Happy Group Launches Happy Shopping to Fully Enter Home Shopping Market with Plans to Expand to All Platforms Selecting Right Products and Services for Right People with Focus on and target to valuable mature customer

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Bangkok--17 Feb--Idea Works Communications

Happy Group Launches Happy Shopping to Fully Enter Home Shopping Market with Plans to Expand to All Platforms Selecting Right Products and Services for Right People with Focus on and target to valuable mature customer

Happy Shopping, a new player in the home shopping business, has announced a great success with sales of over 185 million baht in only seven months, using the "Customer Centric" strategy to analyze customers' behavior in order to cater to their needs at the "right place and right time for the right target." Happy Shopping sets itself apart from other competitors in the market by offering quality house brand products and services such as Happy Life+—carefully selected food supplements, Thai Wisdom by Happy—another level of locally made and developed products, and Happy Experience—a one of a kind travel service. There are also other products the company has curated for consumers from its partner manufacturers. With this year's marketing plan "select only the right products for the right people through the right channels," Happy Shopping uses the Omni Channel platform to distribute products and services through all channels, both offline, which is the company's first mainstream channel, and online channels including websites and the social media. For 2020, the company has projected growth of higher than 186%, sales of over 530 million baht, and a 200% increase in customers member.

TV home shopping business has been continuously growing, based on its total market value of 14 billion baht or a 7-8% increase in 2019 compared with the previous year with a possibility of higher growth in 2020. The continuous growth of TV home shopping reflects consumers' trust and confidence in the business, particularly in reasonable priced quality products that can be delivered to their home and paid with the currently popular Cash on Delivery (COD). Two executives—Ms. Apirawee Pichayadecha, who has experience in digital TV and TV home shopping, and Mr. Tanapong Chaiyalapo, an expert in content production and broadcasting, decided to establish Happy Shopping on 10 May 2019 to fulfill customers' specific needs and win a TV shopping market share via Nation 22—the first offline channel for Happy Shopping.

Managing Director of Happy Group Ms. Apirawee Pichayadecha said home shopping business is based on the "Customer Centric" strategy. In order to take an advantage of a gap in the market and present the right products and services for the target group, Happy Shopping has chosen to do marketing with mature customers, or the Baby Boomer and Gen X, who now account for a large population in the society with the number expanding. These health-conscious people with high purchasing power are looking for quality products. They are Happy Shopping's target group who are also the same group of Nation 22's audience. This is how we offer products and services at the "right place and right time for the right target"—the strategy that helps us acquire more than 100,000 customers. At the end of 2020, Happy Shopping reached the total sales of 185 million baht after only seven months of marketing.

Apart from Happy Shopping's clear focus on the older customers, the company's strength that leaves its competitors behind is its House Brand. The three categories of Happy Shopping's House Brand include Happy Life+ food supplements and beauty products such as Vita Daily fruits & vegetables vitamins, Calcimac CII collagen and calcium supplements for knee joints, Brenifit brain boosting supplements, and C-Byte eye supplements. The second category is Thai Wisdom by Happy--a brand for products made and developed by Thai entrepreneurs and locally made and developed product. The company has carefully selected products to be distributed under the brand and developed a new coffee product called 4 Valleys with community enterprises from four mountains. The last category is Happy Experience--a new, one of a kind, travel service with a different travelling concept to alternative route with experts. Happy Experience features themed travel such as world-class technology and innovation travel, pilgrimage travel, as well as trips to unseen destinations. In 2020, a total of six trips will be arranged.

Other products sold by Happy Shopping include its hero products made by large manufacturers in Thailand such as "Pee Yak" healthy coffee supplement, Navis Plus Natural sesame supplement, My Braini brain supplement, GI365 digestive supplement, and Benecol plant stanol drink. YURA serum, Vanessa Life blouse, and Alexander shorts are among Happy Shopping's fashion & beauty products. Home and electrical appliances sold by Happy Shopping range from Perfect clothes racks, Mahasamut ozone disinfector, INGCO hammer drills sets, high-pressure washers, and other electronic products such as Aston dash cam, AXON CCTV etc.

As for the company's 2020 marketing plan, Ms. Apirawee said Happy Shopping will continue implementing its strategy for sustainable customer retention based on the principle of "selecting the right products for the right people." The company will focus on presenting the quality products that are suitable for the target group rather than selling mass products that can be found everywhere. Happy Shopping's products and services must be able to address the pain points of the elderly and make them repeatedly buy the products, particularly health supplements.

Regarding sales and marketing, Ms. Apirawee said Happy Shopping will intensively use "the right channels," both offline and online, and the omni channel platform in the ratio of 80% offline, 10% online, and 10% outbound rather than using offline channels by 90% as it used to. For offline channels, Happy Shopping will expand its opportunity to more digital TV partners such as ONE31, Thairath TV 32, and Amarin TV 34, apart from its existing partner channel Nation22. More airtime will be sought for its 10-minute commercials and 2-minute spots on digital TV to reach out to the target group more. Database of more than 100,000 customers will be utilized to the maximum extent by Happy Shopping's outbound call center which will also seek to create true CRM with customers apart from just selling them products.

On the online platform, Happy Shopping will use a comprehensive marketing strategy to sell products on the company's website www.happyshopping2you.com-- website for easy shopping which offers a large quantity of products in variety of categories. Over 2,000 products are will be available on the website within this year. Moreover, Happy Shopping plans to communicate with its target group through all news websites of the Nation group while using social commerce more via Facebook (happyshopping2you) and Line (@happy_shopping). Happy Shopping has decided to focus on the social media due to its accessibility to customers who are 40 years old and over up use Line to order products and ask for information about products. Currently, 7-8% of the total sales of Happy Shopping is from Line. Popular marketplaces in Thailand such as Shopee and Lazada (happyshopping_official) are others channels used by Happy Shopping to distribute its products and services.

"Happy Shopping is not just the most groundbreaking new player in the home shopping business as we have seen the success and fastest growth since our business started. We are determined to use the omni channel and select more products and services that appeal to our customers by 10 products per month on average. With our team of new generations of people who are full of creative ideas, Happy Shopping is confident to set a high growth target for sales at 530 million baht or a 186% increase, and we expect to see a customer growth rate of over 200% as planned," Happy Group Managing Director concluded.

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