HIMSS AsiaPac16 will Take Place in a Climate of Transformation as Thailand Announces its First HIMSS Analytics EMRAM Stage 6 Hospital

Food and Healthcare Press Releases Tuesday May 17, 2016 15:36
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Paknampo Hospital has achieved HIMSS Analytics EMRAM Stage 6, making it the first hospital in Thailand to join an elite group of international hospitals that have attained high standards in the use of technology to improve care.

This timely achievement signals that Thailand has reached a tipping point for healthcare technology uptake. It is in this climate of transformation that HIMSS Asia Pacific, in collaboration with the Ministry of Public Health (MoPH) Thailand, will bring the HIMSS AsiaPac16 Conference & Exhibition to Bangkok in August to enhance knowledge-sharing as Thailand's healthcare sector races to increase its digital footprint.

"IT transformation in APAC's healthcare sector is fast, especially so in Thailand where the potential for growth is high, coupled with an extremely competitive landscape particularly in the private sector and strong support at National level. Last year, Australia, a developed market, announced its first HIMSS EMRAM Stage 6 hospital and this year, Thailand has its own first Stage 6 hospital. Clearly, developing healthcare markets are showing equal promise and starting to resemble their more developed counterparts, and I believe that this is just the start of a really exciting phase in the region's healthcare developments. HIMSS is very pleased to be part of this healthcare transformation and we hope to build on this achievement through HIMSS AsiaPac16 and all the educational platforms we have planned for stakeholders here in Thailand as well as the rest of the APAC region," said Simon Lin, Executive Director, HIMSS Asia Pacific.

Paknampo's success story also points to a key ingredient prevalent in Thailand's healthcare market: C-suite and organization-wide commitment to IT transformation. "One of the key success factors in improving clinical outcomes and being the employer of choice lies in how one utilizes the innovative medical technology in the hospital," said Dr. Pongsak Viddayakorn, President, Paknampo Hospital. Paknampo's Chief of HealthCare Strategy Officer, Dr.Satit Viddayakorn, also highlighted that "our accomplishment was a result of great collaboration between doctors, nurses, hospital staffs, and IT, who shared the same focuses."   Besides internal support, the hospital also worked closely with IT and convergence systems solution providers who aided in the implementation of the software required for Stage 6 validation.

Leaders from larger hospitals and healthcare groups such as Bumrungrad International (Thought Leader Hospital of HIMSS AsiaPac16) are also paving the way in technological investments to improve care and ROI. Attendees of HIMSS AsiaPac16 will have the opportunity to examine up-close the innovations from Bumrungrad through the exhibition and attend hospital tours to both Bumrungrad and Siriraj Piyamaharajkarun to experience the top-of-the-line technologies at work in these leading facilities.

Apart from home support, HIMSS AsiaPac16 will arrive with the best international case studies from keynote speakers William Hersh (Oregon Health and Science University), Scott MacLean (Partners Healthcare), Paul Chang (Joint Commission InternationaI) and Richard Milani (Ochsner Health System). Together with in-depth intensive sessions such as the Healthcare Cyber Security Symposium and The Economics of Health IT Workshop, HIMSS AsiaPac16 attendees can look forward to discussing critical issues currently experienced by hospitals globally, including ransomware, interoperability, public health crises, management of chronic disease, preventive care, internet of medical things and physician connectivity.

Paknampo Hospital will be receiving their award at HIMSS AsiaPac16. For more information, visit www.himssasiapacconference.org (English) or www.ehealth.moph.go.th/himss/ (Thai).
Registration is now open.

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About HIMSS AsiaPac16 Conference and Exhibition

HIMSS AsiaPac Conference and Exhibition is the annual Conference and Exhibition event organized by HIMSS Asia Pacific. Joined in collaboration with the Ministry of Public Health Thailand, HIMSS AsiaPac16 will be held in Thailand for the first time in 2016. Convened under the theme Advancing Digital and Patient-Centered Care, the conference will focus on four key tracks: Applying Better Data for Better Health, Creating Smart Hospitals, Moving Closer to your Patient, Transforming Care Models. The Thai Medical Informatics Association (TMI) is the official knowledge partner for the event. Visit www.himssasiapacconference.org (English) or www.ehealth.moph.go.th/himss/ (Thai) for more information.

About Paknampo Hospital

Paknampo Hospital is the biggest private hospital in Nakhonsawan, Thailand. The hospital was founded since 1989 by the team of physicians, nurses and healthcare professional team. Paknampo Hospital is general hospital and only private hospital in Nakhonsawan where achieved the hospital accreditation. Paknampo Hospital provides a high standard of healthcare by using technology to support staffs and patient safety, which is also its commitment. As Paknampo's aim is to be a digital hospital, the hospital has the necessary information system to support the operation workflow to improve clinical outcomes. To be a tertiary care hospital and the hospital of endearment, Paknampo's team of professionals is ready to serve its customers in a variety of ways to promote health and wellbeing.

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