Betagro elevates its high quality and safety food manufacturing chain Readily prepared for any situations through the concept of sustainability

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Bangkok--29 Sep--Betagro Group

The COVID-19 pandemic has created a severe impact on the world’s economy and all business groups including the food industry. Betagro, Thailand’s leading high quality and safety food manufacturer, realizes the importance of food stability to the people and the country. It has, therefore, moved ahead to elevate its high quality and safety food manufacturing chain in order to create sustainable quality of life for consumers.

Mr. Somsak Boonlarp, Chief Operating Officer - Food Business of Betagro Group, disclosed that during the COVID-19 crisis Betagro Group has uplifted its preventive measures to cover the entire manufacturing chain. It has set up more than 93 teams to closely monitor every step in the food manufacturing process in order to continuously deliver high quality and safety food products to its consumers.

In 2020, Betagro’s food business sales account for 70% of the total group’s. And this year, the group has set a 10% sales target growth over the previous year. It expects to achieve this target through the increase in its production capacity and distribution channels, the cooperation with its business partners and the launch of new food products according to the following product groups:

Processed Food

The ready-to-eat food market continues to grow. In 2020, the market value is expected to reach 20 billion baht, a 5% increase over 2019. (Data from Kbank Research Center, December 2019.) This, coupled with the new consumer behavior as a result of the rushing urban life, has pushed Betagro to devote itself to developing and manufacturing ready-to-eat food that will respond to the needs of consumers, be it convenience, good taste, high quality and safety. In particular, with the COVID-19 situation this year consumers realize the importance of food quality and safety much more. Consequently, Betagro Group has decided to move ahead with its ready-to-eat products and has set a target of 40% growth to respond to the requirements of its consumers.

This year, the Group has delivered its ready-to-eat products under the brand of S-Pure highlighting food for health manufactured from natural materials and ingredients without any additives. In addition, the recipes have been researched and developed by health specialists. Examples of this food are Egg White Joke (Porridge) and Soft Boiled Eggs. Furthermore, the Betagro Brand has moved towards its set target by adding variety to the ready-to-eat products in order to better meet consumers’ needs under these 7 food categories: 1) Appetizers – pork and chicken, 2) Processed Eggs, 3) Ready Meal, 4) Cuisine, 5) Marinade, 6) Bakery, and 7) Seasoning.

Fresh Food

Betagro Group is committed to delivering fresh, clean and safe food. The Betagro Brand has launched new products into the fish market covering fresh fish like Catfish, Tilapia and Seabass. Consumers can conveniently use these products, which are now sold at every Betagro Shop and modern trade outlet around the country by this November, to cook various menu. The Group has also penetrated the premium market with 2 newest products: 1) Korat Chicken – high quality chicken products from a new breed of chickens. It is developed from the genuine local breeder chicken offering better taste and texture different from the normal chicken. It has 62% less fat and is full of Free Amino Acid which is useful to our body. This product meets the needs of consumers who enjoy the delicious taste and texture of local breeder chickens. At the same time, they know it’s good for their health. And 2) Delish Pork – premium pork products from genuine Canadian Duroc Jersey pigs with their unique firm and soft texture. Under the S-Pure Brand, pork, chicken and egg products are produced from the animals raised without the use of any antibiotics or RWA (Raised Without Antibiotics) in every step from Day One. The Brand is the first in the world to be certified by NSF. Betagro continues to expand its distribution channels so that more consumers can have easy access to the products with high quality and safety.


Betagro Group still continues to penetrate the sausage market with a 10% growth target. It has expanded every market segment with new products under the brands of S-Pure, Itoham and Betagro. The objective is to meet the rushing lifestyle of its consumers while focusing on quality and variety.

The Group has expanded the S-Pure Brand into the premium supermarkets with its homemade-style sausage products. These sausages are manufactured from S-Pure pork packed in natural pork intestines without using nitrite, MSG and preservatives to satisfy consumers who select an excellent taste with safety. Four types will be distributed: Nuernberg Weisswurst, Chorizo Bockwurst, Cheese Kabanos and Muenchen Weisswurst. At the same time, the Itoham Brand – premium Japanese-style sausages - has launched 2 new products to respond to the trend of consuming coarsely ground sausages: 1) Mixed Grill Arabiki, sausages with various tastes in one pack, and 2) Jumbo Steak Arabiki – bigger size sausages than the original. In addition, the Betagro Brand has launched Betagro Extra Meat sausages, hams and bolognas. They come with additional coarsely ground pork for more enjoyment in one bite with the smoky taste and barbecue flavor. Four types are currently on sale: BBQ Chunk Sausage, BBQ Chunk Ham, Smoke Chunk Sausage and Smoke Chunk Bologna. They are available at leading stores around the country including Big C, Tops Supermarket, Gourmet Market, Home Fresh Mart, Max Value, UFM Fuji, Villa Market, Family Mart, Tesco Lotus Express, Lawson 108, CJ Supermarket, Jiffy, Betagro Shops and Betagro Deli.

For the export market in 2020, Betagro still continues to export its fresh and cooked food product under the S-Pure and Betagro Brands to markets in Europe, Middle East, Canada and Asia including Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore and China. In addition, Betagro also exports ready-to-eat food products under the Betagro brand to Hong Kong, Singapore, and it will open a new market in the Philippines before the end of this year.

Moreover, during the THAIFEX-ANUGA ASIA 2020 to be held from 22 to 26 September Betagro Group will set up 2 booths there to display its high quality food products under the concept of Sustainable Life. This is to emphasize the Group’s commitment in delivering food products with high quality and safety for everyone’s sustainable life. This year at Betagro Group’s Booth No. W01 and V01, Challenger Hall 2, Impact Muang Thong Thani, business operators, partners, business alliances and consumers will experience for themselves many new high quality food products from Betagro covering fresh food, processed food, ready-to-cook and ready-to-eat as well as export products. For those who cannot join the event, please view the video clips of the booths and Betagro’s many food products at Facebook Betagro Brand.

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