National Geographic Channel – True Vision (A24) (D19)

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August 2010
National Geographic Channel – True Vision (A24) (D19)
BREAKING NEWS: Monster Fish is back!!!
Join Dr. Zeb Hogan on his quest to find and study the world's largest freshwater fish in some of the deepest rivers and remote corners of the planet.
Monster Fish 3: Raging Amazon Premieres Wed, 18 Aug @ 09:00pm
Monster Fish 3: River Invasion Premieres Wed, 25 Aug @ 09:00pm
Nat Geo Channel presents one-of-a-kind telecasts and exclusive programs!
Monster Fish 3
Join Dr. Zeb Hogan on his quest to find and study the world's largest freshwater fish in some of the deepest rivers and remote corners of the planet.
Monster Fish 3: Raging Amazon
Premieres Wed, 18 Aug @ 09:00pm (TH)

Aquatic ecologist Dr. Zeb Hogan teams up with kayaking expert Trip Jennings and a team of Brazilian scientists to tackle the Rio Roosevelt in western Brazil. They'll battle the river's deadly rapids in an effort to complete a comprehensive survey of one of the Amazon's most remote jungle rivers, and discover what monster fish are lurking beneath the surface of this 400 mile-long river. Pressures like logging and dams are believed to be destroying critical fish habitat throughout the region. His journey is an important look at what might be lost if these pressures reach the pristine Rio Roosevelt.

Monster Fish 3: River Invasion
Premieres Wed, 25 Aug @ 09:00pm (TH)

They're fish that fly. They are carp from Asia now popping up in America's waterways like zombie attackers from a B-movie. They can jump 10 feet in the air at the sound of a boat motor, turning a day on the water into a boxing match. Bighead and silver carp were first imported into the U-S in the early 1970s. They soon escaped. Now they are in almost half the American states and are on the march toward Canada. Aquatic Ecologist Zeb Hogan is literally dodging flying fish as he tries to discover why these invaders are taking over and if there's anything we can do to stop them.

Predator CSI 2
Predator CSI 2: Cannibal Hippos
Premieres Wed, 11 Aug @ 08:00pm (TH)

The hippopotamus is perhaps the most dangerous animal on earth, and fights to the death are not uncommon, but biologists were mystified when 300 hippos were found dead in a Ugandan wildlife park. What caused this dreadful decimation of the hippo population? Risking their lives to gather evidence, the team quickly identified that the culprit may be Anthrax. But why was it only killing hippos and not other animals in the park?

Predator CSI 2: Elephant Graveyard
Premieres Wed, 18 Aug @ 08:00pm (TH)

In 2007 a family of five elephants is found dead in mysterious circumstances in the Indian state of West Bengal. The authorities investigating the case attribute the deaths to a lightning strike, but research reveals humans and elephants are at war over the limited resources and the suspicion is the animals have been killed on purpose. Locals believe it is punishment from the Gods. Scientists have no explanation. These mysterious deaths were the first of their kind and left local people and wildlife officials baffled and frightened.

Predator CSI 2: Jaws slayer
Premieres Wed, 25 Aug @ 08:00pm (TH)

The great white shark and the killer whale are the most formidable predators in the sea. Animals so dangerous, they would never challenge each other or so we thought. One morning, off the Californian coast, a boatload of tourists witnessed the ultimate clash of the titans. The outcome left biologists mystified, but now, with the help of a team of experts, we re-examine this extraordinary incident, and reveal an astonishing new perspective on the relationship between the oceans top two top predators.

Dive Detectives

Dive Detectives is a present tense series that moves beyond the waves…in which much of the drama takes place above the waterline. Each hour builds from a genuine mystery and has an active, unfolding narrative. Stories include war, crime, piracy, treasure, and archaeology: Cold cases are re-opened, loved ones laid to rest, and goods both lost and stolen are rediscovered in dramatic, action-packed shows featuring real people and real life missions and unfolding in gripping actuality.

