Oishi Group showing growth potential despite economic slowdown To develop 3 main leadership strategies

Stocks and Financial Services Press Releases Tuesday November 29, 2016 15:01
Bangkok--29 Nov--Oishi Group

Being the leader in the food, drink and Japanese beverage market in Thailand is not easy. Since 2014, there have been many problems which occurred in Thailand resulting in economic slowdown. Many companies were affected; even the "Sumo" Oishi Group Public Company Limited nearly fell on hard times. However, in persevering spirit, Oishi Group has overcome the crisis and has again become the leader of the food, drink and Japanese beverage market.

Oishi Group used 3 main strategies to turn crisis into opportunity which were 1. Product Innovation – developing innovation in all aspects including manufacturing, production, and marketing for innovative and outstanding products and services. 2. Brand Engagement – support and strengthen the brand continuously while engage the consumers with various marketing activities. 3. Distribution Excellence – using synergy and collaboration of business networks to expand channels and open up exposure to foreign markets. Together with effective teamwork and professional cooperation, Oishi Group is back again as the market's true champion.

Today's success of the leading brand 'Oishi' has proved continuous growth in all aspects including sales, profits, market share, and brand perception. Mr. Marut Buranasetkul, President&CEO of Oishi Group Public Company Limited stated that "Oishi Group's business profits of the fiscal year 2016 (1 Jan – 30 Sep 2016) exceeded expectations in all regards, a total of 10,399 million baht increasing 8% from the previous year. The profits comprise Oishi food business, amounting to 4,906 million baht, roughly the same as last year (-0.4%); and its beverage business, which amounted to 5,493 million baht growing by 17%. This was the result of product innovation and a summer marketing campaign that consumers embraced. The beverage manufacturing business (OEM) contributed a profit of 887 million baht which increased 90% from last year. These profits were made up of its food business which was 88 million baht and grew by 183% due to better cost management and effective marketing strategies; and Oishi beverage business, which made profit of 799 million baht and grew by 83% due to better capacity management, administration and marketing budget management. In addition, gross margins improved from innovative promotional campaigns for consumers"

From the challenging goal to the vision of 2020, Oishi will improve its management effectiveness in all aspects, including innovative products and services, marketing and brand strengthening by following these main concepts: (1) Premium Mass Market Lead Innovation - to be the leader of the premium mass market (2) Uncompromised Japanese Quality and Taste – to deliver the quality of products and services in Japanese standard (3) Mindful Pleasure – innovative brand.

For the food business especially the restaurant, Mr. Paisarn Aowsathaporn, Executive Vice President, Food Division, Oishi Group Public Company Ltd, stated that "The strategies of the year 2017 must suit the competitive market, because consumers need a variety of products. Oishi has come up with a strategy by announcing "Shabushi" with a new look "Shabushi and So Much More" under the concept Shabu Sushi and So much more over the conveyor!" by offering various menus. In addition, we have plans to modernize Oishi Buffet, Nikuya, Kakashi for innovation to better suit customers and expand locations. Lastly, be ready to experience the first "Innovative Japanese Restaurant" in Thailand "Oishi Eaterium" which will offer you the taste as if you were really in Japan".

For the ready-to eat "RTE" business, Mr. Marut Buranasetkul mentioned that "The marketing strategy of the year 2017 will focus on product development, including products, menu, and taste that suits Thai consumers. In addition, we will focus on ready-to eat food products and packaging. We are now in the process of researching the target market. Other than innovations of ready-to eat food business, we are also preparing to expand channels and markets to sell products that suit current lifestyles".

For the beverage business, Mrs. Jesdakorn Ghosh, Vice President, Beverage Division, Oishi Group Public Company Ltd., stated that "The duty of the market leader is to come up with innovative things to drive the market and expand the target group, especially to teenagers. This is because teenagers are those who like to try new beverages and it was a successful strategy that drove "Oishi Kyoho" 380 ml. to reach a profit of 32.6% (YTD Oct 2016) which became the leader of bestselling products according to Neilson's research. In The beginning of this year OISHI Green Tea launches a big promotional campaign that gives the brand experience of 'Oishi Ojung'. This year is even more special with more fun offered to young target consumers. The campaign focused more on young superstars as a magnet to draw new generation consumers' attention and improve brand image for example the 'Golden Neko Cat' campaign and the 'OISHI Trip Sud-O Go Japan' campaign."

"Another pride of Oishi green tea is the success in export markets. Oishi green tea is the No. 1 leader in the green tea market in Laos, Cambodia and Malaysia by using effective communication and collaboration with allied F&N companies to effectively manufacture and distribute products" said Mrs.Jesdakorn Ghosh.

All of these accomplishments show the success that comes from great teamwork and excellent strategies. Therefore, Oishi Group has overcome a crisis and has become one of the leading brands of food and beverages business in Thailand.

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