Continue the mission Think-For to adjust the Thai business speed, strengthen the knowledge of the digital age, In the AIS ACADEMY for THAIs: to the Region @Chiang Mai

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Bangkok--23 Jul--AIS
AIS Academy leads the speakers from leading Thai and international organizations, including Google Cloud, IBM,

Amazon, Thaicom and The Standard, to launch a great "Think-For Mission" with AIS ACADEMY for THAIs: to the Region, by bringing knowledge to the region for the first time in Chiang Mai Province to prepare and adjust for Business Transformation as well as transfer learning tips from direct experience in bringing Big Data to create business opportunities for growth. During the event, received attention from entrepreneurs, government agencies, the private sector as well as students and people in Chiang Mai and neighboring areas to join the event at Shangri-La Hotel, Chiang Mai Province.

Ms. Kantima Lerlertyuttitham, chief human resources officer at AIS, mentioned the "Think-For" mission, which was held for the third time, in ACADEMY for THAIs: to the Region in Chiang Mai this time that "This mission has received an overwhelming welcome from the people of Chiang Mai, in particular, the knowledge that we bring to share and exchange ideas with these leading speakers is only part of preparing for the region business sector more confidently. Experience from doing the business transformation that we bring to exchange will be a part to help extend the choice of the business sector to strengthen and enhance the quality of life of Thai people more sustainable. Because as we already know that Chiang Mai Province has an increasing economic cost and has a high potential with many interconnected elements, whether from infrastructure readiness, economic, education, social conditions, tourism, transportation and public health systems that have accepted in international standards which Chiang Mai is ready to be another main city for both domestic and foreign investors."

For AIS ACADEMY for THAIs: to the Region, knowledge to the region in this "Think-For" mission for Thai people, is the first time that AIS has invited the leading Thai and global business speakers to meet with Chiang Mai people in order to solve the problems of learning and act as a Business Transformation formula to empower local entrepreneurs to cope with the challenges of the digital age and recognize the importance of using data in expanding business led by Mr. Yuval Dvir, Global Head of Scaled Partnership, Google Cloud / Mr. Kittipong Asawapichayon, Senior Executive Vice President Cloud business and software solutions IBM Thailand Company Limited / Mr. Anan Kaewruamwong, Chief Executive Officer, Thaicom Co.,Ltd. / Mr.Sarot Punyapattanakul, Solution Architect Manager, Amazon Web Services / Mr. Nakarin Wanakijpaibul, Editor in chief at The Standard / and Dr. Kavinpong Chatranon, Head of Data Management and Big Data Analysis, AIS, which for those who are interested in this event, can register for the event without any charges at all.

"We always believe that a single growth is not sustainable growth. To develop skills to enhance the ability of personnel in the organization to have quality, must consist of knowledge of the modern world in various fields. AIS, as the private sector, besides working to be the best operator. We are, therefore, determined to move forward the "Think-For Mission" to connect with networks that have ideals for Thai society through the AIS Academy for Thais seminar, and ready to be a small unit that will join the Thai society in the best possible way to accelerate the readiness of society to drive the development of the country together" Ms.Kantima concluded.

About AIS Academy

Over the past 4 years, AIS Academy has been established as a center for learning technology and innovations from both inside and outside the country among an essential role in developing the potential of personnel within the organization at all levels, with the Digital Platform as a source of knowledge for employees to access anywhere-anytime to create a culture of awakening, and always ready to cope with changes in technology. After that, AIS Academy moved the role to the "Think-For" mission for all Thais by working as a core to send more knowledge to Thai society through collaboration with many leading companies, both domestic and international, by organizing the first international ACADEMY for THAIs seminar in October 2018, honored by world-renowned Digital Disruption experts from various institutions, such as the Stock Exchange of Thailand, Kasikorn Bank, Muang Thai Life Assurance, Minor International, SEAC, Stanford University and MIT, to tell about the role of future technology that transforms the lives of people around the world Whether it is AI, IoT, Robotic and Blockchain technologies, Including at the beginning of last year, AIS Academy organized the AIS ACADEMY for THAIs: Intelligent Nation Series by bringing exciting case studies in Thai and global contexts such as Netflix, IBM, Skype, Central Group, Digital Economy Promotion Agency (Depa) and Class Cafe to reflect the concept of transcending technological change and adaptation to keep up with the changing digital consumer era that has driven the business world.

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