How to win in hotel market: Plateno#s third annual collection show is successfully held

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GUANGZHOU, China--27 Dec--PRNewswire/InfoQuest

Plateno Group Collection Show 2018 was held in Guangzhou from Dec. 16-17, 2017. At this third annual show, all the hotel brands of Plateno Group released new products, designs and services to demonstratethebrand value. In fact, Plateno has also created and accumulated a unique marketing mode in the global hotel industry, bringing more profits to its franchisees.

In December of the past consecutive three years, the hotel brands of Plateno, like companies of fashion consumer goods, introduced new products including the 12 constellations coffee of James Joyce Coffetel and capsule perfumes and lavender ice cream of Lavande Hotels.

This year, 7 Days Premium under the 7 Days brand family, introduced Q+ Lab to offer Q+ quality assurance for consumers in chain hotel services.   To develop high-quality and brief-style accommodation, 7 Days Premium brings comfortable and simple life experiences to consumers, making it easier and more convenient to choose their hotels. In addition, Xana Hotelle released the "Life Aesthetics Museum", ZMAX Hotels introduced the "Crossover Space of New Fashion", and Plateno Trip launched intelligent hotel services.

In addition to the show, brands of Plateno Group never stop in innovation, bringing surprise to consumers from time to time, representing the attitude and tone of each hotel brand and leading the fashion consumption of "hotel +". These brands introduce new products and services to attract consumers and increase their purchasing frequency.

It is obvious that the new product marketing of Plateno shares the same wisdom and brings win-win results for multiple parties: First, in stable industries like hotels, new product marketing can increase communications with consumers, and raise brand loyalty and recognition; Second, hotels have rich cross-sector experiences, offering reading, games, social communication, sports, coffee, and other entertainment activities for consumers. Therefore, hotels have become a place to enjoy diversified lives rather than a place we stay at during travel.

Facing upgrading experiences, Plateno turns its eyes back to the inner needs of consumers for a better life, a strategy that also creates new growth points for franchisees. For instance, Lavande Hotels introduced Sleep T, capsule perfumes, and several other products, which were well received by consumers. Statistics show that, from January to September in 2017, sales of these new products reached 13 million yuan, 20% higher than it was in each month; James Joyce Coffetel opened 100 hotels, equivalent to 100 coffee houses at the same time. The figure tells us: Expanding services to community consumers will reap dividends for investors in the rapid growth of China's coffee consumption. IU Hotel targets young consumers with comprehensive entertainment. Since the launch of the experiential "U Buy Mall", its incomes beyond room fees rose from 5% to 10%. As a whole new concept brand released at this year's show, Hotstyle has demonstrated the possible combination of fashion, sports and hotel products, unveiling more opportunities for hotel investors.

New product marketing is never a whim, but an approach based on the insight into Plateno's innovative gene and consumer preferences. As early as 2013, Plateno has pioneered the principle of "Brand First", a strategy to establish a product structure based on the brand value and preference of target customers. In the "Brand First" ecosystem, all the brands can focus on their core values while introducing new products.

The large member scale and the procurement platform are a strong guarantee for the new product marketing. Plateno has the largest member platform in the industry, and shares more than 100 million members with Jinjiang, delivering 75% of the customers to hotels to reduce costs for franchisees; The one-stop global procurement platform provides the most comprehensive and high-quality solutions for over 3,000 hotels worldwide with superior suppliers, affordable cost and efficient global logistics.

Today, driven by the new product marketing, Plateno has sown the seed of innovation in all the brands, making it one of the most innovative enterprises with strong brand marketing and investor preference in the hotel industry.

About Plateno International

Plateno Group is one of China's most innovative and influential enterprises with nearly 20 brands. Partnered with Jinjiang, Plateno owns more than 100 million members and over 4,400 hotels in more than 450 cities worldwide. Meanwhile, Plateno is also accelerating its deployment in Southeast Asia, Europe, Africa, and other overseas markets and already have hotels opened or under construction in Germany, Austria, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia and Cambodia. Plateno's strategy is asset-light and welcoming hotel franchise and regional master franchise globally. In the overseas market, Plateno is providing ONE STOP SOLUTION for hotel construction, and offer hotel products purchase from Plateno's central supply chain (Made in China advantage).

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Caption: Plateno Group CEO, Alex Zheng taking picture together with event participants.

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