Food Passion Finds Allies in Duni Won GrabFood Form a Sustainable Model for Food Delivery to Reduce Single-Use Plastics Under the Wasteless Delivery Concept

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Bangkok--28 Nov--Chomchaviwan

Food Passion, the leader in restaurant business of Bar B Q Plaza, Jum Zap Hut, Charna, Space Q and Red Sun, has introduced a new food delivery model for its brands under Food Passion. Under the "Wasteless Delivery" initiative, the company aims to reduce single-use plastic waste to create an experience in which customers feel satisfied both in their stomach and conscience. All menus are delivered as they are served at the restaurants to respond to people's current lifestyle. They can now have their favourite menus anywhere while also support the environmentally-friendly campaign to reduce waste. Food Passion partners with three allies – Duni, Won Project and GrabFooad – to work with the entire cycle of food delivery service. It aims to reduce plastic wares in its delivery service by 1.2 million pieces, as well as to set a business goal to build the sales of delivery service in hub branches to reach 10% of overall sales.

Chataya Supanpong, Chief Engagement Officer of Food Passion Co., Ltd. said, "Food Passion operates on the belief in the cycle of happiness. Not only to accomplish our business goals, but we also want to be an important part in creating a sustainable society. Food Passion has applied this philosophy as an important factor in our business operation and expansion. Now that we're expanding into delivery service, we're using the business for sustainability to develop our model of delivery service. This is how Food Passion's delivery service under the "Wasteless Delivery" initiative to reduce single-use plastics started. We view that as we come into this market, we should be a part that help reduce single-use plastic waste which is a global crisis that can affect the planet in the long run. In addition to our business expansion helping to reduce plastic waste in delivery service, it also satisfies businesses and consumers with creative menu to retain the highlights of each brand, giving customers the feeling of actually dining at the restaurant. We highlight distinctively separated concepts to target a variety of consumer groups.

Previously, Food Passion has already offered a delivery service, with Bar B Q Plaza as the brand with the highest sales in our chain. In today's lifestyle, delivery service enables people to eat their favourite dishes limitlessly. We've found that the exponential growth of food delivery service has become part of the plastic waste impact. It is estimated that, in 2019, there could be up to 560 million pieces of plastic waste from the estimated market value of food delivery at 35 billion baht. The amount of plastic waste is determined from an average amount of one delivery at 250 baht. That results in approximately 140 million times of delivery. If one delivery can create at least 4 pieces of plastic trash, including 1 container, 1 bag for dipping sauce, 1 big plastic bag and 1 piece of cutlery, they can generate the overall amount of 560 million pieces.

The "Wasteless Delivery" to reduce single-use plastic trash within the food delivery service will be applied in two dimensions. The first is to reduce existing trash by opting for biodegradable containers instead. In another aspect, should plastic is used, it will be encouraged to be reuse to the maximum. To accomplish this goal in plastic waste reduction, it requires cooperation from all involving parties, such as delivery service provider, restaurants, as well as solutions in containers and wares that can replace plastic or a better option to reuse a plastic bag in the delivery system. Food Passion has been compiling pieces of jigsaw that share in this same vision, and we have found our allies in Duni, Won Project and GrabFood. Together, we aim to push for a new standard of food delivery that doesn't push the burden to the environment, which is how this initiative successfully started."

One of the important allies in this project is Duni, an expert in developing BRC-certified sustainable products from bagasse that can degrade on its own within 45 days. There are also products that help in reducing single-use plastics, such as replacements like PLA or bioplastic that degrade in less than a year compare to up to 100 years for normal plastics. In this partnership with Food Passion, Duni has designed and developed products from bagasse that can retain the quality of food and is also environmentally-friendly. So, all food from Food Passion stay fresh as if you're having it at the actual restaurant.

In addition to Duni, another important ally is TPBI Public Company Limited, or the owner of Won project, that focuses on solving plastic problem creatively according to the circular economy philosophy. The project aims to increase the potential in managing waste materials and energy into renewable resources. As one partner in this project, TPBI has designed and developed high-quality plastic bags made from recycled plastic with 5 times the normal thickness to be used with all orders so that consumers can reuse and make the most out of them.

Lastly, there is GrabFood, the leader in food delivery application platform that is well aware of the plastic waste problem and has a policy in operating its business sustainably for the environment. Similarly to Food Passion, GrabFood has also come up with different ideas to reduce single-use plastics in food delivery service, such as adding a feature for customers to choose whether they want cutlery or not, as well as partnering with different parties to encourage customers to use paper bags instead of single-use plastic bags. Their initiatives have encouraged consumers to be more aware of the problem. By joining Food Passion, aside from offering alternatives for customers who don't want plastic cutlery, GrabFood also created a campaign to motivate consumers to change their behaviours by offering 50,000 discount codes worth 10 baht each when they order meals from participating restaurants under Food Passion's chains during November 28 to December 31 to thank customers for their participation in this social-responsibly campaign.

"Additionally, the final jigsaw that can make the "Wasteless Delivery" to reduce single-use plastics successfully is the cooperation of consumers who accept and understand changes. They also have to be ready to alter some of their behaviours in order to reduce plastic waste, or to use them to their maximum potential. We are confident that if we receive the support of our customers, the delivery market will change and eventually lead to the solution of single-use plastic problem sustainably," added Chataya Supanpong.

To make this food delivery service a success, Food Passion has set the goal in reducing single-use plastics from its delivery service by 1.2 million pieces together with its sales goal. It aims for the delivery sale in 2020 to reach 10% of overall services at branches that serve as delivery hub.

The food delivery service under Food Passion is created from the strength of each brand:
  • Bar B Q Plaza – the No.1 brand for food delivery under Food Passion. It rides on the "Fun-filled Togetherness" concept with its signature ingredients, including "rice with stir-fried pork topped with chili and salted egg" and "rice with garlic pork and salted egg".
  • Charna – A great option for health-conscious people. It comes with the "Essential balance for life" concept with its healthy menu like "Organic Rice Mixed with Mae Klong Mackerel and Free-Range Rebel Egg " and "Organic Rice with Basil Kurobuta and Free-Range Rebel Egg".
  • Space Q – For the meat lovers. The easy menu comes with the "Everyday Simple Twist" that creates "rice with volcano pork and crispy fried egg" and "rice with stewed pork basil and crispy fried egg" menu.
  • Red Sun – A clear winner for the younger generation. Its food delivery service comes with "Korean with a Twist" concept such as "Trio Poka Poka Rice" with Spicy Chicken Pop.

In addition to the variety of special menu that Food Passion has introduced in its delivery service, the company is also offering promotions for delivery food lovers. Order from any brands – Bar B Q Plaza, Charna, Space Q or Red Sun – and get 30% discount when you order a promotion set during November 28 to December 31, 2019.

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