Ministry of Commerce supports innovative cosmeceutical products, launching MAYEVER THAILAND bringing fruit enzymes from farm to face.

Business Press Releases Tuesday December 19, 2017 10:45
Bangkok--19 Dec--PR Mongkutpetch

Finally, it is time for Thai cosmeceutical products to shine with the newest launch from MAYEVER International Co., Ltd., the manufacturer of cosmetics under the brand name MAYEVER THAILAND. Creating new products that address the needs and problems of consumers, the company also complies with the Thailand 4.0 policy by pioneering in the production and marketing of skincare products principally based on Thai agricultural ingredients. Recently, the company has launched an innovative cosmeceutical product with extracts from premium agricultural produce, such as papayas, bagasse, and mangosteen peels, ready for sales both in Thailand and abroad. The launching event was presided by Mr. Sontirat Sontijirawong. Minister of Commerce, who came to show his support towards the products' concept and share entrepreneurial approaches to audience so that they become a driving force in promoting Thai agricultural products and organic agriculture, increasing value, and generating income to the country. Actress Linn Mashannoad Suvanamas and Jiab-Than Thanyasaraporn, a special effects makeup artist, two special guests at the event, demonstrated the application and an amazing result of the product (Dec 18, 2017 at Sapphire Room 2-3, 3rd Floor, Richmond Stylish Convention Hotel)

Mr. Napat Pattaradechakul, Ms. Wiphawee Sanersak, and Ms. Sukumarn Swangvaree, MD, are three founders of MAYEVER THAILAND, whose idea kindles the trend of cosmetics from fruit extracts, creating innovation from farm to face, starting with papaya, bagasse and mangosteen peel. They revealed that "The beginning of our skin care products under the brand MAYEVER THAILAND by Mayever International Co., Ltd. came from our observation that all of our family members used different skin care products, many of which are made in foreign countries and are expensive, and some contain chemicals. After using those products for some time, they felt that their skin got rougher. So, we discussed that there should be skin care products that are gentle to the skin and are made from high quality natural extracts. From then on, we started looking for natural extracts from Thai researches and found documents about extracts of agricultural products in Thailand that were overlooked. Our company has worked with the production department to develop these extracts, processed with advanced technology, into innovative skin care. We love to say that our products take a journey from farm to face."

"In addition, the company aims to bring MAYEVER products to China, whose people are very fond of Thai products. Our high quality production process, in addition to making Thai products well known, can also generate income for the Thai people. We are proud to say that all processes from researching, production, packing, to transportation are done by all Thais."

Innovations from Farm to Face

The highlight of MAYEVER Thailand, apart from being agricultural products made from fruit extract which, is the pricing strategy by which the price is set to be not too high, but still able to ensure that the products will give good performance, are very safe, and suitable for the Asian skin.

Initially, we invented products for customers with different three skin needs. The first two items are Mayever AcNev Serum (serum from mangosteen peel enzyme for clear and acne-free facial skin,) and Mayever White Ever Serum (concentrate face serum from bagasse yeast for youthful and wrinkle-free skin.) For working men and women who wish to have firm skin and get rid of wrinkles resulting from working in front of the computer screen and blue light from mobile phones and other gadgets, and for those who want a thorough cleansing, there is Mayever Absolute Deeper Cleanser (a new experience of complete, thorough, and total cleansing with this facial gel made from papaya extracts). The company hopes that these three products will be well received can solve the skin problems of customers in all of the three groups.

Marketing plans to secure market share in the 7bn baht skin care product market

"We cannot deny that there are many skin care products on the market and the competition is quite high. Some products are created by small manufacturers that use commonly found raw materials and may contain some chemical contaminants since they can create immediate results.For example, a product that quickly whitens the skin may contain mercury and other substances that, when used over a period of time, skin problems will follow. MAYEVER Thailand is a product that, besides being natural and a using Thai agricultural ingredients, is tested in laboratory and with people's skin. We object to tests on animals. Our products are proven that they are not irritating to the skin. One of the MAYEVER's production processes involves the extraction of enzymes from Thai fruit such as mangosteen, papaya, and yeast derived from bagasse fermentation. They are tested to be effective in skin improvement, comparable to those high quality skin care products from abroad, but MAYEVER better suits the Thai and Asian skins than products from cold countries do.

MAYEVER Thailand is a natural product from Thai agricultural produce. The management team thinks that the growth for the products is still positive. According to statistics from the current year (2017), the skin care market grew by 6.1%. The facial skin care market is a large market, taking more than 3/4 of the total skin care market, with a total value of 70 billion baht. With cosmetics users who tend to be as young as 12-14 years old, the trend is even more positive.

From the market survey, Chinese people are very fond of Thai products. Therefore, the Thai government has a policy to give a continuous support to innovative agricultural products by promoting organic farming, and researching in innovative agricultural products, in order to create diversity and added value, and provide channels for innovative agricultural products both domestically and internationally. With this policy in mind, the company sees that there are still many possible distribution channels.

A specific and clear target group boosts confidence.

The market for health care and skin care is growing every day. Currently, the consumer ages are as young as 12-14 years old, and are likely to continue using cosmetics until the age of retirement. MAYEVER's products primarily focus on research and development for products that focus on teenagers aged 12-14 years, who are beginning to have acne and need effective, safe, and affordable care. At the same time, working people, who worry about wrinkles, smoothness, and clarity of their faces and also want natural products, are another group that MAYEVER recognizes.

Right now, MAYEVER International is researching products for men's skin care. It is expected to enter the market in mid-2018 under the name MAYEVER Men Forever Trend.
Marketing Strategies and Distribution Channels

Initially, the company sees that online marketing channels are becoming popular because they offer easy access to consumers and allows those who do not have time to travel to malls or stores to order products. MAYEVER International Co., Ltd. has already opened online ordering channels on, Facebook Fanpage MayeverThailand, Lazada, and Shopee. In the future, the company plans to sell the products in modern trade stores for tourists. MAYEVER also plans to place the current and upcoming products at King Power so that tourists can purchase them more conveniently.

At present, the company is trying to increase consumer awareness with three commercials for the first three products to be published through online media. It is expected that within the first quarter of 2018, we will have our content broadcast through radio and television. Meanwhile, customers can find MAYEVER products through Instagram, Twitter, Facebook Line@, and Youtube Channel of MayeverThailand.

Government support brings hope to Thai agricultural product industry.

The current government policy is to create a positive image for Thai brands so that they are recognized internationally for quality and standard. Thai agricultural products have a very promising future, and the company sees that it is very important to connect production sources to markets, to develop Thai brands to become "Nation Brands" by raising the standard of certification to cover all aspects whether the production, packaging design, quality, and delivery, as well as environmental impacts.

In addition, the government has a policy to continuously support the production of innovative agricultural products, such as the promotion of organic farming, extending research projects, and innovation for agricultural products, to create diversity and add value. The government also arranges selling channels for innovative products in domestic and international markets for Thai operators.

For this reason, the management of MAYEVER is able to seize the opportunity to fill in the skin care product market, using Thai agricultural raw materials as principal ingredients. Our effort finally concluded in the production and distribution of products under the name MAYEVER Thailand.

We consider the domestic markets, both central and regional, as our primary goal. It is expected that by the third quarter of 2018 we will be able to export our products to AEC countries and China, one of the main destinations. In this part, the government has encouraged the Thai private sector to export Thai products to increase revenues for the country, which will lead to more domestic employment, and increase the value of Thai agricultural products as well.

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