Xilinx in Partnership With Plextek and Intrinsyc Enable CES Debut of Gametrac, The Latest Mobile Entertainment Device From Tiger Telematics

Entertainment Press Releases Friday January 9, 2004 09:59
LAS VEGAS, Jan. 8 -- PRNewswire/FirstCall/AsiaNet
FPGA leader and AllianceCORE partners Intrinsyc and Plextek enable rapid development of multi-faceted Windows CE-based mobile entertainment device

At the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) today, Xilinx, Inc. (Nasdaq: XLNX) and Gametrac Europe Ltd, a subsidiary of Tiger Telematics (OTC: TIGR.PK), announced a collaboration that resulted in the first working demonstration of Gametrac's highly anticipated mobile entertainment device. Gametrac developed the multi-faceted Windows CE-based mobile product in record time thanks to the speed and flexibility afforded by Xilinx programmable chips and hardware and software from Plextek and Intrinsyc. The Gametrac mobile entertainment device is on display in the Microsoft booth January 8 - 11, 2004.

The Gametrac device offers an impressive range of entertainment and information features, including games, multimedia messaging, MP3 music, Mpeg4 movie playing, a digital camera, and GPRS network link to allow wide-area network gaming. It even contains a GPS chip for location based services. Based on the Windows CE.NET operating systems and an ARM9 400 MHz processor, the device comes packaged as a pocket-sized mobile device usable on five continents thanks to its GSM tri-band capability.

Gametrac contracted development to Plextek and Intrinsyc, both Xilinx partners.   The flexibility of Xilinx FPGAs was leveraged to develop working versions of the Gametrac device in record time. Plextek is working actively with Intrinsyc and other parties to provide a turn-key development service to Tiger Telematics for the development of the Gametrac product. Intrinsyc developed fully customized embedded software based on the Windows CE .NET operating system; telephony application software based on Intrinsyc's intellectual property, and provided systems integration services for the Gametrac demonstration model.

"Our ability to debut the mobile entertainment device at CES was an absolute requirement for the success of this product. We needed every speed, cost and risk-avoidance strategy available to meet an incredibly challenging development schedule," said Steve Carroll, Technical Director of Gametrac Europe Ltd. "Plextek and Intrinsyc provided the hardware and software we needed to develop the product and achieve our goals."

"When it comes to being able to quickly and reliably build working prototypes of complex products, Xilinx programmable FPGA solutions have no equal. It's exciting to be a part of such a significant product introduction at CES. We are especially pleased to see how the benefits of our AllianceCORE program can be successfully applied to such demanding applications," said Sandeep Vij, vice president of worldwide marketing at Xilinx.

About Gametrac and Tiger Telematics

Tiger Telematics Inc. is a designer, developer and marketer of mobile telematics systems and services that combine global positioning and voice recognition technology to locate and track vehicles to street level in countries throughout the world. These systems are designed to operate over GSM networks and are currently being marketed to GSM subscribers, primarily by the company's United Kingdom based subsidiaries. To find out more about Tiger Telematics, visit: http://www.tigertelematics.com. Gametrac Europe Ltd. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Tiger Telematics, and is based in the United Kingdom. Gametrac is developing a series of new, advanced handheld consumer products about the size of a pager, coming to market in the United Kingdom, which combine state of the art handheld gaming and interactive content with GPS functionality. To find out more about Gametrac, visit: http://www.gametrac.com

About Plextek

Plextek Limited is one of the largest independent electronics design consultancies in Europe specializing in communications. We are situated 10 miles south of Cambridge, UK. Established in 1989 and now with 100 staff we are one of the leading organizations in our field. Our design capabilities span the range from design and technology studies through to complete product and system design making use of skills which cover radio, hardware, software, optoelectronics, FPGAs, ASIC, RFIC and DSP. We have developed optical telecom and datacom systems, GSM, GPRS, DECT, 3G PMR, Bluetooth and data/telemetry systems, wireless local-loop system and vehicle location systems.

About Intrinsyc

Intrinsyc provides unique software and hardware solutions that enable companies to cost-effectively create, network and manage a wide range of consumer and industrial specialized, intelligent devices. By leveraging Intrinsyc's products, engineering design services and systems integration expertise, customers make better decisions, improve productivity, and reduce time-to-market. To find out more about Intrinsyc, visit www.intrinsyc.com.

About Xilinx
Xilinx, Inc. (Nasdaq: XLNX) is the worldwide leader of programmable logic and programmable system solutions. Additional information about Xilinx is available at www.xilinx.com
SOURCE:   Tiger Telematics, Inc.
CONTACT: Mike Carrender,
CEO, Tiger Telematics, Inc.,
Steve Carroll,
Chief Technical Officer,
Gametrac Europe, Ltd UK,
Web site:   http://www.tigertelematics.com
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