lack of elastic skin due to stress which destroy the collagen.

The innovation to wake up your beauty instinct with the scent and nourishing. At the event "RED B.A awake your beauty instinct" at Central World Department Store, Atrium Zone 1st floor, RED B.A is launched. The product contains the treatment from lotus flower, light flower scent, and berries which help to release stress with the Emotional Bio-Active theory

RED B.A is the answer of all factor mentioned previously. The product design is more modern and suitable for teenagers plus the relaxing natural scent that you can feel the difference. It heals our mentality. The more inner happiness, the more flawless and healthier skin you can see."

Apart from "Aging" and "Sun", "Stress" is also one important factor that cause aging since Substance P released when we are stress. When we are stress, collagen will be reduced by 17% within 24hrs. which leads to wrin


Launched in 2000, Giorgio Armani LUMINOUS SILK foundation and its revolutionary texture won over millions of women and top professional make-up artists worldwide. To celebrate 15 year of success and the 15th anniversary of Giorgio Armani Beauty, LUMINOUS

Blackmores Organizes a Well Being Exhibition and Promotional Event for New Year Eve Blackmores VIP Business—24 Dec 15

Blackmores, the vitamin and dietary supplementfrom Australia reinforces leadership by organizing a well beingexhibition and promotional event for New Year Eve, with the objective to promote building happiness on every aspect of life, as well as a special