KTC offers a difference in the sports and hobby categories, bringing pleasure to members with interest in sports, pets and toys.

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Bangkok--15 Feb--Krungthai Card

KTC makes a proactive move in the Sports and Outdoor, Reading and Learning, Pet Lover and Toys and Games categories, with the aim to complement the lifestyle of members and help them gain the most out of their free time outside of their career. This follows a growth in spending in all of the said categories with KTC credit cards in 2016.

KTC or Krungthai Card Public Company Limited by Mr. Chaiyapol Glitayawanit, Senior Vice President - Credit Card Business, says, "Our marketing efforts will continue to focus on matching the lifestyle needs of the members. The growth was good last year and there is potential for even more growth in this new year."? ?

The categories are as below:

Sports and Outdoor: Compared to 2015, the growth of KTC credit card spending in this category in 2016 rose by approximately 27%. The overall tendency is good for 2017 with the figure being positive although not as outstanding as those of the past two or three years when sports was becoming a major interest. Government agencies are officially supporting the exercise and health initiatives in this year. Fashion brands have introduced sportive collections, which contributed to the wearing of athletic clothes or shoes in daily life. Most importantly, the online sales channels should see growth this year with the prominent partners focusing more on this market. There will also be high competition and growth in the area of specific-purpose devices and gadgets where upgraded models are continually released.

Toys and Games: KTC credit card spending on toys and games in 2016 rose by approximately 29%when compared to 2015. Further growth of this category should follow that of the content or the popular series and animations being introduced. The government sector has given support to large toy expos as a mean to enhance creativity of Thai youths and entrepreneurs. The online channels should enjoy high growth as the target group is the new generation of people who are more familiar with online transactions.

Pet Lover: The growth in KTC credit card spending on pets in 2016 was approximately 24% over 2015. Pet-related businesses continue to have a positive outlook in 2017 as pets can be a fulfilling element for the growing number of elderly people, single people or small families with no children. More businesses are established to serve relevant needs and the pet owners themselves are glad to pay or invest in high priced products or services for the benefit of their pets who they consider members of their family.

Reading and Learning: A growth of approximately 13% was observed in the growth of KTC credit card spending in this category in 2016 over 2015. The figure is roughly double of the year before as people spend more at book festivals and on collectible books on King Rama IX. The growth of this category in 2017 should be stable. Consumers adopt a changed reading behavior presently. There are more channels through which they can receive information, particularly the easily accessible online media. Entrepreneurs need to develop a business model or a marketing pattern to encourage the Thai people to read more and enhance their knowledge base.

"For the year 2017, KTC will use strategies in all aspects to support the growth of the above categories. This will be achieved mainly through collaboration with partners in order to offer tangible and comprehensive benefits to the members at new establishments in popular interest. The primary tool is the use ofKTC Forever Rewards points to claim discounts, with the secondary tool being the KTC FLEXI 0% installment plan. We have been conducting trials and more members respond by choosing to pay for products and services under these categories such as books and athletic shoes over short installments. The online marketplace is enjoying a good growth as well.

Additionally, we have planned activities for members throughout the year such as sports events to encourage members to work out and other pets or toys workshops with gurus, specialists and partners so members with similar interest can meet and engage in the same activities."

"KTC expects an overall growth matching or exceeding that of last year in the Sports and Outdoor, Reading and Learning, Pet Lover and Toys and Games categories," conclu
des Chaiyapol.

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