Dive Detectives: Lost A-bombs
Premieres Sun, 8 Aug @ 09:00pm (TH)

Perched on the precipice of the deepest spot in the world, the tiny South Pacific island of Tinian played a critical role during World War II when it was chosen as the top-secret assembly and launch point for the atomic bombs Fat Man and Little Boy. Deployed in August 1945, those bombs helped end the war, but what isn’t well known is that the United States was prepared to drop more atomic bombs if the Japanese hadn’t surrendered. Tinian was positioned to be a veritable bomb factory, with equipment on hand to create dozens more Fat Man bombs. The Dive Detectives join forces with a Los Alamos physicist and bomb-maker who believes that much of this top-secret material was dumped in the waters around Tinian during the hasty transition from war to peace. The Fletchers scour the jungle and ocean in their search for the remnants of these rare super-weapons.

Dive Detectives: Rogue Wave
Premieres Sun, 15 Aug @ 09:00pm (TH)

On the night of November 10, 1975, the Great Lakes freighter Edmund Fitzgerald sailed into a fierce winter storm and vanished. There were no witnesses and no survivors. More than 30 years later, her sinking remains one of the world’s great maritime mysteries. Using new advances in marine technology and storm science, the Dive Detectives challenge the official U.S. Coast Guard findings. Their investigation takes them across Lake Superior and to bone-chilling depths, ultimately revealing another potential cause of the disaster: a giant "rogue wave." The Fletchers investigation proves these towering freak waves, once dismissed as a sailor’s myth, exist on the Great Lakes and may have triggered the sinking. The Dive Detectives bring their evidence to one of the worlds most advanced ship simulators, where they reconstruct the Fitzgerald’s final hours including the harrowing encounter with a rogue wave.

Dive Detectives: Warships Down
Premieres Sun, 22 Aug @ 09:00pm (TH)

In the depths of Canada’s Lake Ontario rest two of the best preserved wooden shipwrecks in the entire world the Hamilton and the Scourge that were sunk in the War of 1812. The Fletchers join forces with a team of archaeologists, scientists and marine engineers in an attempt to penetrate the wrecks for the first time in almost 200 years to find out why they sank and why so many lives were lost.

Dive Detectives: Ghost Ship
Premieres Sun, 29 Aug @ 09:00pm (TH)

Saba is a tiny Caribbean island that harbors a mystery. Resting atop the pristine coral atoll known, as Saba Bank is a "ghost ship." Accidentally discovered in 2006, the ship is a maritime rarity: an unidentified, 96-meter (315-hundred-foot), steel-hulled freighter. In order to unlock the ships secrets, the Dive Detectives must brave the areas wild seas and conduct a challenging penetration dive into the heart of the mysterious vessel. As they piece together the leads, both above and below the waves, the team also learns of an environmental crisis threatening the beauty and abundance of the Saba Bank, one of the world’s largest coral atolls. Can the Dive Detectives solve the mystery of the Ghost Ship in this endangered paradise?

Paranatural: Chupacabra
Premieres Fri, 20 Aug @ 09:00pm (TH)

In the mid-90's, a series of mysterious livestock killings in Puerto Rico puzzles the island's inhabitants. Farmers wake up to find their chickens, pigs, and goats dead but not eaten. The deaths all seem to have one thing in common: the animals appear to have been drained of blood through puncture wounds to their necks. The killings continue for weeks, and eyewitnesses claim to encounter the strange monster responsible. They describe it as an ugly reptilian creature that stands like a kangaroo. Spikes run down its back, and large fangs protrude from its mouth. They say it's large, predatory eyes glow red. Despite the large number of killings and sightings, investigators never capture the creature, and the case goes cold until similar attacks occur in the United States. In Texas, where a large amount of the new attacks take place, eyewitnesses spot a strange, dog-like creature. It appears hairless, and while it runs on all fours unlike the monster reported in Puerto Rico, it also possesses vicious fangs that add to its bizarre appearance. People wonder if this unusual predator is the real Chupacabra. As luck would have it, ranchers and farmers start to discover the remains of this weird canine, and these are sent to scientists to study in an effort to get the bottom of the Chupacabra mystery.

