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Entertainment Press Release : 18 Mar 2010

TVGuide: Discovery Channel’s series LOBSTERMEN Entertainment—18 Mar 10

LOBSTERMEN premieres on every Monday at 22.00 hrs, starting March 22 on TrueVisions 20. Encores Tuesdays at 08.00 hrs and 14.00 hrs, Wednesdays at 04.00 hrs and Saturdays at 20.00 hrs. It’s winter in New England, which means only one thing to the

TV Guide: Title 'Weather Warfare' Entertainment—18 Mar 10

Title: Weather Warfare Channel: HISTORY on TrueVisions A23 and D18 Date & Time: Thursday, March 18, 2010 at 9.00 p.m. The power to use tornadoes, hurricanes, and the deadliest weather as weapons of war may now be possible. We will investigate reports

แพลตตินั่มฯ แนะนำอัลบั้มใหม่: GAMMA RAY: To the Metal Entertainment—18 Mar 10

Format: CD Cat. No: VIC PMDCD-1378 Retail Price: 399 Baht Style: Power Metal Release Date: 23 March 2010 TRACKLISTING 1. Empathy 2. All you Need to Know 3. Time to Live 4. To the Metal 5. Rise 6. Mother Angel 7. Shine Forever 8. Deadlands 9. Chasing