Madrigals, Madness Murder The Story of Carlo Gesualdo by Opera Siam

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Bangkok--16 Jan--TQPR
A Mad Genius of the Renaissance introduced to Thai audiences for the first time on January 17 at 8 pm at Thailand Cultural Center, Small Hall.
Who was Carlo Gesualdo, Prince of Venosa?
He was an alchemist.
He murdered his wife.
He threw a banquet with 120 courses.
He was obsessed with violence and death.
He was the prince of a small city-state in Southern Italy.
He was a poet.
He was a composer.
His music was so wild, so advanced, that its harmonic language did not reappear in Western music for another 400 years.
He was crazy.
He was a genius.

Opera Siam presents the first exploration of the life and music of this wild man of the Renaissance, featuring the Calliope Chamber Choir, poetic readings by Italian actor Maurizio Mistretta, the Jatava Quartet, Trisdee na Patalung on harpsichord, conducted by Somtow Sucharitkul.

This is music so unusual, so difficult to perform, so achingly beautiful in its musical depiction of depravity, death, and the agony of love, that performing it is one of the ultimate technical tests for a choir.

Part of the 2018 Italian Festival.
Two ways to purchase tickets:
Click the link above to immediately print out tickets, or call 02) 231-5293, (089) 136-9981Or: reserve a seat at donation 500 (VIP 1000)

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