Paranatural: Blood Rain And Star Jelly
Premieres Fri, 27 Aug @ 09:00pm (TH)

Every year, planet earth is bombarded with tons of material from outer space. This amazing fact is most evident during spectacular displays of falling stars, but most of the time it goes unnoticed. However, there have been thousands of accounts throughout history of strange events and discoveries after meteor showers. Many report a blood red rain; others have discovered blobs of an unknown gelatinous substance where the meteors supposedly fell. Stories and superstition have grown around these mysterious events. Some refer to it as 'rot from the stars'. Others wonder if it's alien life raining down on our planet. Today, scientists investigate the mystery using the latest tools and knowledge, and what they're discovering might prove some of the superstitions to be true.

Storm worlds

The wildest weather in the universe rages in outer space. What would happen if it came down to earth? Storm Worlds imagines the unimaginable, harnessing extreme alien storms and playing them out on planet Earth. In a thrilling and ground-breaking, three-part series, the world's top scientists show us how Earth is cosmically connected to other planets…through weather.

Storm Worlds: Alien Wind
Premieres Sat, 14 Aug @ 09:00pm (TH)

Some of the wildest weather in the universe rages in outer space. What would happen if it came down to earth? Storm Worlds imagines the unimaginable, harnessing extreme alien storms and playing them out on planet Earth. In a thrilling and ground-breaking, three-part series, the worlds top scientists show us how Earth is cosmically connected to other planets…through weather.

Storm Worlds: Cosmic Fire
Premieres Sat, 21 Aug @ 09:00pm (TH)

A deluge from outer space constantly washes over Earth: Space weather, comprising high-energy sub-atomic particles from the sun and other stars. We usually don’t notice its impact. But a huge solar storm in 1859 hit Earth with tremendous force, wiping out telegraph communications across the world. If it happened again what would it mean for our modern, technological world? As scientists prepare for the storm of all centuries, evidence from the past is teased from Arctic ice cores and the historic record

Storm Worlds: Deadly Dust
Premieres Sat, 28 Aug @ 09:00pm (TH)

What would happen if a Martian dust storm came down to earth? A dust storm is not a purely alien form of weather. Its something we have in common with Mars. As far back as Darwin, scientists were finding dust, which they suspected came from Africa, in unexpected places. Today we find that dust from the peaks of snowy mountains, to the depths of the ocean and everywhere in between. And with it come microbes. Now, as human exploration of Mars creeps closer, exhaustive testing is underway to ensure that astronauts are protected from the dust storms that rage there. Through their research we are not only preparing to face those extra-terrestrial storms, we are also learning about how to deal with and understand dust storms on earth. As we follow a trail of dust around the globe, we experience the terrifying impact on Earth a Martian dust storm, though cutting edge CGI.

Lonely Planet: Roads Less Travelled

In its first series, the new Lonely Planet show explores thirteen countries in the company of charismatic Lonely Planet authors who are determined to blaze a new trail, experience new things and encounter new people by venturing forth on roads less travelled. In each country, the Lonely Planet author explores half a dozen destinations that are either under-appreciated, yet to register, or only just appearing on traveler’s radars. Each destination harbours something extraordinary or reveals something unique about the character of the country; none requires anything trickier to get to than basic information and a bit of imagination.

Lonely Planet: Roads Less Travelled: Spain
Premieres Tue, 3 Aug @ 08:00pm (TH)

Lonely Planet photojournalist Dominic Bonuccelli blazes a new trail through the far north of Spain, from the rugged coastal province of Galicia with its rich Celtic history, to the mysterious country of the Basques. He runs with bulls, hunts for barnacles, wrestles wild horses and sets fire to his clothes, all in the name of putting the spotlight on a region that has fiercely protected its custom and identity.

