#Sponsor by TCP Group launches #Sponsor Active Series with 3 new flavours to tap new-gen consumers, expand market base

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Bangkok--7 Oct--Bangkok Public Relations
  • 'Sponsor' has commanding lead in sport drinks market with 90% share, goes ahead introducing new product innovation to win over consumers, records above-market growth of 17% with sales reaching Bht 5,000 million
  • 'Sponsor Active Series' available in 3 refreshingly delicious flavours at Bht 10 a bottle, highlighted is the 'Active Vitamin C' (green) formula with up to 200% vitamin C – the market's best value for money
  • Taps teen idol 'Kao - Supassra Thanachat' as spokesmodel to target new generation with active lifestyle who are ready to have refreshing fun in every activity

TCP Group, the manufacturer of 'Sponsor' – Thailand's No. 1 sport drinks brand, today, launched 'Sponsor Active Series' in three new flavours and a new-design label. The new drinks series is refreshingly delicious with less sugar than the original formula for a rehydrating thirst quencher which replenishes minerals in the body. Highlighted is the green formula 'Active Vitamin C' which offers the benefits of vitamin C as high as 200% for a price of only Bht 10 a bottle – the market's best value for money. A budget of over Bht 300 million was earmarked to further grow to brand. Red-hot lead actress 'Kao - Supassra Thanachat' was hired as the brand's first female spokesmodel. Sponsor Active Series was developed in response to the lifestyle of a new generation of consumers as the brand looks to expand its fan base among active teenagers and working professionals by allowing them to have fun and feel refreshed in every activity in line with the brand's slogan of 'Fun, Refreshed the Way of Active People'.

Mr. Supachai Junkeiat, TCP Group's Global Marketing Division Director, said, "We have developed Sponsor Active Series sport drinks in three new flavours that you can drink anytime you want to refresh yourself. Sponsor Active Series comes with a different function for each formula: 1. The green variant – Sponsor Active Vitamin C – with vitamin C of up to 200% contributes to your anti-oxidation process and collagen tissue generation 2. The blue variant – Sponsor Active Zinc – helps with the body growth 3. The red variant – Sponsor Active Magnesium – helps with the functioning of your nervous system and muscles. All three formulas are available in both a glass bottle and an even brighter new-design sleek can."

"The market for sport drinks in Thailand is valued at around Bht 5,500 million. 'Sponsor' leads the pack with a commanding market share of 90% and is the market driver with a sales growth of 17% (from Jan-Jul 2018 period) compared to the average growth of the overall market at 15%. We are confident that the launch of 'Sponsor Active Series' will help support our growth and further strengthen the position of Sponsor which is a popular brand among exercising people. The launch offers them new products as a variety of choices in terms of flavours and benefits. 'Sponsor Active Series' will allow us to expand our fan base into a new generation of consumers who pursue an active lifestyle and in need of something to refresh and re-energize themselves to cope with every activity during the day," added Mr. Supachai.

To create consumer awareness and extensively reach target groups, 'Sponsor' is investing Bht over 300 million in marketing activities for the year-end period. These include the unveiling of the brand's first female spokesmodel in 'Kao - Supassra Thanachat', the teen-idol lead actress who takes good care of herself and stays active all the time, and a new commercial series entitled 'Oh! My Kao' which features social media celebrities - 'Happy Nancy', 'Nai Hoy Chuan Chim', 'Morlab Panda' and 'Rap Ake' - in four alternate endings. Public engagement is created by inviting consumers to vote for the ending they love most via 'Sponsor Thailand' Facebook Page and Youtube Channel now until 15 November. Sponsor will give a lot of super special prizes and Sponsor Troops are dispatched hand out samples for consumers to try. The launch is supported with 360 degrees of media campaign and in-store promotion with leading retailers nationwide now until March next year.

"Sponsor pioneered ready-to-drink bottled electrolyte beverages in Thailand from the brainchild of 'Mr. Chaleo Yoovidhya' in 1985. The initiative was considered revolutionary for the ease of minerals consumption it created for Thai people who previously had to mix electrolyte power in water and it contributed to Sponsor's success to date as the market leader," Mr. Supachai said.

Dare you to try it! 'Sponsor Active Vitamin C', the new formula, 'Fun, Refreshed the Way of Active People', with up to 200% vitamin C to drink any time, is available in a 250-ml glass bottle for Bht 10 and a 325-ml sleek can for Bht 13 at retailers nationwide.

For updates on 'Sponsor', visit www.facebook.com/Sponsorthailand or www.tcp.com

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