POH NATTAWUT Debuts His Musical Performance To Nurture Healthier Generations In The Launch of UNITED FOR HEALTHIER KIDS Movement

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Bangkok--17 Jun--ogilvy
"POH NATTAWUT" Debuts His Musical PerformanceTo Nurture Healthier Generations
In The Launch of "UNITED FOR HEALTHIER KIDS" Movement

Poh Nattawut Skidjai, awarded actor and a father of two sons revealed his secret tips of raising his children to be healthy and played in the musical show for the first time during the launch of "THE UNITED FOR HEALTHIER KIDS", a social movement program by Nestle Thailand in partnership with Office of Basic Education Commission, Ministry of Education; the Department of Education, Bangkok Metropolitan Administration; Chulalongkorn University; Institution of Nutrition, Mahidol University and Rakluke Group Co., Ltd. (RLG Group), inviting everyone in the society to join this social movement and contribute towards helping parents and caregivers raise healthier generation of children in Thailand. The program aims to help parents and caregivers establish healthier eating, drinking and lifestyle habits among children aged 3-12 years old through "HERO MEAL" game-changing education, tools and inspiring ideas, powered by nutritional and behavioral science, to encourage the adoption of sustainable healthier habits.

Poh Nattawut shared how he took care of his children, "To raise my two sons I would have to give full credit to my wife who is always there to take care of them. But when I am not working, I would help her take care of our children like preparing food, feeding them, playing with them and getting them to sleep. Having children is a never-ending job, but it's also rewarding to see them grow. Healthy diet is one important factor that every parent should pay attention on."

He also shared passionately about his role in the launch of "United for Healthier Kids" movement, "I had the opportunity to play the musical show for the first time at this launch event. Moreover, I also sang the theme song called "Let's Change", which will be used throughout the program and also in the musical show. This catchy song inspires everyone to encourage children to develop healthy habits since early age by starting to eat nutritious foods in the right proportion, drink more water and less sweetened drinks, and do more physical activity. Also, I was lucky to know United for Healthier Kids first before the program is launched today, so I was allowed to let my children experience the HERO MEAL tools first hand. One of my favorite tools of HERO MEAL is HERO PLATE & CUP which specially designed to inspire children to enjoy eating healthy food. Moreover, parents like us can use this HERO PLATE & CUP to teach our children to learn variety of food, and also helps parents and caregivers to know the right portion of food for children aged 3-5 years old. These tools can really help parents establish healthy habits for our children easier."

The "United for Healthier Kids" has introduced a set of creative, fun and engaging tools called the "Hero Meal" solution, which includes Hero Plate, Hero Cup, Hero Menu, Hero Booklet with Stickers and Hero Content, to help parents and caregivers create a positive environment that encourages children to adopt and sustain a healthier lifestyle with small, sustained efforts.

The Hero Plate & Cup will create an exciting experience for children to enjoy the meal and, at the same time remind parents/teachers to provide varied and nutritious meal to children.
The Hero Menu is co-created with the leading chefs in Thailand to provide easy, nutritious yet economical recipes that children love.

The Hero Booklet with Stickers serve as a reward for children as well as a habit monitoring tool for parents and caregivers. Lastly, the Hero Content is co-developed with child development experts to inspire and educate parents with fun, science-based and creative techniques to nurture healthy lifestyle in children.

The content covers three key pillars – creative menu, child behavioural development and nutrition.

"What this program has done is really a good start to encourage children to learn and establish a healthier lifestyle in long run. I invite all parents to join this program together to build a life-long healthy habit for our children," added Poh Nattawut.

EVERYONE can join the "UNITED FOR HEALTHIER KIDS" movement and get inspired on Facebook.com/U4HKThailand or search "United for Healthier Kids TH" on Facebook. Together we can make a difference for Thai children.

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