Nat Geo Amazing!

Sometimes the most stunning, eye-popping things come in bite-sized portions. Now, Nat Geo Amazing! -- a daring, new 10-part series premiering this summer on the National Geographic Channel - examines dozens of some of the most astonishing stories on Earth -- be it curious animal behavior, sweeping natural phenomena or death-defying human endeavors. Together with National Geographic filmmakers, scientists, engineers, animal trainers and explorers shed light on the lesser known, overlooked corners of the globe. Journey from the shores of Japan to the swamps of Costa Rica as we reveal the wacky, often whimsical, always wild, wonders of the world. A bike stuntman in Scotland, Kungfu monks in San Francisco, indoor skydiving or a Japanese crystal ball juggler … our bizarre world comes to life before your eyes.

Nat Geo Amazing!: Episode 1
Premieres Fri, 6 Aug @ 08:00pm (TH)
From bike stunts, to edible spiders, to alligator eating snakes, National Geographic is taking you on an adventure to explore our sometimes wacky, often whimsical, always wild, wonders of the world.
Nat Geo Amazing!: Episode 2
Premieres Fri, 13 Aug @ 08:00pm (TH)

In this episode of WOW we take you around the globe and back. From indoor skydiving, to extreme weather, to a Norwegian daredevil, our bizarre, yet fascinating world is on display. Join the adventure and learn something new along the way.

Nat Geo Amazing!: Episode 3
Premieres Fri, 20 Aug @ 08:00pm (TH)

In this episode of WOW we take you around the globe and back. From a Japanese crystal ball juggler, to extreme kayaking, to a San Francisco based earthquake lab, our bizarre, yet fascinating world is on display. Join the adventure and learn something new along the way.

Nat Geo Amazing!: Episode 4
Premieres Fri, 27 Aug @ 08:00pm (TH)

In this episode of WOW we take you around the globe and back. From a giant mechanical elephant in France, to wingsuit jumpers, to remote control helicopters that survey volcanoes, our bizarre, yet fascinating world is on display. Join the adventure and learn something new along the way.

Riding Britain Britain’s Railways

Britain's railways were key to the development of Britain - they helped facilitate the Industrial Revolution, the suburbs- and the commuter - and created popular holiday destinations. They've even inspired poetry, film and song. Combining contemporary train journeys with ITN's extensive archive this series provides a unique and revealing history of Britain's railroads and our engineering evolution.

In each episode our presenter will take a different rail journey across the UK, use historical rail guides, board classic trains, experience captivating views and explore fascinating histories and personal stories. We'll hear stories of success - and learn about the disasters which pushed the engineering forward.

Riding Britain Britain’s Railways: Steam Revolution
Premieres Mon, 30 Aug @ 09:00pm (TH)

Steam power and steam railways helped transform 19th century Britain into the world's first industrial nation. In this first episode, Dan explores the earliest steam railways and their links to the burgeoning Lancashire cotton industry, discovering how railway pioneers George and Robert Stephenson created the first regular rail service from Manchester to Liverpool in 1830. Travelling down 200 year-old tunnels deep under the Pennines, Dan learns how scores of construction workers risked life and limb to construct the extraordinary networks of tracks, viaducts, bridges and tunnels that developed into the modern rail network. And he reveals how the early railway magnates won and lost fortunes in the investment bonanza that became known as Railway Mania and which created Britain’s modern rail network.

Britain's Greatest Machines With Chris Barrie 2

Chris Barrie takes on the famous high speed banking at the worlds first purpose built racing circuit in a 1920s Bentley, races against a plane on a 1925 Brough Superior motorcycle and then takes to the air in a De Havilland Moth the tiny aircraft beloved of the aerial explorers, which helped pioneer the commercial air routes we still use today.

