Kantana steps up as content provider, gearing up for digital TV with host of quality Thai and international shows

Entertainment Press Releases Thursday January 16, 2014 17:11
Bangkok--16 Jan--Kantana Group

Kantana Group Public Company Limited, one of Thailand’s leading entertainment companies, has announced its key strategy to capitalize on the new landscape of digital TV broadcast in Thailand by becoming a full-blown content provider, with unique offerings of quality homegrown productions and rights to broadcast world-renowned shows. The new offerings are expected to significantly increase the company’s revenue from media spending.

The television arm of Kantana Group Plc. will revolutionize the television and entertainment landscape in Thailand by becoming a content provider in preparation for digital TV broadcast in Thailand. Product offerings are divided into three categories: international content, local content and satellite TV.

Mr. Jaruek Kaljareuk, executive chairman of Kantana Group Plc., said “The company’s positioning as a content provider was born from our vision and the vast opportunities that digital TV will offer. Our strength as a leading expert in TV production for several TV stations for decades and our reputation as an industry leader have also ensured that we are able to secure rights to broadcast several well-known international shows here.”

“With the arrival of digital TV in Thailand, audiences will have a huge number of choices, with an additional 24 channels to choose from. This means there will also be a great amount of demand for more content. With this in mind, Kantana has in the pipeline many shows and series, especially in the international content category. We have secured the rights to broadcast several formats of shows that are international hits such as Gossip Girl, Ugly Betty, The Face, Don’t Lose The Money, The Taste, Thailand Idol and Slide Show to name but a few. We are confident that these shows in the Thai version will be well received by the audiences.”

For the local content category, Kantana is equipped with teams of experts in the creation and production of different types of content that can be tailor made to suit the audience profile of different TV stations, such as The Weirdos of Thailand, Millionaire Pretty Queen and many other successful shows airing on Kantana’s own satellite TV channel.

The production arm of the business will still continue to operate to produce shows for other TV stations and this is expected to grow as well, due to the company’s readiness in terms of personnel and equipment to handle production especially in high definition format.

“Transitioning as a content provider means that Kantana must be prepared to create and produce various types of shows to suit the needs of TV stations not only in Thailand but also abroad. This is a great opportunity not only for us, but also for other content providers in Thailand to produce quality content and showcase our expertise to the rest of the world, altogether helping to fuel the growth of the entertainment industry in Thailand,” added Mr. Jaruek.

Kantana’s show and series production can also involve partnerships with other companies in the forms of rights and production service, co-production, and renting air time. Recently, the company has teamed up with Lux 666 to secure the rights to and produce Japanese game show Tore! in a joint venture under the name of Kantalux Company Limited.

Mr. Jaruek anticipates that the revenue from advertising spend on new digital TV channels will gradually increase as brands allocate their media spending to the new digital TV channels to suit their target audience and content of each channel. He advises “With the arrival of digital TV, there will be a whole host of new choices for advertisers and brands but their budget will remain essentially the same. This will result in fierce competition between the TV stations to win a piece of the advertising pie. Brands and companies will have to adjust their advertising strategy in order to fit in with the content and the audience profile of each of the new TV channels in order to maximize reach to their audience. From day one, each station will be in a race to produce shows with high ratings to increase their competitive edge over other stations with a similar personality, making content the most important factor that should be on the top of the list for all channels. An advantage for international content in terms of advertising budget is a chance to attract global sponsors to advertise their products and services on the Thai version of the shows, as they are confident that the shows should be as popular as the international versions.”

Switching to digital from analogue is not only a technical change, but a revolutionary change of the media landscape in Thailand in terms of business model, business partnerships and even for the regulators. Those in the media industry, therefore, need to keep abreast with the current and upcoming trends. In addition to the new business strategy, Kantana has strengthened its position as a leading content provider by hosting the Thailand Format Challenge 2014 competition to give an opportunity for those with a passion for content production to submit their entries to win a 1,000,000 baht prize to produce a show. Submissions for the competition will commence in February 2014. The project will not only drive awareness of Kantana as a leader in content providing, but also helps to build a better and wider understanding of the business in a changing media landscape.

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