Aaron System launches #Aaron Platform (Everycoin and TabiPay) via Blockchain 3.0 Technology.

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Aaron System Company Limited (Aaron System), a financial platform business, launched 'Aaron Platform' (Everycoin) via the blockchain 3.0 technology. The Main Blockchain is 'Everycoin,' which is a currency with liquidity. The ultimate goal is to be a hub and a standard of cryptocurrencies, in order to allow people around the world to use the currencies in their business and trade. The Side Blockchain works as an ATM system, responding to instant transactions such as payment, deposit, and transfer. The system connects TabiPay with currencies worldwide.

Mr. Aaron Jin, Chief Executive Officer of Aaron System, a financial platform business, disclosed that the company recently launched 'Aaron Platform,' a platform that integrates the latest technologies for stability, accuracy, and security. He said that the financial platform connects the Main Blockchian with the Side Blockchain via the use of decentralized and open-source technology of Blockchain 3.0.

The Main Blockchian is Everycoin, which is a currency with liquidity and value change following the principle of the market economy. The Side Blockchain is the integration of a new technology and innovative ideas to work like the ATM system, responding to instant transactions such as payment, deposit, transfer, etc., connecting 'TabiPay' with currencies worldwide.

"We expect that TabiPay will be an exchange hub of currencies and we hope to make Thailand as our headquarters and the driving center. The 'TabiPay'system, which is derived from 'Thai Baht,' will push the Thai economy to grow and become a big exchange hub of currencies in the region and in the world," Mr. Aaron said.

The ultimate goal of 'Everycoin' is to become a hub and a standard of online cryptocurrencies in order to allow people around the world to use the currencies in their business and trade. To achieve this goal, every employee of Aaron System has put their all-out efforts over the past 4 years until they can satisfy all conditions to become a digital currency with a real standard.

Besides, the Aaron Platform helps to create a true cryptocurrency ecology, which is easy and convenient to use. First, the system works as a currency. Second, it works as a payment channel. Third, it helps expand shops worldwide. Fourth, it helps increase the number of users across the globe. And last, it can work via the blockchain technology.

"The Aaron platform is a new concept of financial platform on the blockchain system for those who have not received financial services. This system was launched in Thailand and put into service in the 10 Southeast Asian countries. Under the Aaron platform, we can trade and exchange every currency worldwide through the creation and the use of this new digital currency," Mr. Aaron Jin said.

Mr. Aaron Jin added that, "TabiPay" is a currency with a fixed exchange rate between cryptocurrencies and physical currencies. This currency will be used as a side currency and can be changed into a physical currency in each country based on foreign exchange rates and the Thai Baht (THB). "TabiPay" is a platform which can charge directly from the retailers of "TabiPay" and its network. It works like an ATM machine, because we can make transactions such as payment, withdrawal, and transfer in any retailer around the world."

Mr. Sivanus Yamdee, CEO and founder of Coin Asset, a company which operates a trading hub of digital currencies with many local and international partners, disclosed that the blockchain technology would chage the world and digital currencies could be used for debt settlement and gain more recognition. He said that some retailers and restaurants already received payments in digital currencies. According to the World Economic Forum, he added, 80 percent of the global businesses would have to use the 'Blockchain Technology' in the modern financial system. He further said that 'Gartner,' which is a world's leading market research firm in technology, ranked the blockchain technology in the world's top 10 technologies.

For more information, please visit www.everycoin.io
About Aaron System

Established in the USA in 2014, Aaron System has around 100,000 members in US, China, South Korea, the Philippines, Vietnam, and Thailand. The company develops and operates "TabiPay" system and has recently launched the newly-developed system. Early this year, the company completed the development of the blockchain technology for Aaron platform and established Aaron System Company Limited in Thailand.

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