The 1920s was the decade that forged the modern petrol-centered world we now live in. When it started petrol was only sold in tins from the chemist. Yet, by the time it ended, there were 60000 garage forecourts up and down the country supplying the petrol for the millions of new vehicles on Britain’s roads. With a powerful empire, Britain controlled half the world’s oil reserves but needed a way of transporting all that oil. Chris drives a Scammell Pioneer the giant off-road log and pipe carrying vehicle that was essential to building long distance pipelines. This was an era in which engineers began to see no limits to what could be achieved with new technology. But one great machine was a dream too far: inside one of the largest buildings ever constructed, Chris relives the extraordinary and tragic story of what was then the largest flying machine on the planet the R101 airship.

Britain's Greatest Machines With Chris Barrie 2: Trains
Premieres Mon, 23 Aug @ 09:00pm (TH)

The 1820s were one of the most revolutionary decades in history. In just ten years transportation evolved from foot and horse to the first passenger railway, forever changing British society. Chris follows this breakthrough, heading down a mine to witness rails earliest roots and taking a spin on the Trevithick Puffing Devil the world’s first high-pressure steam engine. Finally, the intrepid presenter climbs on to the footplate of some of the earliest and most famous trains in the world. All aboard!

Lockdown 5
Popular series Lockdown returns for a fifth season, with four new episodes looking at life behind bars in some of the toughest jails in the US.
Lockdown 5: Chaos control
Premieres Fri, 6 Aug @ 09:00pm (TH)

Forget Midwestern hospitality at the St Louis County Jail. Built in 1998 and rededicated in 2004, this downtown facility processes over 30,000 arrestees each year. From drunk drivers and drug dealers to petty thieves and killers, they all pass through this municipal high-rise on their way to facing a judge. For the officers on the ground, that means seeing approximately 600 people every week - many of whom are inebriated and angry when they first arrive. Jail is the last place they want to be and they are not shy about sharing that information - at the top of their voices! Some of them even try to confront the officers. That's a mistake they'll soon regret. Still, these angry and often difficult prisoners must be booked, interviewed, strip-searched and processed. Some are middle class, some are poor, some are thugs and some appear to be crazy. Yet they're all held together in an open central booking area until they are assigned a cell. It forces the officers to constantly be on alert, since anything can happen at any time. It's highly dangerous, as officers will tell us, especially without the help of shackles and bars. All hope to go free soon but, for many, that's just an illusion. Meanwhile, they'll have to make their way through County Jail without getting hurt or hurting anybody else - inmate or officer. Find out how tough it is to do time in America's heartland in Lockdown: St Louis County Jail.

Lockdown 5: Inside a Mexican prison
Premieres Fri, 13 Aug @ 09:00pm (TH)

Nuevo Laredo lies just a few miles south of the US-Mexico border, across the Rio Grande from Laredo, Texas. It's a major hot spot in the drug war - a border town known for its chilling violence and rampant corruption. And it's the perfect home for a notorious Mexican prison known as Cedes. Like other Mexican prisons, Cedes has earned a frightening reputation for violence over the years. In 2005, two American brothers jailed on homicide charges were found stabbed to death in their cells. Only a month before that, a gang shootout erupted on a basketball court, leaving one inmate dead and several others injured. The next day, two other inmates were stabbed to death and one was shot, caught in a barrage of 30 bullets. Guards later recovered six pistols and an AK-47 in inmate cells. Many of the inmates here are members of drug cartels and gangs like the Mexican Mafia. They are segregated from other prisoners yet their influence is felt throughout the prison. At Cedes, nobody ever talks 'politics' or about violence behind bars. To do so would be to risk reprisals. A substantial number of prisoners here have served time in both American and Mexican prisons and many prefer life at Cedes, largely because of the astonishing amount of freedom they are given. The visitation policy is also unlike anything found in the United States. Inmates can meet with their loved ones in an open picnic area from 9am to 5pm, six days a week. In some cases conjugal visits are allowed in special private rooms. Officers believe that these perks reduce tensions inside the prison and ease the prisoners' transition to the outside world. But as we'll learn from the warden and officers, along with these freedoms comes constant danger. The threat of serious violence is present every second of every day. And as we'll find out first-hand, keeping Cedes under control, even on a good day, is no easy task.

