RISE Organizes #Corporate Innovation Summit 2019, Asias First Experiential Conference, to Unveil Southeast Asia as a Global Corporate Innovation Hub

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Bangkok--3 Apr--Core and Peak

With the expectation to help drive Thailand's GDP to grow at least by 1 percent, RISE – Regional Corporate Innovation Accelerator has recently organized 'Corporate Innovation Summit 2019 – Asia's First Experiential Conference', considered Asia' first international corporate innovation seminar focusing on acquiring new mindset, skill set, and toolset through highly-experiential learning environment to drive innovation within organizations. More than 2,000 CEOs and top executives from 35 nations across the world have participated in the event.

Dr. Supachai Parchariyanon, Founder and CEO of RISE – Regional Corporate Innovation Accelerator, said, "Corporate innovation is mostly driven by organization leaders, who is considered key influencers to drive greater innovation development within their own organizations. Organization leaders are expected to possess three primary aspects of mindset: Speed over Scale, Risk over Safety, and Practice over Theory. For Speed over Scale, we all say that today it is not the big fish that eats the smaller fish, but, actually, it is the faster fish that eats the slower fish. This really happens in todays' business world, which emphasizes more on the speediness of the action rather than its scale. Admittedly, large-sized organizations tend to be slow in driving and developing innovation. In fact, we have expected that the fast fish will grow into the big fish and be able to outperform the big-but-slow fish. Hence, with the development of corporate innovation, we must encourage big organizations to move faster to develop and execute effective strategies to stay ahead of the curve, regardless of their size. Similarly, for Risk over Safety, risk should be viewed as opportunity. Nowadays, it is obvious that innovation can be developed at a lower cost, thanks to the rapid advancement technology. Finally, with Practice over Theory, business people have been urged to move forward with innovative practices rather than rely on traditional theories. Therefore, people in corporate and government organizations have inevitably to get their hands on and do faster to keep pace with the fast-changing business world."

To incubate these three primary aspects of mindset, the 'Corporate Innovation Summit 2019 – Asia's First Experiential Conference' event has provided CEOs, top executives, and employees from several corporate and government organizations with a great opportunity to acquire the new mindsets, skill sets, and toolsets via highly-experiential learning environment as a part of the goal to foster greater corporate innovation development for their own organizations.

Southeast Asia has been expected to play a significant role in driving the global economy, while unveiling the rise of large-scale infrastructure projects across the world, making Thailand ready to become a 'corporate innovation hub' of domestic and foreign investments in a substantial manner. At the same time, business and government sectors will be the key influencers to accelerate the growth of corporate innovation.

"I do not believe that 'disruption' is appropriate for Southeast Asia, but I strongly believe that 'collaboration' will be a key to success, particularly since government organizations, corporate companies, and startup businesses have managed to work based on the principles of synergy and integration. Also, collaboration will stimulate a significant upward shift of corporate innovation for the region, getting ready to become the corporate innovation hub of the world," added Dr. Parchariyanon.

About RISE

RISE is the largest regional corporate innovation accelerator in Southeast Asia. The company engages in promoting corporate innovation environment to business organization in Thailand and Southeast Asia with an aim to establish Southeast Asia as the global hub for corporate innovation. According to Mr. Supachai Parchariyanon, founder of RISE, innovative and disruptive technology is the key driver that boost overall GDP growth of Thailand and Southeast Asia region. An establishment of innovation culture in business organization will encourage employees to innovate with the breakthrough development and achieve sustainable economic growth.

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