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According to The New York Times, SOMETHING THE LORD MADE is “supposed to be an uplifting tear-jerker about two men who defy racism to accomplish miracles. Fortunately, it's much, much better than that.”

Based on a true story in the 1940s, this award-winning movie chronicles the tale of a wealthy white doctor and a poor black laboratory assistant whose unlikely partnership challenged tradition and defied racial boundaries to revolutionize the medical world and become pioneers of cardiac surgery.

Emmy® and Golden Globe® winner Alan Rickman (Professor Snape, Harry Potter) is a wealthy chief surgeon who hires Vivien Thomas (Mos Def, Monster’s Ball) – a bright, young African-American man with big dreams of becoming a doctor – as a laboratory assistant at his medical laboratory. Thomas’ work and medical insights prove priceless to Dr Blalock’s practice, and it is soon apparent that Thomas has become more than just a helper. Together, they achieve phenomenal breakthroughs: developing a new process to treat trauma – saving thousands of lives on the frontlines of World War II; and discovering the groundbreaking, miraculous procedure to perform open-heart surgery on “blue babies”.

As their work receives international recognition, it is the white Dr Blalock who has promotions and accolades raining down upon him. The African-American Thomas, on the contrary, remains unnoticed, unrewarded and preposterously underpaid. Even Blalock, when speaking of their practice, cannot bring himself to publicly credit the very assistant who helped him develop his most important procedures, and gave him instructions in the operating room.

In spite of the racial prejudices, Thomas stays on for the love of the work, knowing that without a medical degree or the opportunity in the field primarily dominated by the white community, he can only achieve his dreams through Blalock.

SOMETHING THE LORD MADE is a remarkable tale of a significant chapter in the history of medicine, boldly addressing issues of the treatment of colored people as equals and challenging the limitations of traditional boundaries.

The emotionally-charged performance by Rickman and Def, combined with an outstanding script – written by award-winning duo, Peter Silverman and Robert Caswell – and the assured direction of the highly-acclaimed Joseph Sargent (Warm Springs), create the winning combination of this winner of three Emmy® Awards in 2004 (for Outstanding Made for Television Movie, Outstanding Cinematography, Outstanding Single-Camera Picture Editing).

SOMETHING THE LORD MADE, made by HBO exclusively for HBO, premieres on 4 July 2006 at 10pm, on HBO (UBC 12).

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