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Events Press Release : 17 Nov 2020

G20 at a Glance: The role of the civil society in the G20 Process Events—17 Nov 20

The G20 has a strong tradition of working with a broad range of organizations to bring different perspectives on socioeconomic challenges to the G20 table. The Engagement Groups are independent collectives that are led by civil society organizations and

KBank works with Lu International and Robowealth to launch 'FinVest' - a digital investment Events—17 Nov 20

At Gaysorn Urban Resort, Mr. Kit Wong, left, CEO of Lu International (Singapore), Mr. Choladet Khemarattana (middle), CEO and co-founder of Robowealth Mutual Fund Brokerage Securities Co., Ltd, and Mr. Patchara Samalapa (right), KBank President, jointly

Toshiba Takes Proactive Approach, Launches Marketing Strategy for Vibrant Fourth Quarter, Aims for Events—17 Nov 20

Mrs. Kanit Muangkrachang, Managing Director of Toshiba Thailand Company Limited, reveals that Toshiba has now launched new products, promotions, and point-of-sales marketing events for the market that usually turns vibrant in the fourth quarter. She adds

'BAREBELLS', a Swedish best-selling functional food to introduce the new milkshake protein for all Events—17 Nov 20

Wouldn't it be cool if we all can enjoy a tasty drink throughout the day without having to feel guilty about it? 'Barebells' an elite functional food brand from Sweden is now offering you a new milkshake experience to be discovered right here in

BASF commits to targets for boosting sustainable agriculture Events—17 Nov 20

Reduce CO2 emissions per ton of crop by 30%Annually increase sales share of solutions with substantial sustainability contribution by 7%Bring digital technologies to more than 400 million hectares of farmlandEnsure safe use of BASF's products with right