First time in Thailand, KBank joins forces with SkillLane to revolutionize personnel development in 4.0 era. Emphasizing its No. 1 position of Thailands digital bank.

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Bangkok--26 Jun--KASIKORNBANK

KBank joins forces with SkillLane, Thailand's number one digital training platform Startup, to revolutionize capacity building and skill development of more than 21,000 bank's employees at all levels. This collaboration will enable employees to freely learn unlimited contents from over 400 quality online courses anytime, anywhere, including lifestyle-related or professional skill development courses. Notably, this digital learning platform is a truly befitting learning experience in the industry 4.0 era.

Ms. Kattiya Indaravijaya, KBank President, said that nowadays digital technology profoundly influences behavior of everyone, regardless of gender and age. Even business sectors have to constantly adapt themselves to keep pace with these rapid changes. While new bodies of knowledge are emerging constantly, conceptual frameworks of business management and human resources development have to evolve along. At present, the challenge facing the organization is how to create diverse, easily accessible bodies of knowledge which conform to employee behavior and work environment. In today's world, traditional learning for skill development may no longer be adequate.

Therefore, KBank and SkillLane are collaboratively developing fully integrated online solutions on the digital learning platform with the belief that capacity building programs should provide opportunities for employees to learn about professional and personal development through a new online learning platform, which can be accessed anytime, anywhere from personal computers, tablets and mobile phones. These programs conform to KBank's personnel development policy in the industry 4.0 era, whereby employees can use technology to improve work performance and serve customer as well as to create innovative new products and services in an efficient manner.

In 2018, KBank has set a goal to become a data-driven bank. To achieve this goal, it has to understand customer behaviors as much as possible in order to develop products and services that meet their needs. The most in-demand skills of KBank's employees include analytical skills and in-depth skills in identifying customer needs, experimentation and outcome capitalization skills, and change management skills, such as leadership, communication, and people management skills.

This collaboration will help enhance performance among more than 21,000 employees for further development toward a self-directed learning culture. In such work environment, employees will enjoy unlimited learning opportunities anytime, anywhere through an equitable access of more than 400 online courses that address work-related needs of employees. In addition, new course categories with a multitude of interesting contents will be introduced on a continuous basis. This includes Lifestyle courses that provide useful advice on how to break the ice with or talk to customers, how to build rapport with customers, or how to improve employees' quality of life.

Ms. Kattiya said that KBank's collaboration with SkillLane will save time and manpower invested in the development of new courses, and new bodies of knowledge will be produced constantly to fulfill the needs of a large workforce throughout the country. At present, each KBank employee is required to take approximately nine classroom and e-learning courses in one year. However, with the addition of SkillLane's digital learning platform, each employee can now have an unlimited access to online learning contents. Some enthusiased employees can possibly learn more than 100 courses in one year, provided that they have passion for learning and persevere. In the future, more new courses, in which employees are interested, will be developed with an aim to raise this target to 20 courses per year within a period of three years.

Mr. Titipong Pisitwuttinan, CEO and co-founder of the digital learning platform SkillLane, said, "Digital learning platform is playing a crucial role in the development of human resources and organizations in the digital era. What SkillLane is doing is to turn knowledge into on-demand contents so that employees can have instant access to new knowledge.

In the past, an organization might be able to train its employees only twice a year. That means after employees started working in a new department, they might have to wait as long as six months for training. This is simply a loss of business opportunity because the employee had to keep working, even though they still lack some skills. But if the company has online courses employees can learn, they can learn new knowledge and apply it in their work right away.

Employees can learn online courses on SkillLane's platform at home, either from a personal computer or a mobile phone, during their spare time. As a result, the company can avoid losing manpower when employees are taking days off to attend training courses.

Under this collaboration with KBank, we provide a tool which HR can use to monitor staff learning, and we'll add new courses in the system every month in order to update knowledge in the ever-changing world."
About SkillLane

SkillLane was founded by Khun Titipong Pisitwuttinan and Khun Ekachat Assavarujikul. Their goal was to provide Thai people with a platform for learning and developing new skills anytime, anywhere. During the past three years, SkillLane achieved fast-paced growth and has served around 200,000 learners. The company received funding from 500 Startups, Cyber Agent Venture, Khun Piyaphan Wongyara (founder of Stock2morrow), Khun Tob Taokaenoi, and Aksorn Charoen Tat.

Currently, SkillLane is offering more than 400 online courses which are contributions from over 100 well-known trainers and training institutions, such as Ajarn Adam Bradshaw, Kru Ngo Rossukon Kongket, Khun Krating Phoonphol, Khun Pawawit Klinpratoom, and 2Morrow Group, among many others. If interested, you can learn more details at

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