Mega breakdown
Mega breakdown: Space Shuttle Booster
Premieres Thu, 5 Aug @ 08:00pm (TH)

Join the team who recover and reassemble the Solid Rocket Boosters (SRBs) that launch the space shuttle into orbit. Technicians, seamen, and engineers catch, recover, and rebuild these critical vehicles, making sure that they are safe to fly every time they are bolted to the side of the launch vehicle. If they don’t get every detail exactly right, disaster can occur: on January 28, 1986, NASA lost seven astronauts in the Challenger disaster as a result of a small fault in one of the SRBs. The risks to those who carry out the SRB work are less publicized but very real, and the job demands everything from open water dive operations to working with high explosives. The launch lasts just minutes, but it’s only the beginning of a process where the lives of astronauts and the health of the entire space program hang in the balance.

Mega breakdown: Cargo Truck
Premieres Thu, 12 Aug @ 08:00pm (TH)

The Volvo FH12 Globetrotter: After over a hundred thousand miles of hauling cargo, this Euro truck is headed for a breakdown. But in Sweden, a country known for its "green" initiatives, Volvo's goal is for 90% percent of the truck to be reused, or recycled. Piece-by-piece, a team of experts must remove everything from the 350 horsepower engine, to the 8-foot tall cab, so it can be recycled, and reborn, even bigger.

Mega breakdown: Navy Tanker
Premieres Thu, 19 Aug @ 08:00pm (TH)

In the intense glare of the Texas sun, a team of demolition experts attempt to cut down and recycle the Navy's "first and finest fast attack oiler," the U.S.S. Savannah AOR-4. This tough tanker ran fuel between the ships of the fleet for over 20 years. But now, she's making her final voyage to ESCO Marine, a sprawling scrap yard in the Southern most tip of Texas. Here, she'll be stripped down, gutted out and recycled. But the "Savy Sue" comes with an awful lot of challenges for ESCO owner Richard Jaross and his team. Asbestos, PCBs, and a decade of neglect make this once proud tanker one big mess.

Blowdown 2

An explosive demolition team is challenged with safely imploding complex and iconic structures around the world. Each episode focuses on the dangers, challenges, and inside strategies of this type of high-risk demolition. Built to withstand time, gravity and natural disasters, every job poses unique engineering challenges. Using a combination of high-octane footage and visual effects, Blowdown explains the complex science behind Controlled Demolition Incorporated's missions and highlights obstacles the team encounters as they rely on experience and intuition to reverse engineer structures designed to be indestructible - A 60,000-seat football stadium in Indianapolis, a 15,000-tonne retired spy ship off the coast of Florida and a brand new hurricane-proof tower on South Padre Island. As much an art as a science, each structure requires a new rulebook: no two are ever the same. Every episode is an insider's view of the process, culminating in an unprecedented examination of the implosion itself.

Blowdown 2: Super Dome Demolition
Premieres Thu, 26 Aug @ 08:00pm (TH)

A skillful demolition team must take down a massive sports stadium in the heart of Indianapolis and keep its destruction from spreading. The 60,000-seat RCA Dome sits just a few meters away from a multimillion dollar convention centre and the city's main rail line. Twelve stories of office tower windows and an out-of-date underground sewer are also threatened. CDI will have to tackle 52,000 tons of solid concrete and keep all their plays inbounds.

The Leaning Tower of Abu Dhabi
Premieres Thu , 5 Aug @ 09:00pm (TH)

The Capital Gate building will create an iconic and avant-garde entrance to the city of Abu Dhabi. Leaning at a whopping 18 degrees westward, the tower will claim the Guinness Book of World Records title of Most Inclined Building on Earth. Discover how the engineers and architects overcome the force of gravity, and transform this vision into reality.

