KSAM showing achievement with dividend payment for 2 FIFs

Stocks and Financial Services Press Releases Thursday September 10, 2015 15:23
กรุงเทพฯ--10 ก.ย.--Krungsri Asset Management

Krungsri Asset Management Co., Ltd. (KSAM) is ready to pay dividend for 2 FIFs: Krungsri?Global Healthcare Equity Dividend Fund (KF-HEALTHD) at 1.00 Baht per unit and Krungsri Japan?Hedged Dividend Fund (KF-HJAPAND) at 0.50 Baht per unit on 15 September.

Mr. Alan Kam, KSAM's Managing Director(Acting) said that "We are preparing to pay dividend for 2 FIFs - KF-HEALTHD at approximately 1.00 Baht per unit, and KF-HJAPAND at approximately 0.50 Baht, for the accounting period from 1 May - 31 July 2015. The book closing date for both FIF was 4 September 2015 followed by dividend payment on 15 September 2015."

"Our KF-HEALTHD and KF-HJAPAND are superior in terms of consistent and good performance. KF-HEALTHD's investment policy is to invest at least 80% of its NAV in each accounting period in JP Morgan Global Healthcare Fund (master fund). The Fund is managed by a team of expert in healthcare stock with emphasis on investment in biological technology, medicines, medical technology, and medical services of worldwide large-cap companies that have growth potential and are likely to achieve good operating result. Since inception in August 2014 until present, KF-HEALTHD has made 4 dividend payments, totaling 2.50 Baht/unit*. (KSAM, 9 September 2015)"

"Another excellent FIF is KF-HJAPAND that has the policy to invest at least 80% of its NAV in each accounting period in Eastspring Investments-Japan Dynamic Fund (master fund). The Fund has been receiving increased response and has shown good performance. Since the beginning of 2015, the master fund's performance has improved by 22.4% compared with the index that has gone up by 17.8%. In addition, Eastspring Investments is one of a few FIF which is trusted as a fund manager of Japan government pension fund for investment in Japan stock with Japan government pension fund being the largest government pension fund in the world. (Eastspring Investments, 31 July 2015) Since inception in February 2015 until present, KF-HJAPAND has made 2 dividend payments, totaling 1.00 Baht/unit** (KSAM 9 September 2015)

"KF-HEALTHD and KF-HJAPAND are interesting options and suitable to have in investors' portfolio to capture the advantage of several positive factors that support the growth of healthcare business and Japan stock market. Contributing factor includes a fact that many countries are changing into aging society and progressive medical evolution which boost the growth of KF-HEALTHD performance in long term. Regarding Japan Stock Market, it continues to be one of the markets that generates highest yield in 2015. This market benefits from the government's stimulus measures and as a result Japanese Yen has weakened, leading to improvement in export and other economic figures particularly employment and consumption. Furthermore, the Japanese government pension fund has increased the allocation of investment in stock so this actually supports the sustainable development of Japan Stock Market in long term," (Eastspring Investments, 31 July 2015)"

"KSAM continues to have firm perception on diversification of investment to foreign countries although investors may experience fluctuation in short term. Investors may want to allocate some of their investment funds to gradually invest in FIF that suits their goals and their given risk appetite. Good investment portfolio should show diversification of investment in several assets as no particular asset can general good yield in all economic cycle. Also, investors should not invest for high yield in short term, while they should instead target opportunities that will generate regular yield for attractive return in long term." said Mr. Alan Kam.

Investors may enquire about details of the funds from KSAM at Tel. 02-657-5757 or any branch of Bank of Ayudhya.
* KF-HEALTHD dividend history since inception in August 2014 (Baht/Unit): December 2014 = 0.40 Baht / March 2015 = 0.75 Baht / June 2015 = 0.35 Baht / September 2015 = 1.00 Baht
** KF- HJAPAND dividend history since inception in August 2015 (Baht/Unit): June 2015 = 0.50 Baht / June 2015 = 0.50 Baht / September 2015 = 0.50 Baht
1. Investment contains risks. Investors must study and understand the nature of the products, conditions of return, and risks before making investment decision.
2. Past performance is not a guarantee of future results.
3. KF-HEALTHD and KF-HJAPAND mainly invests in FIF and therefore these funds will be exposed to socio-economics risks, and/or political risks of the countries in which the master fund invests.

4. KF-HEALTHD will not use any tool to hedge against currency risk and therefore the fund may be exposed to higher currency risk and/or investors may receive return below the initial investment. In the future, the fund may enter into a currency swap agreement, subject to the management company's discretion, in which case, it may incur additional costs in hedging transactions which will reduce overall return.

5. KF-HJAPAND will enter into a currency swap agreement to be fully hedged or to be hedged in the equivalent amount in foreign currency.

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