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Stcoks Press Release : 16 Oct 2020

KTC organizes “Cash Back for Hotel Stays” hot promotion offering lucky winners up to 500 Baht e-Coupons Stcoks—16 Oct 20

“KTC” or Krungthai Card Public Company Limited organizes, “Cash Back for Hotel Stays” promotion. KTC credit cardmembers instantly receive an e-Coupon on the KTC Mobile app to redeem for 60 Baht credit cash back or for lucky

Finance, accounting functions must transform to drive better performance Stcoks—16 Oct 20

Bangkok--16 Oct--PwC Thailand
Thai organisations need to rethink the strategy of their finance and accounting functions and operations to ensure growth in the overall business, PwC Thailand says.

Chris Suradejvibul, a Consulting Partner for PwC Thailand, said that expectations for the finance and accounting functions have changed. They are increasingly seen a 'business partner’ that provides data insights to help businesses make better decisions and capitalise on growth opportunities.

“Finance and accounting functions of large Thai companies are fundamentally still very much focused on transactional processing rather than business partnering, which helps an organisation measure and forecast future performance,” Chris said.

Thai companies are becoming more aware of the importance of business partnering within both functions. Still, Chris said, the challenge for them is to truly focus on activities that add value, as well as leverage digital technologies that increase cost-effectiveness and deliver insights.

“As businesses modernise their financials with new technologies, it’s never been more critical for an organisation to have clear and sharp strategies to transform the finance and accounting functions,” he said.

“This will generate a positive return on investment while adding tangible value to the organisati

KTC announces 4.011 million in 9M profits with strategy adjustments to combat the economic crisis Stcoks—16 Oct 20

KTC reports its 9M/2020 business operations under the new TFRS9 standard, announcing 4,011 million in profits, 3.5 million in total member accounts, and a decrease in NPL. The company is ready at full force to combat the economic crisis and other