Homeopathy as a Science and Art

Food and Healthcare Press Releases Sunday March 22, 2015 21:11
Bangkok--22 Mar--TRIA, Health & Wellness Center

We live in the age of science, so whatever comes to our knowledge our scientific mind want to explain them scientifically. Homeopathy is not an exception. According to some non-homeopathic scientists, anything that cannot be explained by materialistic science has nothing to do with science. These gentlemen seem to forget the very definition of science in general vis-à-vis that of technical art, as given in different dictionary.

Definition of Science and Art according to Dictionary:
Science – A department of systematized knowledge as an object of study, knowledge of covering general truths or the operation of general laws esp. as obtained and tested through scientific method.

Scientific method: Principles and procedures for the systematic pursuit of knowledge involving the recognition and formulation of a problem, the collection of data through observation and experiment and the formulation and testing of hypotheses.

Art – Systematic application of knowledge of skill in effecting a desired result.

Relation between Science and Art: Science and Art are inseparably bound together. Every art has its foundation in science and every science finds its expression in art. Consciously or un-consciously the artist or the craftman at work is applying principles and laws, formulated and systematized knowledge of which constitutes science.

Homeopathy, a Science – Like chemistry or physics, Homeopathy is established under the principles of the inductive method in science. It rests fundamentally upon some principles which are Similia, Simplex, Minimum dose, Drug-proving, Chronic disease, Potentization and Vital force. The formulation of each and every one of the principles are based on pure observation of facts and thoroughly rational inductions thereform and confirmed by myriads of subsequent experiments and experiences in accordance with strictly scientific methods and yardsticks. These principles have also been tested clinically for about 200 years and their scientific validity has been conclusively demonstrated.

“Therapeutics is that department of medical science that relates to the treatment of disease and the action of remedial agents on the human organism, both in health and disease” (Standard Dictionary).

Since it confirms to every requirement of the authoritative definition of science, Homeopathy has been defined as the Science of Therapeutics.

Homeopathy, an Art – The therapeutic application of homeopathic scientific principles constitutes an art. Medicine in general and therapeutics in particular are authoritatively classified among arts. From the time immemorial the practice of medicine has been called “The art of healing”. Hence a cure is a product of art. The homeopathic mode of case-taking, evaluation of symptoms, its mode of individualization, choice of remedy and administration of medicine etc. all are nothing but an art.

So, Homeopathy is both an Art and Science. The successful homeopathic physician must be both an artist and a scientist. Theory and practice must go together, technique must be governed by definite principles. Performance must be consistent with profession.

Dr. Sushil Rahul
Homeopathic Physician & Consultant
TRIA, Health & Wellness Center

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