Nat Geo's Top 10 Photos
Premieres Sun , 22 Aug @ 08:00pm (TH)

TOP 10 is an entertaining hour that brings the year's best images to life as the photographers explain how they captured these unique pictures while Editor in Chief, Chris Johns, describes why he chose these from over a million pictures submitted. Top 10 celebrates the story behind each of the images featured in the show. With exclusive interviews, footage from the field as well as archival material, the Top 10 Photos of 2009 give viewers a front-row seat as photographers reveal the hard work, perseverance, and luck behind capturing that one-in-a-million shot.

Chimps: Nearly Human
Premieres Sun , 29 Aug @ 08:00pm (TH)

In the sweltering heart of Senegal, in a place called Fongoli, a chimpanzee performs an earth-shattering act: she strips a branch of its leaves, chews the tip into a point, and jams the tool into a hole in a tree, killing a bushbaby. In short, she has been spear-hunting -- making tools and using them to hunt. Only humans are supposed to be capable of that. And Fongoli's scrubby mixture of woodland and savanna may mirror the ancient place where we may have taken our first steps - literally - towards being human. Are the chimps of Fongoli giving us a window into the lives of our earliest ancestors?

Mengele's Twins
Premieres Fri, 1 Aug@ 08:00pm (TH)

In 2009 a bizarre story spreads around the globe, reported as fact in the worlds newspapers: Josef Mengele - the infamous escaped Nazi concentration camp doctor, the Angel of Death, may have succeeded in his lifelong goal of creating a blond-haired, blue-eyed master race. A historian says he has evidence that Mengeles bizarre experiments on twins may not have ended at Auschwitz that his efforts to engineer an Aryan master race continued...and succeeded while on the run in South America. Deep in the Brazilian outback, lies a tiny town. Among a community of 80 or so families in a one and a half square mile area… there are reportedly some 38 pairs of twins. Blond-haired, blue-eyed twins. Whispered rumours have circulated in the area for years. In the 1960s a German man…a doctor…driving from one farm to the next, treating patients. Stories of a man with a mobile laboratory, collecting blood samples…conducting experiments on the towns women. Experiments, some locals say, may have involved injections, pills, new types of drugs and even artificial insemination.

Caught In The Act

Caught in the Act is a unique wildlife series, which showcases some of Africa’s most remarkable wildlife moments! The series is made by the public, for the public by searching the world for incredible moments of wildlife caught on camera and bringing it to you in a collection of fast paced, informative one hour programs which will take your breath away. We use exquisite HD footage and interviews, with top experts to unravel the rare and bizarre animal behavior, while eyewitnesses relive their heart-stopping experiences on camera. See a different side of the natural world in this jaw-dropping, action packed series supported with high end graphics that display the vast array of SD footage sent in from around the world. Combining SD and HD, amateur and professional footage, this stunning series reveals unbelievable animal behavior both on land and underwater. From extraordinary animal behavior, rare sightings, incredible kills, hilarious antics to nail biting escapes wildlife is truly caught in the act! Whether it is a tourist with a camcorder, a ranger on a game-drive or just someone in the right place at the right time, the cameras never stop rolling. Each remarkable clip is broken down to reveal the truth behind the footage as top wildlife experts take us on a journey of explanation and discovery. Watch as cheetah coalitions wage war, a great white sharks traps two divers inside their narrow cage, a giraffe capture goes terribly wrong, an enormous python swallows a leopard cub whole, a buffalo herd finally take their revenge on a injured lioness and a whale pins a cameraman to the ocean floor. Watch these incredible clips and many more.

Caught In The Act Ep 7
Premieres Wed, 4 Aug @ 08:00pm (TH)

Caught in the Act sheds new light on life in the wild. Witness animal interactions ranging from the unusual to the down right bizarre, as animal antics are caught on camera. Combining the very best footage from amateur and professional filmmakers we bring you wildlife raw, real and Caught in the Act 7.

