From Stroke Survivor to Stroke Thriver - What We All Need to Know

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With good care and rehabilitation, there is life after stroke.

As you read this, today on World Stroke Day, around the world and in all walks of life, stroke survivors are leaving hospitals feeling like they have little or no support. They feel scared and alone as they face a long road to recovery and don't know where to turn for help and guidance. It is life-changing stuff - not just for the survivor, but for their family and friends as well. Everything changes in that moment and each year millions of us are affected in some way or another. But for the countless survivors who are facing this challenge right now, help is at hand.

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Stroke can strike even those you might think are 'too young', just ask the author of Two Strokes Not Out, Sas Freeman, who has experienced not one but two strokes in her forties. Sas Freeman's advice, released freely on audiobook today, reveals crucial first-hand experience on how to not just survive but to potentially thrive following a stroke.

"Shortly after my stroke I hit rock bottom. Overnight, I lost all my independence, my identity as I'd known it. Stroke left me feeling I had no one to turn to, no one to ask how to come out of this - it really was a daunting, scary experience," said Sas Freeman.

Today is World Stroke Day and there's few people better placed than Sas to give practical advice to people who've experienced a stroke, as well as their families and carers, on how to cope and recover. Her audiobook, beautifully narrated by Sas herself, includes heartfelt counsel and practical advice from someone who knows. She shares her own experiences as well as much-needed information and guidance with tips like:

  • For the family: Bring photographs of happy occasions and places to the hospital to have at the bedside. Ask staff to take any children aside separately and explain what is happening and encourage them to ask questions. Make sure you have all the questions answered before the survivor comes home
  • For the carer: Your well-being is important, for you as well as for the person you care for, so look after yourself. Try to organise the day so that you have at least a little time to yourself. Ask family or friends for help with specific tasks
  • For the survivor: Make home videos of your recovery so you can witness your own progress. Celebrate any and all achievements - it doesn't matter how big or small, everything that you achieve is a testament to your hard work

With this audiobook, Sas hopes to reach even more people through her gently spoken words, like those who are in a coma but able to hear or those who are unable to read because they have lost the ability, may not be able to turn the pages or can't see the text.

Two Strokes Not Out is available to download now free of charge at
Please note that the information included in Two Strokes Not Out is not intended to replace medical advice offered by healthcare professionals.
Notes to editors:
About Sas Freeman

Sas Freeman is a stroke survivor, author of her personal biography Two Strokes Not Out, artist, mentor and motivational speaker. After experiencing two strokes during her mid-40s, Sas became passionate about increasing stroke awareness and supporting fellow survivors. In her own words "Ifeel very strongly about raising awareness of stroke thus helping survivors and their loved ones. My experience of having two strokes, combined with my positive attitude and practical steps to recovery are, people say, eloquently portrayed in my book, where I write about my own emotions and the passionate belief and promise to help others." For more information about Sas Freeman's experience, please visit her website: .

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