IHL#s 30 Year of Success, the leader of tanning business for car seats, wins the Global Award Tannery of the Year 2018, the first in Asia to receive the award

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Bangkok--19 Mar--Media Planner Consultant

Interhinds Pcl., (IHL), with more than 3 decades of the tanning business for car seats, declared its business operation success with the competency of management. Recently, the Company won the "Global Winner Award Tannery of the Year 2018", the first in Asia to receive the award, and the Innovation Awards from World Leather. Big boss, "Ongart Thumrongsakunvong, proudly indicated that the award was the guarantee of IHL's success and provided the Company's 3-year strategy (2018-2020) to execute a leap of growth through 4-time capacity increase in order to serve automobile industry and expand marketing distribution channel with new lines of new products.

Mr. Ongart Thumrongsakunvong, Chairman of Executive Director and Managing Director of Interhides Pcl., (IHL), disclosed IHL's success as the leader of manufacturing and distributor of finished leather for car seats in Thailand and overseas at "IHL's 30 Year of Success" that throughout 30 years of IHL's business operation, the Company had determined to establish growth potentiality with continuity of strength in order to emphasize the Company's business competency which led to confidence among its long-term business partners.

" IHL"'s focus on product quality has led to the sustainable development as well as an establishment of confidence among customers, the Company's personnel, and shareholders. The most important thing is the environmental responsibility which is also the heart of the business apart from building the revenue," said Mr. Ongart.

Recently, the Company won the Global Winner Award Tannery of the Year 2018, the first company in Asia to receive the award, through the selection of the leather manufacturers around the world organized by World Leather with a platform for sharing details of the work they do to make high quality leather while looking after the environment, forming good partnerships with customers and suppliers, having good organizational management in terms of staff, workers, and machines, and providing business operation guides which support long-term business development.

In addition, the Company also won the "Innovation Awards", another pride of IHL after its introduction of the recycle of leather scrap through the industrial manufacturing process.

"IHL is proud to be the first Thailand leading company with established reputation after winning the Global Winner Award Tannery of the Year 2018. This is the World's recognition as IHL is one of the 6 finalist. This has made the Thai tanneries to be known within the Global community, generating the country's revenue through both direct and indirect exporting. In addition, the Company also has a definite plan for product quality development and launching more new products to the market in the future," said Mr. Ongart.

With the Company's success throughout 3 decades of business operation as the leading manufacturer and distributor of leather business and having won awards from World Leather, it places the emphasis on its success of business operation which leads to the 3-year business development plan (2018 – 2020) with the focus on the leap of growth from IHL's present revenue proportion consisting 30% from leather tanning and sewing business for local and oversea automobile business, and another 70% from other businesses.

Mr. Wasin Thumrongsakunvong, Director and General Manager of Interhides Pcl., (IHL) added that in 2017, the Company established a subsidiary company, Inter Green Co., Ltd., with the Company's holding shares of 99.99%, in order to manage the environmental side of the business. Producing protein from leather scrap through the industrial production process and it was to support new related businesses such as feeds, gelatin, and other businesses is one of the program already launched.

Moreover, the Company had a plan to expand its market in the country and overseas such as China and Vietnam under the cooperation with business alliances to perform research and development products for several industries such as shoes, garments, bags, and other related industries with the expectation of completion in the coming years.

"The next important steps of IHL with stability and sustainability is through the expansion to related tanning business outside the automobile industry in order to increase revenue channels and new business opportunity for the new generation," said Mr. Wasin.

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