Planning a Trip to Celebrate New Years Eve Recommends Where to Go and How to Get There Cheap

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As the clock strikes midnight on New Year's Eve (NYE), people across the world will begin to usher in 2018. While some Thai may choose to celebrate the New Year closer to home, others might jump at the chance to celebrate the occasion somewhere special. Using 2016 flight demand data and 2017 destination search data, the team at has cracked the code on where Thais and the rest of the world will be when the clock strikes 12 on 31 December 2017, when to book and how to get the best deals.

"With just over six weeks to go for New Year's Eve, it's still not too late to grab that last-minute booking for your year-end holiday," says Lavinia Rajaram, Expedia's Regional Head of Communications. "With quick tips from and a little research, travelers can grab hold of great deals to ring in the New Year at an amazing destination of their choice. Even during popular travel windows like New Year's Eve, you can save up to 59 percent on prices just by bundling your flight and hotel, or take advantage of the Black Friday deals this weekend, with up to 50 percent for hotels at"


Thais love to celebrate the start of the New Year by holidaying close to home, with Tokyo, Taipei, Phuket, Hong Kong and Chiang Mai as the top five destinations based on 2016 flight demand for the NYE period. The good news is, Asian destinations, and particularly cities in Thailand have some of the cheapest average ticket prices for flights during the NYE period, with Bangkok taking the number one cheapest spot, followed by Khon Kaen and Udon Thani.

Figure 1: Top 10 Most Popular Destinations From Thailand*
1. Tokyo 6. Osaka
2. Taipei 7. Ko Samui
3. Phuket 8. Krabi
4. Hong Kong 9. Seoul
5. Chiang Mai 10. Singapore
*Based on 2016 data for a 26-31 December 2016 travel window.
Figure 2: Top 10 Destinations With Lowest Air Ticket Prices From Singapore*
1. Bangkok 6. Surat Thani
2. Khon Kaen 7. Chiang Mai
3. Udon Thani 8. Krabi
4. Hat Yai 9. Ho Chi Minh City
5. Rangoon 10. Vientiane
*Based on 2016 data for a 26-31 December 2016 travel window.
Image Source: Expedia – Bangkok on NYE

With just 40 days to go before NYE this year, travelers are already clocking up search volume for travel this year-end. Tokyo, Hong Kong, Osaka, Taipei and Singapore, currently make up the top five most searched destinations this NYE. If you're planning a trip to celebrate NYE overseas, take the learnings from 2016 and book your tickets 14 to 20 days out to enjoy your best savings.

Figure 3: Top 15 Most Searched Destinations From Singapore*
1. Tokyo 6. Seoul
2. Hong Kong 7. Chiang Mai
3. Osaka 8. Harbin
4. Taipei 9. Sapporo
5. Singapore 10. Phuket
*Based on flight searches on between 15 August to 15 September 2017, with a departure date of 30-31 December 2017.
For travelers looking for up-and-coming spots to ring in the New Year, Expedia data reveals trending destinations3 that are seeing a boost in interest this year but are still off the well-trod path for NYE:
1. Philadelphia – 500 percent increase in interest
2. Hong Kong – 465 percent increase in interest
3. Bogota – 365 percent increase in interest
4. Nashville – 235 percent increase in interest
5. New Orleans – 170 percent increase in interest
6. Montego Bay – 170 percent increase in interest
7. Bozeman – 160 percent increase in interest
8. Bangkok – 130 percent increase in interest
9. Punta Cana - 65 percent increase in interest
10. Honolulu – 50 percent increase in interest

Australia is one of the first countries to ring in the New Year, with Aussies usually staying close to home to celebrate. However for those travelling, Bali, Sydney and Melbourne were top spots for 2016's celebrations, but this year it seems like more diverse travel is on the agenda. International destinations make up the top seven most searched destinations for the 2017 NYE period, with Bali as a crowd favorite, followed by Delhi, Singapore and Bangkok. For those staying close to home, events like the NYE performance at the Sydney Opera House are bound to be crowd pleasers.


Belgium to Bangkok might seem like a surprising leap when it comes to ringing in the New Year, but it turns out Belgians like a bit of heat and humidity with their fireworks. Last year Bangkok was in the top five destinations for flights over the NYE period, while this year it has jumped up to occupy the number one spot Belgians are searching for flights when planning their NYE.


Historically the French like to celebrate close to home, with European capital cities like Rome, London and Barcelona topping the list of 2016's most popular flights for the NYE period. But this year, the French are chasing the sun, with Bangkok, Phuket and Hong Kong moving up to take spots in the top five for the most searched destinations for the 2017 NYE period.


Indians spent last year celebrating NYE closer to home, with Goa, Delhi, Singapore and Bangkok among the top five destinations during this period. This year, interest in America is heating up. Four out of the top five most searched destinations for the 2017 NYE period are in the United States, including San Francisco, Los Angeles, Seattle and New York. They'll find plenty of different ways to be dazzled, with dinner cruises and even a special New Year's Eve celebration at Times Square.


Although one of the least popular NYE destinations last year based on flight demand, Osaka is shaping up to be an ideal spot for savvy Japanese travelers to ring in the New Year. With the lowest average ticket prices during the holiday period based on 2016 flight demand data, Osaka is excellent value for money. Travelers can save even more by holding off booking their trip until 7 to 13 days out.


Malaysians are sticking to what they know best when it comes to booking New Year's Eve travel, with Bangkok, Langkawi and Taipei topping the list of most popular destination last year, and the most searched destinations for this year's NYE period. Langkawi has dropped from the top spot in 2016, to third for 2017, but Malaysians might be wise to reconsider, given the destination has one of the cheapest average ticket prices based on 2016 data, with Bangkok sitting further down the list.


Singaporeans love to celebrate the start of the New Year by holidaying close to home, with Tokyo, Bangkok, Hong Kong, Taipei and Bali as the top five destinations based on 2016 flight demand for the NYE period. The good news is, Asian destinations have some of the cheapest average ticket prices for flights during the NYE period, with Kuala Lumpur taking the number one cheapest spot, followed by Penang and Langkawi.


Watching Big Ben strike midnight is a time-honored tradition on New Year's Eve but it looks like the British are widening their horizons, with international destinations such as Dubai, Cape Town and Johannesburg sitting in the top three most searched destinations during the NYE travel period for 2017. One of 2016's most popular destinations was Edinburgh, with the city's famous fireworks and Hogmanay celebrations drawing big crowds along with low average flight prices.


Long considered the most popular spot to watch the clock tick over midnight, New York may be knocked off its pedestal this year, with destinations like Honolulu and Las Vegas some of the most searched destinations for the 2017 NYE period. You can still eat your black-eyed peas at a beachside resort, before heading out on a Waikiki New Year's Eve Cruise in Honolulu.

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