Hooked is a wild, unforgettable ride of the world's whopper catches.
Hooked: Extreme Noodling
Premieres Wed, 4 Aug @ 09:00pm (TH)

The fearless, fighting, catfish grabbing Oklahoma Noodlers are back and this time they are headed overseas. Its an extreme bare-handed fishing expedition, as the noodlers will wrestle one of the biggest river beasts on the planet; a monster Wels Catfish. Plus, well meet scientists who capture and tag huge sharks, by hand. And, on a remote island in the pacific, a centuries old struggle between man and sperm whale continues. Its primal, intense and death defying…and it doesn’t take a rod and reel. Hooked: Caught Bare Handed II.

Hooked: Asian Carp Invasion
Premieres Wed, 11 Aug @ 09:00pm (TH)

Join us on an aquatic invader investigation. Asian Carp have infiltrated America's greatest waterway, annihilating everything in their path. Their appetites are insatiable, spawning… scary. These alien invaders don't belong - but now, with the power to destroy the eco-system, they must be stopped. How did they get here? Where are they going? And what are scientists and anglers doing to fight back? Uncover the incredible story behind these exotic monsters in Hooked: Asian Carp Invasion.

Locked Up Abroad 3: Lima
Premieres Sat, 7 Aug@ 10:00pm (TH)

Zara Whittaker, from a poverty-ridden housing project in South London, left behind her 8 month old baby, to go to Barbados and smuggle cocaine back. She never thought anything could go wrong - her partner in crime had done it 12 times before. Three days before the run, she found out she was pregnant, but she'd already spent too much of the drug dealers' money to pull out. Stopped by the police at the airport, Zara was given a five year prison sentence - she gave birth in Barbados, and, after three heartbreaking months, had to give the baby up.

Megastructures: Oasis at Sea
Premieres Thu, 12 Aug @ 09:00pm (TH)

In December 2009 the Oasis of the Seas shattered all records and became the biggest cruise ship ever built. Apart from sheer size, the ship is a high tech vessel for the 21st century, and presents features that have never been seen on a ship before. That includes an entire park with trees and over 12000 plants and accommodation and amenities for more than 6200 guests and 2300 crew members.

Nat Geo Investigates
Mon- Fri 7:00pm, 11:00pm (TH)

Nat Geo Investigates is a gripping non-fiction special stunt, comprising Air Crash Investigation, Outbreak Investigation, Seconds of Disaster, Locked up Abroad and the Interpol Investigation series. Nat Geo Investigates investigate recent high-profile air, train and sea disasters to uncover how and why they happened. Nat Geo Investigates depict the chaotic fear among the passengers, the struggles in the cockpits, on the bridges, or in the engine rooms, and the frantic attempts on the ground to avoid the impending catastrophe. These expertly crafted dramatic reenactments are based on recovered cockpit voice recordings, radio transmission transcripts, and investigative reports. News footage, interviews with key witnesses, and computer graphics all shed light on the safety issues at the heart of transportation industry controversies.

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HOOQ Amps Up the Search for Aspiring Filmmakers in Asia to Help Turn Their Creative Visions Into Reality HOOQ, Southeast Asia's leading video-on-demand service embarks on Season 3 of the HOOQ Filmmakers Guild, a ground-breaking initiative designed to...

SEA LIFE Bangkok kicks off their #Message from the Sea gig in multi-platforms Making up for #lost time by encouraging #quality time among family

Being the world's destination for family to spend quality time together, SEA LIFE Bangkok is encouraging, not only parents to bring their kids to experience a never-before underwater journey, but also the grownups to spare some time from their busy life...

Dwayne Johnson And VOSS Water Announce Strategic Partnership

- Johnson acquires stake in VOSS, will serve as strategic advisor as it expands into new categories, packaging and platforms VOSS Water announces today its strategic partnership with global entertainment icon, entrepreneur and VOSS loyalist, Dwayne...

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