AIS flagged by bringing digital technology to upgrade the Northeast region to be stronger, move forward to win the hearts of the people Sending Tai Orathai, country music#s queen (queen of luk thung), to pin The Real No.1 fastest network

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Bangkok--23 Jul--AIS

AIS moves forward to reinforce The Real No. 1 network leader, delivering strategies to penetrate regional markets throughout Thailand, starting with the lifting of digital technology to strengthen the Isan region, along with the campaign to win the hearts of the Isan people by "AIS The Real No.1, Isan's Fastest Network", emphasizing the fastest and most comprehensive 4G, 4.5G and NEXT G network coverage throughout the Northeast region, from a variety of services that fulfill the Northeastern lifestyle by sending "Tai Orathai", the most popular and the No. 1 country music's queen in Thailand to represent the campaign and tie the heart of the Isan people.

Mr. Pratthana Leelapanang, AIS's Chief Consumer Business Officer, said "Over the past 29 years, we are committed to developing quality services in all aspects to provide the best experience for every generation of users under the vision of being a Digital Life Service Provider that is ready to lead the potential of the network and digital technology to continuously enhance the capabilities of the country and all regions, including providing priority to building protection and raising awareness for Thailand to know how to use digital technology in the right way through the "Aunjai Cyber" project that aims at creating skills and awareness about Digital along with developing skills to use digital carefully and protect (Protector) the risk of using the internet."

"In terms of network development, we value the design to suit the needs of all areas in Thailand, especially in the northeastern region which has a remarkable growth rate from the expansion of the local industry. In the past, we have brought world-class technology innovation to provide services, including the fastest AIS NEXT G network in Southeast Asia, AIS 4.5G and AIS 4G ADVANCED networks that support advanced MIMO 4x4 technology with CA , 256 QAM DL / 64, QAM UL, LAA (Licensed Assisted Access) and FDD Massive MIMO 32T 32R that can transmit more data and two times faster than the 4G network, including AIS SUPER WiFi with more than 120,000 points nationwide."

Mr. Prathana added, "Besides, we have continued to work with leading educational institutions to test various technologies continuously, such as Khon Kaen University, beginning with the research of NB-IoT technology in the making Smart Parking and Smart Trash IoT, and also recently preparing to test the upcoming 5G technology in the near future, and joined with Suranaree University of Technology to develop the Smart City concept from NB-IoT as well."

In terms of services to meet the needs of customers, Mr. Udomsak Somkham, AIS's Head of regional operations northeast section, said "Currently, urban mobile phone usage behavior tends to use more than one mobile device, while users in provincial area tend to use less voice and pay more attention to data usage. The direction of competition in the second half of this year has continued to be aggressive due to the use of pricing strategies to compete for market share which AIS will continue to focus on the network expansion and the development of quality digital services."

In the northeast region, which is the area where AIS takes the highest market share as the No.1 to 55%, the number of customers is over 10 million numbers, accounting for 24% of the nationwide customer base, divided into Prepaid 8.8 million numbers and Postpaid 1.2 million numbers. In the past, AIS has expanded 4G and 4.5G networks covering 2,678 sub-districts (Tambon), 20 provinces throughout the Northeast region, with 9,965 base stations, making it able to support the expansion of usage effectively, guaranteed by the fastest mobile network award in Thailand for 4 consecutive years from Ookla(R) Speedtest(R). In the Northeast, AIS is considered the fastest network and has expanded the AIS Fiber network to cover 16 provinces in the Northeast or 25,711 service points in order to support the growing demand with more users for 1.1 hundred thousand cases, growing over 12% compared to 2018, including the launch of AIS Contact Center Development & Training Arena, customer service center and service personnel development

where is the largest and most modern in Nakhon Ratchasima province, which will help to spread the knowledge from the center and create employment in the Northeast area effectively."

"Therefore, we have studied and developed digital services that understand behavior and meet the needs of users in every segment, whether they are teenagers, students, working people, eSports fans or new generation people who like to use technology. To design products and services that are consistent with the lifestyles of Isan people, whether it is promotion of the handset products, mobile packages and expanding distribution channels for the Isan people to access more conveniently and quickly 7,000 points, as well as arranging a Mobile Service Car, which is similar to AIS Shop, moving down to serve at the village level throughout the northeast region, both in the local tradition and the sub-districts (Tambon) level activities. It is an essential strategy that makes AIS still the No. 1 position in the northeast region until now.

To reinforce the determination of AIS to deliver quality services that are selected for the Isan people. AIS launched the latest campaign, "AIS The Real No.1, Isan's Fastest Network", by choosing "Tai Orathai", a popular country music's queen guaranteed by the top followers via Facebook fans over 5.4 million accounts, to represent AIS's commitment to reach the target customers in the northeast region, which begins by organizing a concert tour "Fun together, come together", which is held in the important economic provinces of the Northeast,including Nakhon Ratchasima, Khon Kaen, Udon Thani and Ubon Ratchathani, which will bring the specialness with entertainment to the Isan people from today onwards."

The Isan people are prepared to meet the specials from the "AIS The Real No.1, Isan's Fastest Network" campaign, including mobile packages, special privileges, entertainment content that are specifically selected for Isan people.

  • Best value smartphone with the satisfying package for calls and the internet, such as Smart Phone AIS Super Smart Gen 1 priced at just 1,590 baht with maximum internet access of 120 GB worth 1,400 baht, Feature Phone AIS
Super Talk I for only 890 baht with unlimited free AIS calls!
  • "Pro Sa Jai" packages for Isan people, just open a new SIM, AIS 12Call! The ONE SIM with 30 baht top-up instantly and press * 777 * 199 # and call to receive unlimited free calls on all networks for 30 minutes for 3 months.
  • With a full 360-degree privilege from restaurants, beverages and shopping destinations throughout the Northeast that AIS selects for Isan lifestyle, with the privilege of "Kin free" activity in the Northeast region which customers using special privileges over 200,000 numbers per year.
  • Delivering entertainment content on AIS PLAY that answers to the needs of the Isan people through movies and concerts from Northeastern country beloved artists led by Tai Orathai.

Mr. Prathana said at the end that "Today, Isaan has outstanding growth potential and is a necessary force to drive the Thai economy to grow. In Udon Thani, there is clear growth from the trade and service sectors, as well as continued investment from the private sector. Accordingly, AIS is ready to fully utilize the network and service potential to enhance the digital technology potential in the area to create opportunities, careers, and raise the economy of the region to grow together."

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