Moody's assigns B3/NP/E+ to Derzhava Bank; stable outlook

Stocks and Financial Services Press Releases Wednesday May 16, 2012 14:16
London--16 May--Moody's

London, 16 May 2012 -- Moody's Investors Service has today assigned the following ratings to Derzhava Bank: E+ standalone bank financial strength rating (BFSR) mapping to a baseline credit assessment (BCA) of b3, B3 long-term local and foreign currency deposit ratings, and 'Not Prime' short-term local and foreign currency deposit ratings. All the bank's long-term ratings carry a stable outlook.

Moody's assessment is primarily based on Derzhava's audited financial statements for 2010 -- prepared under IFRS, and unaudited financial statements as at 31 December 2011 -- prepared under Russian Accounting Standards (RAS).


According to Moody's, Derzhava's ratings are constrained by: (i) high market, credit and liquidity risk appetite, (ii) weak franchise value, and (iii) weak recurring revenue generation. At the same time, the ratings reflect the bank's currently adequate liquidity position.

Moody's explains that Derzhava's appetite for market and credit risks stems from its sizeable investments in risky financial instruments (that accounted for around a third of Tier 1 capital), and from high borrower concentration (of up to 3x Tier 1 capital). Moody's views these risk concentrations as a significant challenge for the bank given its modest capital cushion (14% as at YE2011).

Moody's notes that Derzhava's depositor concentration is considerably higher compared to similarly rated peers. As a result, the rating agency views Derzhava's significant liquidity cushion as necessary, with free-from-pledge liquid assets exceeding 30% of total liabilities as at YE2011.

Derzhava has a relatively small scale of operations, limited business geography and narrow customer base operating from a single office in Moscow. According to Moody's, in the absence of a clearly articulated strategy, Derzhava's ability to maintain its current customer base and overall franchise value will prove challenging in the longer term.

Moody's adds that Derzhava's recurring revenue generation capacity is also weak, as 60% of its pre-provision income is derived from trading transactions. The bank's relatively solid bottom-line profitability under RAS in 2011 was a result of release of loan loss reserves.


According to Moody's, Derzhava's ratings have limited upside potential in the medium term. Some upward pressure could be exerted on the ratings if the bank augments its capital base and/or its provision buffer. Derzhava's ratings could also be positively affected as a result of improvement of the bank's core profitability and franchise value, provided the level of related-party transactions and/or risky investments do not increase.

However, Derzhava's standalone BFSR and deposit ratings could be downgraded as the result of a significant decrease in the liquidity buffer, or substantial and ongoing deterioration of the bank's asset quality. An increase in the level of the bank's related-party transactions and/or risky investments could also exert downward pressure on its ratings.


The methodologies used in this rating were Bank Financial Strength Ratings: Global Methodology published in February 2007, and Incorporation of Joint-Default Analysis into Moody's Bank Ratings: Global Methodology published in March 2012. Please see the Credit Policy page on for a copy of these methodologies.

Headquartered in Moscow, Russia, Derzhava reported -- under (unaudited, non-consolidated) RAS -- total assets of US$422 million and total equity of US$67 million as at 31 December 2011; net income for 2011 stood at US$8 million.


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