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RTB continues to expand its Home Connected Device portfolio to serve behavior of new generation paying attention to health, preferring convenience and aesthetic in house, recently collaborates with JACOB JENSEN, the renowned design brand from Denmark. Starting with market launch of Air Quality Monitor, the product offers original, simple and classic design combining best-in-class technology of smart sensor to measure air quality, aiming to cater to health conscious users, hotels and the places concerning about life quality of consumers, focusing on proactive market approach and rich experience, expecting 10 million Baht sales for the first year.

Mr. Timothy Jacob Jensen, Executive Chairman and Chief Designer of JACOB JENSEN, said "JACOB JENSEN is Jacob Jensen Design is Scandinavia's oldest and most award-winning design consultancy. With more than fifty years of insight into innovation, technology, communication and sustainability, the studio provides total design solutions for clients all over the world. We are pleased to tap into the emerging market in Thailand, where design, form and functionality is increasingly non-negotiable. We are known to communicate innovation through pure minimalistic design, and are looking forward to introducing our rich heritage of design spanning over half a century in an equally cultured market such as the Thailand."

"It is a very exciting moment for JACOB JENSEN to enter smart home market in Thailand. Today smart home market registers growth potential and opportunity attracted by innovation and design. We are convinced that the collaboration with our partner RTB Technology Co., Ltd., specializing in advanced innovation with strong market presence and distribution channel, will amplify strength for each other. The highlight of innovation, quality and unparalleled design will be well presented and ensure that smart home products of JACOB JENSEN will be widely known in Thailand."

Dr. Banphot Vatanasombut, Managing Director of RTB Technology Co., Ltd., talked about the remarkable cooperation between RTB and JACOB JENSEN. "In 2016, RTB is trusted by JACOB JENSEN to be the Exclusive Distributor distributing smart home products under the brand "JACOB JENSEN," the long heritage Danish design brand, in Thai market. This marks another step to expand smart home market to meet Thai consumer demand for home security, health consciousness and design aesthetic. According to Juniper Research data, the smart home technology market will continue to grow to achieve market value of 72 billion USD or 2.3 trillion Baht by 2018. In the meantime, ABI Research indicates that during 2012 and 2019, home device, which connects to the Internet, will achieve 67% growth. Of the IOTs group, connected home device will grow 25%. In addition, home energy generation and security including temperature adjustment and smoke detector will be most popular."

"The aforementioned data reflects interesting market gap. Despite the initial stage of smart home market in Thailand and consumers' limited understanding in technology, the market continues to grow. The overall smart home market in 2016 expects an accelerating growth as a result of more understanding in concept and capacity of device such as chiller, temperature and humidity measurer, wi-fi home camera and smoke and combustion detector. Given future smart home device from JACOB JENSEN that will meet usage requirements, coupled with simplistic but unique design of JACOB JENSEN, we are pleased to join the business partnership with JACOB JENSEN for the import of JACOB JENSEN smart home products to earnestly distribute in Thailand."

As the initial entry of smart home market in Thailand, RTB introduces the latest product Air Quality Monitor to pioneer the market. Air Quality Monitor is a portable device that ables to measure particulate matter of 2.5 micrometers (PM2.5) in diameter, ¼ of the diameter of a hairline (PM10). Therefore, the product suits lifestyle of new generation with health consciousness and home aesthetic concern. Moreover, the device can measure air contamination such as tobacco smoke, cooking, burning candles or oil lamps, fireplaces, cleaning products as well as infiltration from outdoor sources. The fine particles are able to travel deeply into the respiratory tract, reaching the lungs. Exposure to fine particles can cause short-term health effects such as eye, nose, throat and lung irritation, coughing, sneezing, runny nose and shortness of breath. Long-term health effects include allergies, cancer, asthma, infertility and even birth defects. The Air Quality Monitor easily measures home humidity and temperature with modern sensor unit and screen designed for ease of use displaying temperature, humidity and battery level. The LED indicates in room air quality in 4 grades according to Air Quality Index (AQI): Green – Good air quality with AQI 51-100, Yellow – Moderate air quality with AQI 51-100, Orange – Polluted air with AQI 101-151 and Red – Highly polluted air with AQI 151 and above. So you can assure sufficiently pure air. Importantly, the device comes with JACOB JENSEN's simple and classic design signature, different from other air quality measurers in the market. The body is made with high quality ABS and polycarbonate, giving flexibility and durability. The compact size with 314 gram weight allows you to carry your device everywhere. The Air Quality Monitor will be available in June for 12,000 Baht.

Dr. Banphot added "Regarding marketing strategy to build brand awareness of JACOB JENSEN, RTB plans to expand distribution channel with proactive marketing approach, leveraging strength of JACOB JENSEN Design Brand, recognized by customers for long time, to differentiate from other players. We shall organize activities for target group including household, hotel, school and consumers with health consciousness and home security concern to experience the innovation of Air Quality Monitor. Products will be distributed principally through existing channels, such as Jaymart, iStudio, King Power, Power Buy and Power Mall coupled with new channels emphasizing in-home design products such as Motif, Room Concept Store and other home decoration stores."

"Air Quality Monitor highlights our marketing plan in the initial phase. Due to user-friendly functions, outstanding design together with marketing activities and wide coverage of distribution channel, we are confident that the Air Quality Monitor product will penetrate smart home market. Air Quality Monitor is RTB's flagship product to expand smart home product portfolio as part of the major operation plan this year. We expect 10 million Baht sales for the first year. In the near future, we plan to launch more innovation products to continue excitement such as door bell, smart camera and smart lock." Dr. Banphot concluded.

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