MAJOR CINEPLEX GROUP allies CJ EM, the giant firm from Korea, on founding a joint venture CJ MAJOR Entertainment produced Thai film to the world market

Entertainment Press Releases Monday March 28, 2016 16:04
Bangkok--28 Mar--Major Cineplex Group

Major Cineplex Group Plc. in a partnership with CJ E&M Film division the largest film maker and distributor in Korea, founded a joint venture between Thailand and Korea launching "CJ Major Entertainment Co., Ltd.", a new-comer Thai film production, with the collaboration of two giant companies to create a new phenomenon for the Thai film industry and help drive the development of Thai film industry becoming more systematic and mature both in quantity and quality. Also the company is ready to present the first project "Miss Granny" released by the end of this year.

Mr. Vicha Poolvaraluck, Chairman of the Executive Commitee & CEO of Major Cineplex Group Plc., revealed that the company has decided to cooperate business partner with CJ E&M, the entertainment giant company in Asia which is held a comprehensive entertainment and media service such as movies, music, cable, online games and more, especially in the film as CJ E&M is the biggest film manufacturer and distributor in Korea with the opening of a joint venture under the name "CJ Major Entertainment Co., Ltd.", a new-comer Thai film production. It believes that this collaboration will surely bring a new happening to Thai film industry as well as help drive Thai film industry to systematical development and vigorous growth, both in quantity and quality. Moreover, the opportunity of new Thai film exported to overseas market including in Asia and China will be raised by deep know-how production and distribution of global films from CJ E&M which has a joint venture film success more than 10 countries worldwide, also a strong foundation in film production whether in terms of system, structure, ways of thinking, monitoring, project evaluation of various films that most came out very successful.

Besides, Major Cineplex Group also move forward as head of Thai film and cinema industry development with the investment of market expansion to building more theatre branches in Bangkok, the provinces and overseas. In next 5 years or year 2020, the company has targeted to open 1,000 theatres; 900 are in Thailand, another 100 are in CLMV countries, namely Cambodia, Lao, Myanmar and Vietnam, which will be channel support to increase an opportunity of Thai film growth indeed.

Today, Major Cineplex has totally 92 branches, 606 screens and about 124,809 seats. In Thailand divided 26 branches, 253 screens in Bangkok and 64 branches, 341 screens in 38 countryside areas and 2 overseas branches with the total of 12 screens: 7 screens in Cambodia and 5 screens in Laos.

Mr. Tae-Sung Jeong, CEO of CJ E&M Film division. said that from the past few years, Thai film became more quality with a strong concept leading to success. For this reason, Thai moviegoers make attention and give priority to the innovative film production and ready to experience new things if those projects are able to entertain and analyze the audiences at the same time, including the change trend of marketing. This changing can be a turning point of Thai film market.

CJ E&M is interested in the Thai film market because if compared to neighbor countries, Thai market is much larger. Hence, being alliance with the strongest partner like Major Cineplex Group will produce Thai movie as Asian Film distributed to global market. Furthermore, CJ E&M has expanded to oversea market by increasing direct distribution channel to the operated countries such as U.S., China, Japan, Vietnam and Indonesia as well as investing with leading companies to create more quality films for international market in the future. Apart from Korea and China, the company believes that Thai film industry has a high possibility to grow in the local film market with a clear identity and overcome the Hollywood film. In addition, Major Cineplex Group is a good company and most suitable as its providing the most cinema of the country, and also having the capability to produce the movies.

We are efforting to participate with Thai film industry growing both in quality and quantity by good means of the film production across genres, creative concept, solid storyline, and distinction. In the meantime, the company also focuses on discovering local talents to become producer, director and writer in order to jointly create innovative by maximum utilizing our resources and can make Thai moviegoers feel over expectation or have even more confidence in the quality of Thai movie. It is reliable that CJ Major Entertainment will rise to be what people love and adore. The company will produce movies that will be the pride of Thai cinema and roll out marketing strategies, distribution as well as create developing of Thai film procedure which will not only set a new paradigm in Thai cinema, but target to Asia and global market.

Mr. Sangar Chatchairungruang, Deputy Chief Executive Officer, Film Division of Major Cineplex Group Plc. mentioned that CJ Major Entertainment is now producing 2 films; first is romantic comedy and the other is action movie. The first project will be on screened within the end of this year by bringing "Miss Granny" that took Korea by a storm in 2014 filming in Thai version. Miss Granny is a story of 70-year-old woman who sacrifice her own happiness for family all her life, but with some accidents transformed herself into beautiful 20-year-old lady again. This film will be combined between comedy and drama perfectly. The content of film will give a value of family which can be easily approached to every culture and hope that Miss Granny will bring tears, laughter and deep emotions to Thai viewers for sure. The Thai version of Miss Granny will be directed by Joey-Araya Suriharn to mark his first debut film as he has shown the ability and skill in many commercials and will fully show his stuff in this movie indeed. Miss Granny is expected to bring the qualitative and income success like it has already screened before, such as China took to remake the film named Twenty Once Again and received a big success with nearly 70 million US dollars of total market revenue. And Vietnam, on last year, has taken to create a new success as well. The next month will be released in Japanese version, then in Thai version. Almost every country with solid success means that the film is fun and conductive to the needs of Asian film market.

The other project is action movie directed by Director Tom-Piyapan Chupetch which is currently on development process in Korea with a distinctive action thriller form. It also developed the film several forms, such as a romantic comedy, the teenager film and the 2 big projects planned to film within this year, and about 10 movies within 3 years.

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